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Toss Us Some STARS!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Hey Queens!

We are so appreciative that you're here and that you've subscribed to the pod.

Now we've got one more request.

Review Queens Need Reviews, Queens!

We are BEYOND thrilled to share our podcast with all of you. Won't you be a real Queen and go and give us a rating and a review? We are available everywhere you get your podcasts!


Your ratings and reviews not only help give the podcast credibility to new and prospective listeners, but it also helps us get a sense of what aspects of the podcast are resonating with you. Tell us what you're looking forward to. Tell us what you're excited about. Got some ideas? Share away!

ONE Click Away!

We've made it super easy to rate and review the podcast.

The URL itself is so cute that we want to also share that with you so you can share it with all of your friends as well.

The world's cutest URL:


Thanks QUEENS!

So much more coming very very soon!



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