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Everybody's got an opinion...what's yours?

Would you be a Queen and honor us with your thoughts?


This entire survey should take less than 5 minutes. Your insights not only help us tremendously but they allow us to tailer future episodes to what YOU (our most loyal supporters) want to hear!


What do you love? What could you do without? Let us know!


All Responses are Anonymous unless you provide your info at the bottom of the form.


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We thank you for your honest thoughts! <3


1. What's your favorite segment?


Rate the following segments from 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Only use each number once.

2. What’s your opinion on the VERSUS Episodes that cover both 1 Star & 5 Star Reviews on the same subject?

3. What’s your opinion on the GUEST Episodes featuring a Special Guest of Honor?

4. What would make the show’s social media most engaging to you?

5. What are the reasons keeping you from supporting the show by joining the Patreon?

6. What would compel you to consider joining our PAID Members-Only Bonus Content on

7. Who is the absolute BEST?

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(Otherwise all responses are completely anonymous.)

Thanks for sharing, RQ-YOU!

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