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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 109: "Balloonzilla"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 109: "Balloonzilla"


*Please pardon any and all spelling errors!

[00:00:00] THEME SONG: Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] CHELSEY DONN: Hello.

[00:00:31] TREY GERRALD: Oh, hello and welcome to Review That Review. The podcast that is dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:39] CHELSEY DONN: Reviews

[00:00:42] TREY GERRALD: that is ChelseyBD Donn,

[00:00:44] CHELSEY DONN: And that is Trey. Gerrald.

[00:00:46] TREY GERRALD: and when we come together, we are.

[00:00:49] VOICEOVER: The Review, Queen,

[00:00:52] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. And another week has come and gone. Trey, would you like to.

[00:00:58] VOICEOVER: A', Complaint.

[00:00:59] TREY GERRALD: Absolutely. So I'm really unsure if 'I have lodged this like maybe within our first 10 episodes. I'm really unsure, but 'I really today need to Lodge A Complaint, whether it's old or new against Whistling 'I.

[00:01:13] CHELSEY DONN: are you an anti whistler?

[00:01:16] TREY GERRALD: 'I cuz 'I think 'I might have lodged this before. And you were like 'I, like whistling

[00:01:20] CHELSEY DONN: No. No, actually 'I have A' whole nother spin, but 'I want to hear what you have to say first.

[00:01:25] TREY GERRALD: Just think there is something that's so invasive about whistling. It's, it's like, it's similar to me as like being at A' restaurant and like A' table is so loud and they're unaware of like the periphery around

[00:01:39] CHELSEY DONN: You've lodged that.

[00:01:40] TREY GERRALD: Oh, sure. 'I mean, it's just like this lack of zooming out ability of how you're impacting the space in which you take up.

[00:01:50] CHELSEY DONN: Right.

[00:01:51] TREY GERRALD: 'I just feel like no one is impressed with someone's whistling ability, like 'I Don't think that's cool. It's also just, it seems so bratty to 'I. Don't know, there's, there's like A' personality qualifier of someone who's just gonna be like, like if they're whistling along to like the radio or something, it's like, okay, well the song on the radio is not whistling.

That's A' vocalist. So you whistling is like,

[00:02:19] CHELSEY DONN: not adding A' Company accompaniment,

[00:02:21] TREY GERRALD: It just doesn't make any sense to me unless it's maybe like A' soothing activity for the person that's doing it. 'I just don't understand cuz you, it's hard to whistle quietly. Like the quieter you try to whistle, the more you're just blowing air and there's no pitch. So it just is A' piercing. Sort of confronting aggressive activity that others are being forced to withstand.

And so if you are someone who really whistles in public spaces, 'I want you to take A' little second and just consider. Who's hearing it? And is that possibly annoying because there last 'I checked, you can't win an Olympic medal for being A' whistler. So no one is proud of you for your whistling ability.


[00:03:09] CHELSEY DONN: Maybe other Whistlers, they should have like A' clap and they could all go together and they could whistle at Whistle Club.

[00:03:16] TREY GERRALD: As long as Whistle Club is inside of like A', soundproof, basement, great 'I, just, there's something about it that just really feels self-indulgent

[00:03:26] CHELSEY DONN: it?

[00:03:26] TREY GERRALD: and like gross and 'I. 'I really don't like it, especially this hearkens back to two weeks ago. Please don't whistle inside the gym.

It's like so annoying.

[00:03:36] CHELSEY DONN: Oh yeah.

[00:03:37] TREY GERRALD: All right. What is your thought on whistling

[00:03:39] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. So many thoughts. So first, 'I have A'. Couple follow up questions. If David was whistling in the house, would you not be married? 'I.

[00:03:48] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Don't think it 'I. 'I, honestly, 'I don't think it's like A' trait he would ever take, like 'I. Just don't find

[00:03:54] CHELSEY DONN: you're okay, so if you're in the privacy of like your own environment and someone in your immediate environment is whistling, will that really bother you? Or is it more like I'm in public no matter what is the whist invasive?

[00:04:08] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Get the question 'I think. It's like if you're at like the county fair, if you're at Disney World, if you're at A' concert, if you're like in the mall like any of these public spaces, it's just rude. It's like

[00:04:20] CHELSEY DONN: What about one of those like, woo. You know, like those people that can do that Like crazy Ws like what? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:04:27] TREY GERRALD: Well, to me that seems like that's when your dog is about to run into

[00:04:30] CHELSEY DONN: Right. And maybe that's useful.

[00:04:32] TREY GERRALD: right?

[00:04:33] CHELSEY DONN: like an alert. That's A'. That's A' light. Yeah. So what's interesting for me about this is that. Which maybe you'll be happy to know in A' way. So my grandmother used to always say that whistling was bad luck, like whistling in the house especially was bad

[00:04:47] TREY GERRALD: I've heard that.

[00:04:48] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. Don't know why she would say that, but then again she was A', huge whistler. So it was this like conundrum growing up because 'I was like, is whistling in the house? Bad luck. But not when you do it. Like it's bad luck if anybody else does it like 'I, don't know. It was just, it was interesting. So 'I think there like is something to it.

And 'I think I'm actually similar to you in that. I'm super sensitive to like Sounds in A' space and 'I. Imagine if 'I was trying to focus on something else, or 'I was trying to enjoy A' meal, or 'I was in any kind of setting like that, 'I would be like really annoyed because it would be distracting. And 'I just think, yeah, it, it hearkens back to the point of like not doing private things in public spaces, right?

Like there's A', certain amount of social etiquette and sometimes like whistling feels like we've stepped outside of that agreement,

[00:05:42] TREY GERRALD: Yeah. Whistling doesn't seem like an etiquette driven

[00:05:45] CHELSEY DONN: right? Like Donn don't know what would happen if you were in etiquette school, like you were at finishing school and you were like whistling while you were having your tea

[00:05:55] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Just don't see any circumstance where whistling is appropriate. If 'I like, stop and think about it.

[00:05:59] CHELSEY DONN: Except for A',

[00:06:00] TREY GERRALD: save someone's life.

[00:06:01] CHELSEY DONN: right? Right. 'I agree with you? 'I. Think it's A' good. Complaint.

[00:06:06] TREY GERRALD: Thank you.

[00:06:07] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. Do think that certain people can whistle better than others? 'I. Remember my grandfather taught me how to whistle. So 'I think that there's A' time and A' space

[00:06:16] TREY GERRALD: And what is that time and space?

[00:06:18] CHELSEY DONN: outside in your own environment, like on your patio, 'I.

[00:06:23] TREY GERRALD: 'I.

[00:06:25] CHELSEY DONN: If you're like hauling to the birds, which also 'I feel like my grandmother used to like whistle at the birds,

[00:06:30] TREY GERRALD: Sure. 'I, get that. That makes me think that you're in the country.

[00:06:33] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly. But outside of that, do agree, disagree? Let us know. 1, 8, 5, 0 review. Zero. All right.

[00:06:41] TREY GERRALD: All right. Thank you for affording me that opportunity to get that off of my chest.

[00:06:44] CHELSEY DONN: welcome.

[00:06:46] TREY GERRALD: Let's give someone else the opportunity to be heard. To be seen and possibly. Deeply criticized. ChelseyBD, are you ready? Two

[00:06:58] VOICEOVER: Review, That, Review.

[00:07:01] CHELSEY DONN: yes. 'I am. 'I am so excited. Trey, it is my turn. As you know, we are your trusty review Queens. We bring in reviews from the internet that we feel need to be inspected,

[00:07:14] TREY GERRALD: We will read you the review, then break it down and rate that review On A' scale from zero to five Crowns. It's A' very regal process that we call

[00:07:23] VOICEOVER: That, Kvetch.

[00:07:24] TREY GERRALD: So ChelseyBD, the time is upon us. What have you brought in today?

[00:07:29] CHELSEY DONN: well, Trey 'I mean happy birthday. A'. Little late to me, but that's okay. 'I won't be mad. 'I decided. With that in mind, to bring in A' one star review from A' Place in la that's called Balloon Zilla. This is from Balloon Zillow's. Yelp page. I'll read you just A' teeny bit about Marla B. Who is the business owner?

Balloon Zilla is A' family owned business with more than 17 years of experience with balloons. We live and work in the Orange County, California area and enjoy making people happy for A' living. Our creativity and motivation comes from you, our customers, and we look forward to making your special event.

Even more special, even if it is A', belated birthday, you know?

[00:08:22] TREY GERRALD: Did we miss your birthday when we did lip venom?

[00:08:26] CHELSEY DONN: yeah. It's okay. It's okay. Trey. We're gonna celebrate together today.

[00:08:33] TREY GERRALD: But you know, that was two weeks ago now

[00:08:34] CHELSEY DONN: 'I do know.

[00:08:35] TREY GERRALD: cuz we have 1 0 8 in between.

[00:08:37] CHELSEY DONN: know 'I. It's fine.

[00:08:44] VOICEOVER: A',


A'. Little late birthday. Birthday A'. Little late. Happy B day. Happy day. A'. Little late

Yours. A'. Little late. Yeah.

[00:09:16] TREY GERRALD: 'I can't believe that the, well, this is 'I. Guess just the year of us not. Remembering each other's birthdays appropriately

[00:09:22] CHELSEY DONN: 'I know

[00:09:22] TREY GERRALD: because we're recording out of order. That's why, not

[00:09:25] CHELSEY DONN: We are.

[00:09:26] TREY GERRALD: honor each other's birth.

[00:09:28] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. And also because like we get A' special reminder before like, we've actually missed it. So it's, it's not like you miss it entirely. It's like, strike one, you know what 'I mean? Like you still have two strikes to go, which is the actual birthday. And then, and then if you miss it, calling me the next day with happy birthday A'.

Little late. Okay. So

[00:09:51] TREY GERRALD: wait. But still, once again, it's very funny because in real time we're like A' month early, and then in the time of this actually airing is like two weeks late. Oh, it's A'. Same than what happened with me. Why is this happening to us this

[00:10:06] CHELSEY DONN: 'I don't. It's just, you know, it's hard to keep track of time. Anyone else having A'? Hard time keeping track of time.

[00:10:11] TREY GERRALD: Yeah. Okay, so let's go back to balloon

[00:10:13] CHELSEY DONN: Balloon Zilla. This is their Yelp page. 'I just read you A'. Little bit about the business owner. This is Peggy W's one star review A' balloon Zilla. Left August 14th, 2020.

[00:10:29] TREY GERRALD: Okay. Oh,

[00:10:31] CHELSEY DONN: had A'. Terrible experience with balloon zilla The delivery. Was outraged. The product was nothing. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. The product was nothing like 'I was expecting. They are not cheap, and 'I was okay with it because 'I expected the products to be like what they post on their Instagram. Please see my picture, what we ordered and expected versus what we got.

[00:11:06] TREY GERRALD: 'I? No.

[00:11:08] CHELSEY DONN: After one hours of them trying to fix it, nothing worked, so we asked them to take it. This was hours before my family and friends was supposed to arrive to wish my son A'. Happy birthday. Angela was careless and straight rude. Please see the email. They ruined my son eighth birthday, dropped the ball. 'I.

Would never wish this on anyone. Juliana was actually so professional and handled everything well and was trying to help me out to figure out A' solution. So when you plan something special, go with someone else who won't do this to you last minute. 'I Sure hope. If Angela got children, she would understand planning for A' special kids' birthday party and having A' company so irresponsible doing this to her.

She at least should apologize for their wrongdoing. Shaking my head, speechless. Beware and look elsewhere. I'll make sure everyone we know in Southern California knows what happened to us. Okay, before we move on, 'I.

[00:12:54] TREY GERRALD: attachments.

[00:12:55] CHELSEY DONN: Know 'I. Know 'I know. Before we move on, I'm just gonna, for Patreon or anyone watching right now on YouTube going to share my screen and Peggy left quite A'. Few photos with comments. So before we review the review 'I, just wanna make sure that I'm, I'm doing Peggy full justice here.

Can you guys see all this?

[00:13:16] TREY GERRALD: Oh, no.

[00:13:18] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. So one says, this is what we expected. Look at what we got. Now what's confusing about this by Peggy is that we have A' photo. Both photos look great. So 'I was confused at first. The first one says, happy Birthday Crystal. And the second one says, Gigi. And they're like, they're like very picturesque

[00:13:39] TREY GERRALD: But 'I, think Gigi looks bad.

[00:13:41] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. So Gigi is, so here's where it's confusing. Gigi's not actually the bad example. Both of these images are screenshots from their Instagram. So these are both good examples of what could have been,

[00:13:56] TREY GERRALD: Okay, but you've gotta be like, come on now, if you were hoping for Crystal. Crystal, anyone that's not looking crystals is like gold. Uh, like balloons, right? That spell out happy birthday. Then another little rainbow arc is crystal, and then there's A', beautiful pink eight that's really large.

And then Gigi is like circular, like rainbow

[00:14:18] CHELSEY DONN: Rainbow.

[00:14:19] TREY GERRALD: And then Gigi is like not in A'. But look how uneven Gigi is. It's

[00:14:24] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, but like it's also like in the wind there's like mountains behind beach, behind. There's A' vibe. Like 'I get it. Like 'I think it's still either one of these things. If 'I got them for A' party, 'I would be thrilled

[00:14:35] TREY GERRALD: It's easier than

[00:14:36] CHELSEY DONN: So already Peggy's like, you know, we're, we'll discuss the other mistakes later, but Peggy's kind of misleading us here when she says, this is what we expected.

Look at what we got. Well, I'm not looking at what you got in this picture, Peggy. So, Maybe use different language. Moving on number two. This is the email between Angela and Peggy. Okay. Customer service says we have refunded your money. Please find A' different balloon company. Angela have A'. Wonderful day. So this is the email in question. Now this is the original invoice that is just showing the balloon zilla is really expensive. The total for this was supposed to be $524 and 58 cents. Now we should point out that Peggy did get A' full refund, so this is obviously A' copy of the original estimate, but that's A' hefty price tag.

Peggy says they are not cheap. 'I ended up getting the same thing, better quality for much cheaper elsewhere. So letting us know, 'I guess it did work out for Peggy after all.

[00:15:39] TREY GERRALD: Oh, no.

[00:15:40] CHELSEY DONN: And then number four. Talking about expectations versus reality. And now we have another photo from the Instagram that says Shawn Jr.

In blue metallic balloons. That looks lovely. And then underneath it we do have A' monstrosity of sorts. Can you describe A' Trey?

[00:16:02] TREY GERRALD: So it looks, so we're seeing A' pool and it looks like you, it looks like maybe the string of balloons fell. And so you see like what? Possibly is some of the lettering from the word birthday in and out of the top of the water, like it looks like the

[00:16:19] CHELSEY DONN: flat, like, it's like it's sinking into the water. It's barely floating on top of the water. It looks very sad. It's not aerial, you know, A' balloon is supposed to be Ariel.

[00:16:32] TREY GERRALD: Not Ariel

[00:16:33] CHELSEY DONN: This has been grounded, this balloon. So anyway, 'I just wanted to share that before we, we chat about Peggy, cuz I'm sure there's more we can, um, chat about.

But Peggy was thorough. Did give us some photos.

[00:16:47] TREY GERRALD: very thorough. It's, it's interesting to me. Can we just start with Angela?

[00:16:53] CHELSEY DONN: yes.

[00:16:54] TREY GERRALD: The Angela of it all like 'I, so, okay. When 'I read the screen capture of the email, Please find A' different balloon company felt A' little like You could read that. Either way. Like maybe it's being pleasant. 'I felt like the sentence, like we fully refunded.

You have A'. Wonderful day. That's lovely

[00:17:13] CHELSEY DONN: right. And the have A' wonderful day did sort of look like that could have even been like Angela's like signature, like have A' wonderful day, you know?

[00:17:21] TREY GERRALD: 'I feel that too. It is interesting. They didn't choose to like say anything like we apologize or any, it's just very curt and to the point, right, which, or that's very direct. 'I would say, but 'I would not then wish Ill will on Angela's unknown children if they have them or don't like this huge assumption that when they have children, we don't know.

We don't know anything about Angela.

[00:17:48] CHELSEY DONN: We know nothing about Angela outside of the fact that Peggy thinks that she's very rude.

[00:17:54] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean that is so much money. So, but we obviously that's being couched by the fact that they did get A' refund.

[00:18:01] CHELSEY DONN: did get A' refund.

[00:18:02] TREY GERRALD: spend almost $600 on balloons, of course you would be livid if it blew in the wind and died or like whatever happened

[00:18:11] CHELSEY DONN: for sure. 'I kind of wish that Peggy, because 'I read the review and 'I was like, oh, this is horrible. And then 'I saw that like the, the email just said that they got A' full refund and 'I was like, is that still one star? 'I mean 'I. Know that it's disappointing because you paid for something. You expect A' service, you should get the service.

But 'I, 'I think that Peggy should have mentioned that they got A' refund. Like even if they would've said 'I got A' refund, but that's not the point. The point was 'I ordered this so that my son could have A' good birthday party, and this was like the centerpiece of our decorations and it was ruined that 'I could understand, but they're not like copping up to that.

And 'I would say in another situation, like if there was A' reply situation, maybe it happened after writing the review, but because it's included amongst. The photos, and it's even referenced in the review. Like look at that email. You know what 'I mean? Like 'I feel like Peggy might not be A'. Hundred percent trustworthy.

[00:19:08] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean it, it is reminiscent to me of that one versus five episode where it's like you spend this amount of money on what you think is gonna be like the backbone of like your child's birthday. And for that to go so disastrously wrong, it is sort of like, okay, well, like it's too much work to like get A' balloon assembly.

Even if 'I do get the refund, like the moment is ruined. So 'I understand that emotional connection. But something about, well, obviously spelling, A' grammar is hilarious. 'I mean we were like

[00:19:42] CHELSEY DONN: so bad. 'I was like really trying to hold it together to do Peggy Justice, but there were quite A', few tense errors, A', lot of grammar issues happening throughout.

[00:19:54] TREY GERRALD: 'I, also like 'I. Guess I'm just curious here, like if your company is literally called balloon zilla

[00:20:00] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah.

[00:20:01] TREY GERRALD: deliver A' product that looks like your Instagram feed. That's then that's like zero stars. 'I mean that's awful.

[00:20:08] CHELSEY DONN: right?

[00:20:09] TREY GERRALD: my question is, aside from the photo 'I have no idea what happened. Like it's just like the crumpled display, like in the pool, like 'I don't understand.

[00:20:20] CHELSEY DONN: the writing is like the crumpled display in the pool? It's like A' metaphor.

[00:20:24] TREY GERRALD: Per well, sure. And along this conversation, but 'I also 'I, don't get the narrative here of like what caused that image? Is it faulty product? Is it like, or did like something happen? Did A' string get snapped? Did like, did it blow in the wind and

[00:20:40] CHELSEY DONN: do we end up here?

[00:20:41] TREY GERRALD: How did we end up here to go into this much anger and not have A' sentence explaining what happened?


[00:20:48] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, but 'I mean no, it, she says after one hours of them trying to fix it, nothing worked. So we asked them to take it. So 'I wonder if it was like where the pool was positioned, there was nowhere to really like tie it off. Like Donn don't know. There was definitely like something that seemed like within Peggy's environment, they must have just been like, 'I can't do it.

[00:21:13] TREY GERRALD: But good on Peggy cuz that first picture of Crystal's eighth birthday is over. A' pool

[00:21:19] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, exactly. They're both over pools. GG two.

[00:21:23] TREY GERRALD: GG two. I'm just really confused, but I'm the most confused that the 900th word in this review is, I'm speechless. Peggy, you ain't speechless

[00:21:35] CHELSEY DONN: you. A' speechless. 'I thought the same thing. That's so funny. I'm glad you brought that up. That was hilarious. 'I mean it was funny. Was it intended to be funny? Probably not.

[00:21:45] TREY GERRALD: think so.

[00:21:46] CHELSEY DONN: But it was entertaining. 'I. Mean 'I Think Peggy's interesting. 'I. Just think that the problem with Peggy, Peggy fell into A' trap with this review that A' lot of our reviewers fall into, which is that the physical evidence 'I.

All of the physical evidence didn't necessarily support Peggy's argument in the way that Peggy had intended 'I Think mostly the email, because when we're going, we're waxing so angry, poetic about Angela in this review, we gotta see this email from Angela, and then we're seeing the email and we're like, well, the email wasn't that bad.

[00:22:24] TREY GERRALD: No, it was

[00:22:24] CHELSEY DONN: You know, it was like two. Was it like the nicest, like, oh my God, I'm so sorry you had this experience. I'm embarrassed. Like, you know, like was it, was it that? No, but like, it sounded like the email from somebody who had been on the phone with A' crazy person complaining for hours and was just like, we're giving you your money back.

Use another company like 'I don't know. What to tell you. And so it's just making me wonder, A' little bit if like, not if Peggy's like A' Karen, but if Peggy's like A' little intense.

[00:22:56] TREY GERRALD: Well, I'm, it's making me wonder what's being excluded from the narrative once again. Like what actually happened to the balloon display? Now, didn't Peggy say so many emails? Isn't that somewhere in this.

[00:23:08] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah. 'I think so.

[00:23:10] TREY GERRALD: Because I'm wondering what was the other email exchange or is this the singular email from Rude Ass Angela?

[00:23:16] CHELSEY DONN: 'I think this is the singular email.

[00:23:19] TREY GERRALD: Like for this to be the evidence, it's not much

[00:23:23] CHELSEY DONN: it makes Peggy look bad because it's like, oh, if Peggy 'I mean, if Peggy didn't have the photo of the balloons when they looked terrible, 'I wouldn't believe Peggy, like 'I really wouldn't believe them. But they do have the photo, so that's like bringing me back onto their side.

A' little bit. But 'I don't know that 'I can trust Peggy.

[00:23:43] TREY GERRALD: But then also for Angela to say, choose A' different balloon company. Well, the birthday party's already happened. It's over. It's ruined. He, my child will never have an eighth birthday ever again.

[00:23:52] CHELSEY DONN: right. It's

[00:23:53] TREY GERRALD: So 'I, understand that emotion,

[00:23:55] CHELSEY DONN: Yes.

[00:23:56] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean spelling grammar is clearly A' zero. The value here, 'I mean. I'm maybe hearing the, perhaps like the people coming to install this $600 balloon display may not have the ability to make it fabulous and that is bad.

That makes me

[00:24:11] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, 'I also wanted to point out the fact that in the mi it was, so Peggy did the thing that 'I like, which is A' compliment sandwich, but it was placed in such A' weird position in the sandwich. You know what 'I mean? It was just, it was like having two slices of bread and then sticking A' A' piece of lettuce in there.

It's not really A' sandwich, you know, it's just, it was there in A' weird spot. Did you even catch it?

[00:24:35] TREY GERRALD: Mm. What

[00:24:37] CHELSEY DONN: See, okay, so at one point in the review, Peggy says, 'I have to find it. Oh my God, I'm sorry. Um, Juliana was actually so professional and handled everything well and was trying to help me out to figure A' solution.

[00:24:54] TREY GERRALD: but who's Juliana

[00:24:55] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly like we don't like, it's just like she must be, maybe she was the person that was on the ground with them that was like trying to tie it and they were just trying for an hour and they weren't, but it was like it was in such A' weird place in the review that like, and then we go right back into.

[00:25:14] TREY GERRALD: to Angela.

[00:25:15] CHELSEY DONN: We go right back to Angela. We go right after that. So when you plan something special, go with someone else. You know, like we're not, we're having like A' breath of, well that 'I don't want to get that girl fired almost. Well, Juliana was professional and she handled everything well. She was trying, but Angela.

[00:25:33] TREY GERRALD: Yeah. It, it, it ended up not even registering

[00:25:37] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly. So anyway, 'I think we have enough information to Crown. Do you

[00:25:42] TREY GERRALD: Well, yeah. 'I mean. 'I just, yeah. 'I. Think 'I can crown those.

[00:25:44] CHELSEY DONN: Okay, let's do it.

[00:25:46] TREY GERRALD: So ChelseyBD and 'I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards. In an effort to be fair and not influence one another, we will simultaneously reveal our rating.

[00:25:56] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating

tow school.

[00:26:04] CHELSEY DONN: Wow. Interesting. Okay, so I'm holding up one and A' half crowns. Trey is holding up three crowns. Trey, you go first my friend. Why Three crowns for Peggy w

[00:26:14] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Just think that Peggy has sown enough doubt in my mind to research other balloon companies, which 'I don't feel that good about because 'I don't know that. 'I Trust Peggy as A' narrator.

[00:26:25] CHELSEY DONN: Yes.

[00:26:26] TREY GERRALD: 'I can't, 'I don't know about the deal breaker ness because 'I would need to read many, many more reviews to find out if this is maybe A' typical experience or not.

Obviously, spelling A' grammar is bad, but 'I mean it's almost like it's, it's not middle of the road to me because 'I, it's not gonna like, I'm not gonna skip this review and never hear it again. 'I am gonna really like toss and turn A' little bit. But then like the shadiness of like painting that email to be something that 'I don't think that it really was, is like shady.

So I'm confused, but 'I still am like, 'I don't, it's just A' birthday for your child. Like if it does go wrong, there is no doing it over. So that's stressful. So if 'I can't feel confident, that's where Winnie uh, that's where Peggy wins for me. So that's why 'I

[00:27:12] CHELSEY DONN: Because you're thinking about Winnie's birthday and like if you, if you bought this for Winnie

[00:27:17] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean if 'I spend 700, $600 on something and 'I had to get A' refund, 'I would be so livid. 'I would be like Peggy, but with better spelling and grammar. ChelseyBD, why did you say one and A' half?

[00:27:26] CHELSEY DONN: 'I said one and A' half because 'I think overall 'I don't trust Peggy as A' narrator. 'I feel like it's interesting with these Yelp reviews specifically because 'I think if we were just going by an algorithm, you would say, Peggy wrote A' decent, decent sized review. Not too long, not too short check.

Peggy included. Four photos with descriptions. Check, check, check, right? You think like by the algorithm, Peggy's like on her way to becoming an elite, which is what 'I think is so interesting and so funny about Yelp. But with that being said, she really shot herself in the foot with that email. Like 'I. If 'I was on Peggy's side, bang, bang, 'I, am 'I.

Don't know that you are reacting the same way that everyone would've reacted in this situation. 'I think it's shady that you said, like look at the email, but you didn't acknowledge the refund. 'I really think that could have helped your case A' little bit, Peggy, if you were like 'I did get A' refund, but I'm still upset about it.

But because you didn't even bring that up at all and that the refund really when you think about it, From the business perspective, that's the only way that the business can really rectify what happened. Especially if you have somebody that's angry, that's like 'I never wanna work with you again, and you know that they're difficult, all you can do is refund the money.

So they really did, it seems like pretty quickly refund the money and Peggy didn't even address that. So for that reason, 'I gave it one and A' half crowns. 'I think that. Luckily for balloon zilla 'I. Don't find this to be A' deal breaker personally to working with the company 'I. Think 'I would have to read some more reviews, do A', little bit more research.

That's true. And that's really where the one and A' Half Crowns is coming from. Cuz it's not like Balloon Zilla is totally in the clear, but it's not totally sending me running either. So for that reason, Peggy wanted me to be running, sorry Peggy, I'm not one. And A' half Crowns.

[00:29:19] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, 'I agree.

[00:29:20] CHELSEY DONN: Right Pegga.

[00:29:23] TREY GERRALD: Funny review.

[00:29:24] CHELSEY DONN: Thank you. Do you like how 'I called her Pegah?

[00:29:27] TREY GERRALD: Pela. You know my mom's name is Peggy

[00:29:30] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, that's right. 'I did. Forget about that. Pegga, you listening? Pegga. Gerrald is your mom's last name. Gerrald.

[00:29:37] TREY GERRALD: She capped it. Yeah,

[00:29:39] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. Anyway, we did it. Thank you for joining me on that Belated birthday review. All right, Trey, have we reached already the most regal portion of our show? Trey, who are you inducting for?

[00:29:57] VOICEOVER: My, Royal, Highness.

[00:29:58] TREY GERRALD: So today 'I really wanna induct another product. So I've thought about this because even though it's like warm out, 'I really wanna induct these companies that make dog sweaters that have the loops on them to hook A', uh, leash onto. Because 'I am someone who uses harnesses rather than collars. And we don't keep collars on our dogs like around the house.

So, In the wintertime, it's really challenging to have to like adjust the little like straps of the harness so that then you can account for the extra space from the sweater. And like the dogs are like, you know, it's like now we have two. So it's just like this whole like rigmarole. So. 'I have found these really nice zip up sweaters that on the back they have the little loops built into the sweater, so you don't have to like schlep around and like try to like do the bra lift of like the paws and the legs and like deal it just like it reduces.

The effort and time it takes because the dogs start to get very anxious cuz they're so excited. It's like the highlight of the day is like they're going on the walk and then it takes, you know, eight minutes to like get them all settled and strap them in and then here we go. And so, 'I have to have to induct them.

It's like such A' small minute thing, but it actually has A' huge giant impact. So if you are A' dog person or A' cat person who has their cat trained on A' leash, 'I, highly recommend looking up these sweaters that have the loops because it is A' complete game changer. And so for that reason, today, 'I must induct you dog sweaters with leash loops installed on them directly as My Royal Highness.

[00:31:41] CHELSEY DONN: 'I Love you. Is there A' specific brand that has the loops that you like?

[00:31:47] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Think A'. Lot of companies make them now like 'I don't remember this being A' thing, but suddenly they are A' thing 'I know like,

[00:31:53] CHELSEY DONN: coming up. Loops.

[00:31:55] TREY GERRALD: like Goby, is that A' company name or there's A' bunch of them, but you

[00:32:01] CHELSEY DONN: look for the ones with the loops. That is nice. It really saves A'. Big step.

[00:32:07] TREY GERRALD: 'I. It is A' game changer. It sounds so stupid and silly, but it's A' big deal to me over here, especially with A' dog

[00:32:13] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. No, it doesn't seem silly to me. 'I, get it,

[00:32:16] TREY GERRALD: You know when you don't want them snapping at you, so you need it to be as quick as possible. You

[00:32:19] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. We need this as painless as possible for all parties involved. Thank goodness for the loops.

[00:32:26] TREY GERRALD: It's A' loop party on this belated birthday party.

[00:32:29] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, it's It's A' loop. It is A' loop. Right. A' year is A' loop.

[00:32:32] TREY GERRALD: Right. Well we did A' Queen. That is another round, another loop

[00:32:38] CHELSEY DONN: That's

[00:32:38] TREY GERRALD: the R Ru A' rq. Ferris Wheel of Angela doesn't have any kids.

[00:32:43] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, Angela, thank you for joining us today. Even you, Pella. If you like what you heard, please tell A' friend

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[00:33:21] TREY GERRALD: And 'I am at Trey Gerrald. On this week's after show Pod, we are gonna be rating and reviewing A' two-star Google Review for A' store called Flamboyant Hair.

[00:33:36] CHELSEY DONN: Ooh,

[00:33:36] TREY GERRALD: You ready to get those hairs flamboyant? Five.

[00:33:39] CHELSEY DONN: so flamboyant.

[00:33:42] TREY GERRALD: So to hear what made ChelseyBD say 'I?

[00:33:44] CHELSEY DONN: You know what 'I wish after two years of doing the show,

[00:33:49] TREY GERRALD: Yes,

[00:33:51] CHELSEY DONN: that 'I would have an answer for that and to find out what made Trey say.

[00:33:57] TREY GERRALD: this is A' first on our show. This was written in Spanish and has been translated by Google, and I'm gonna read it to you in Spanish,

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[00:34:16] TREY GERRALD: Oh, and remember,

[00:34:18] CHELSEY DONN: Ignore the haters. You A', Queen, even you, Angela.

[00:34:22] TREY GERRALD: agenda not specific. Queen, even you Angela.

[00:34:25] CHELSEY DONN: Bye.

Review That Review is an independent podcast. Certain names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty. Executive produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound designed by me with voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky. Our cover art was designed by LogoVora and our theme song was written by Joe Kinosian and sung by Natalie Weiss.

[00:34:46] CHELSEY DONN: That was fun.

[00:34:47] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Feel like my induction didn't really land in the room, but it's something 'I really love.

[00:34:52] CHELSEY DONN: the room do you mean me?

[00:34:55] TREY GERRALD: Yes.

[00:34:56] CHELSEY DONN: I'm, I'm the room. Um, it landed, it totally landed. You know, 'I, 'I used to be able to put dog clothes on. Bella and 'I can't really do it with Goldie as much. So 'I think maybe that was like where my head was at if I'm being honest. But, um, no 'I love that for you.

[00:35:13] TREY GERRALD: and you did talk about the matting that comes from putting

[00:35:17] CHELSEY DONN: Oh yeah. And then 'I had A' sweater on her because 'I didn't wanna get bitten. 'I didn't take it off. And then yeah, she got all mad at, so it's just like 'I think 'I have A' way different relationship with dog clothes than 'I did when 'I had Bella. So 'I think that's what that's about. But that being said, as someone who's had A' dog that were A', lot of clothes that would've been fantabulous.

[00:35:38] TREY GERRALD: Well, let's keep the hair talk going, shall we on the after show?

[00:35:41] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. Oh my God. How flamboyant are we gonna get?

[00:35:46] TREY GERRALD: See you Friday.

[00:35:47] CHELSEY DONN: See you there.