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Hey Queen!

Thank you for supporting our show. Review that Review is a 100% self-produced podcast. We do it all: we hang the lights, we sweep the floors, we make the popcorn! All donations big and small help us keep our show going. Whether you are a first-time contributor or a long-time listener, we <3 you from the bottom of our Review Queen hearts and appreciate your contribution so much! We truly love making this show, thank you for helping us keep the lights on! 

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Review that Review was born in 2021 when Trey Gerrald (who wanted to start a podcast for AGES) texted Chelsey Donn with a mysterious text re: "picking her brain" -- with zero context (and minimal prior contact for over a year.) Luckily Chelsey made herself available and Trey proposed the idea of a comedy podcast collaboration. Chelsey was flattered. She's always down for an exciting comedy venture, so she quickly accepted BEFORE inquiring about the subject.


The following is how that EPIC first conversation went down:


Chelsey: So, what were you thinking?

Trey: I was thinking maybe Porn?

Chelsey: Porn?

Trey: Yeah, you know like maybe reading porn transcripts in a theatrical way?

Chelsey: Ummm..OK. I don't think I'm your porn girl. 

Trey: Well...I am not married to the idea.

Chelsey: I do like the idea of "dramatizing something" from a unique source? 

Trey: Yeah, totally. Me too! What about...Soap Operas? No....

Chelsey: Yeah, I don't know, I was thinking, something funnier.

Trey: Yeah, you're right. What's fun to read? What's something we all know but could do something different with? Hmmm...

Chelsey: I do get a good laugh out of reading yelp reviews. They can get pretty wild. I've definitely read through reviews from Yelp with friends and laughed for hours! 

Trey: Oh Yes! Yes! And Amazon. Oh and Trip Advisor!

Chelsey: Yeah, reviews are everywhere. There are endless sources.

Trey: True. True. And it's evergreen! I like this direction a lot. What could we do with the reviews besides reading them that could be fun?

Chelsey: We could read them in accents? Different Styles?

Trey: That could be fun. Maybe a bit of a fun challenge?

Chelsey: Might be. But it might take away from the review itself. 

Trey: It could. 

Chelsey: What about focusing on the reply from owners? I like those!

Trey: Yeah, that could be fun but might be hard to search for. Ok -- so, what do we like about reviews? Or Why are they interesting?

Chelsey: Because any anonymous person behind a screen can leave a review?

Trey: Yeah, and some are helpful but some are just like -- calm down, Karen. 

Chelsey: Totally, it's like are you carin' or are you a Karen?

Trey: Oh My Gosh! Yes! What if we decided?

Chelsey: Like we judge the reviews? I did tell my mom I'd be a judge when I was little. She's still holding out hope.

Trey: Ok, so we're reading reviews and we're deciding which ones are good and which are bad?

Chelsey: Yeah...we're reviewing the reviewer.

Trey: Yes! We're reviewing the reviews!!!

Chelsey: Oh my Gosh! Yes. We're reviewing that review -- Oh my gosh, stop. I'm checking the domain right now!!!!

Trey - Yes! Yes! Go!

Chelsey: Oh my Gosh! It's available!

Trey: Do it! I'll Venmo you!

Chelsey: Doing it now. 

Trey: ahhh! I'm obsessed with Review that Review, I love it. 

Chelsey: Me too! Ok -- we got it!

Trey: yay! Oh my gosh....and we can be called "The Review Queens"

Chelsey: Stop it! I love it so much!

Trey: Wow, good talk! 

Chelsey: Seriously!! Ok - I'm going to start building the website. 

Trey: I'll work on the theme song and finding a logo designer.

Chelsey: This is insane!

Trey: I know!

Chelsey: But I love it!

Trey: Me too! Ok, perfect. Let's talk tomorrow!

Chelsey: So excited! Love you! So glad you texted to pick my brain!

Trey: I know right?!

Chelsey: Love you, Queen!

Trey: Love you, Queen!

Trey & Chelsey: Bye!!!!!



We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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