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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 19: "Lizard's Thicket / Franklin Institute"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 19: "Lizard's Thicket / Franklin Institute"


THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:31] CHELSEY: Hello

[00:00:32] TREY: Hi. Hi. Hi, welcome to Review That Review, the podcast dedicated to reviewing...

[00:00:38] CHELSEY: Reviews! We're just like Siskel and Ebert only instead of reviewing cinematic masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious, scathing, and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:00:49] TREY: That lovely voice is Chelsey Donn

[00:00:51] CHELSEY: And that lovely voice is Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:54] TREY: And together our lovely voices form:

[00:00:56] VOICEOVER: The Review Queens!

[00:01:01] TREY: And that lovely voice is Eva Kaminsky, our voiceover artist.

[00:01:04] CHELSEY: Oh, my God. So many lovely voices, Natalie, at the top, we got some lovely voices.

[00:01:10] TREY: How's your crown today, my Queen?

[00:01:11] CHELSEY: My crown is great. I don't know if you've noticed, if you don't have Patreon, you're not going to see, but like she has a full blow out and makeup and I'm really feeling myself in the moment she's fresh and so clean, clean. I didn't have Pilates right before, so I had a chance to shower and get ready, but mostly I did this because I'm taking over the Instagram today for my high school, Penn Charter for their Alumni Instagram page, which is super exciting.

[00:01:42] TREY: Cool!

[00:01:43] CHELSEY: And it's already, already been quite a day. So fun!

[00:01:46] TREY: That is so fun. Are you, so you're just documenting like a day in the life?

[00:01:50] CHELSEY: A day in the life of Chelsey in LA being an actor, doing the thing, all of the crazy that comes in a singular day when you're a very multihyphenate individual. Like we are.

[00:02:02] TREY: Oh, yes.

[00:02:03] CHELSEY: You know, they've been doing a good job of connecting the alumni. They created a new alumni network, so we can kind of see who's where, and what opportunities are, where it's really nice actually, because of COVID it's like one of the good things that come out of COVID. I think a lot of us realize that we don't need to be in the same place to interact. So over quarantine, Penn Charter did a bunch of remote Meeting For Worships. Do you know what that is, Trey?

[00:02:29] TREY: Is that like a Christian thing?

[00:02:31] CHELSEY: It's a Quaker thing because Penn Charter is a Quaker school! Go, Quakers! It was founded by William Penn in 1689. And it's the oldest charter school in the nation. Isn't that amazing? William Penn, what a guy! But Meeting For Worship is a Quaker practice where you sit in silence for about, I think it's like 40 minutes or something like that. And if you are quaked to speak, you're able to stand up and say something and then sit down and everyone just sort of reflects on what is said. And the idea behind Quakerism is there's the light of God in all of us, like not to get weird and religious, but there's, there's no pastor, there's no rabbi. There's no person that's necessarily leading Meeting For Worship. It's a community gathering and together we create this space.

[00:03:21] TREY: I love that.

[00:03:22] CHELSEY: I'm so thrilled. I'm honestly honored that they picked me to take over the page and I'm having a great time. So how has your week?

[00:03:30] TREY: I love that idea, especially for blossoming minds, like for that sort of, um, awareness and stillness and appreciation for others' contributions. That's amazing.

[00:03:41] CHELSEY: Isn't that? Where did you go to high school, Trey?

[00:03:43] TREY: Well, I went to a normal public high school for two years, and then my last two years, I went to a boarding high school..

[00:03:51] CHELSEY: Oh wow!

[00:03:51] TREY: ..In South Carolina. Yeah!

[00:03:53] CHELSEY: For, was it for theater?

[00:03:55] TREY: It was for drama.

[00:03:56] CHELSEY: For drama? Sorry, drama. I should know.

[00:03:59] TREY: It was pre-professional training.

[00:04:02] CHELSEY: So advanced, how old were you? Like 16?

[00:04:05] TREY: Yeah. I was 15. Audition based. 15 students across the state of South Carolina were accepted.

[00:04:11] CHELSEY: Wow, that is amazing.

[00:04:13] TREY: Five of us were cut. So only 10 of us graduated

[00:04:16] CHELSEY: Oh my goodness!

[00:04:17] TREY: And we had to wear all blacks. We couldn't have any jewelry. Girls could not have any makeup

[00:04:22] CHELSEY: Stop, like all the time, every day?

[00:04:25] TREY: For drama classes, yeah.

[00:04:26] CHELSEY: What was the, what? Like What do you feel like the significance was in that?

[00:04:31] TREY: Uh, and actually also an interesting thing to subject a young people too. It's like one of those, like, wooy-wooy, like very pretentious drama school ideas. It's like that thing about, like, if you are just complete, if you show up completely neutral, then the character can show up. You don't show up.

[00:04:48] CHELSEY: Oh, that's interesting... so it's like strip it all away so that you become this vessel for the character. Oh, that's interesting. I can understand that as a fellow actor.

[00:04:58] TREY: Yeah. I'm sure it's like, you know, a Meryl Streep thing,

[00:05:01] CHELSEY: Oh, I'm sure Meryl does that.

[00:05:02] TREY: But I think that's very common for these like original conservatory programs for classical acting. Like not like television.

[00:05:10] CHELSEY: I definitely have an image of my head of these very serious Thespians dressed in all black doing Shakespeare, like just, just the full blacks and the skull reciting a Hamlet monologue. So I can see that. I just, I guess it's the no makeup thing that I'm like, wow, that's interesting as a rule.

[00:05:27] TREY: Well, you can't hide behind it.

[00:05:28] CHELSEY: Right. Oh, good point. Wow.

[00:05:31] TREY: That's why.

[00:05:31] CHELSEY: So much profound things that happened in our high schools that as adults, you really look back on it and you're like, that's pretty amazing. I love that. And with all that love in mind.

[00:05:43] TREY: Wait. I was going to say...

[00:05:45] TREY: I attended a virtual reading of my cohost Chelsey Donn's pilot that she and her partner, Amy Kersten have co-written together. And it was a very moving hilarious, great time. I just wanted to acknowledge that.

[00:06:00] CHELSEY: Aw. That's so sweet. Thank you, Trey. I mean, I think the listeners deserve to know that not only is she a podcaster, sometimes she writes things too, you know?

[00:06:10] TREY: That's right.

[00:06:11] CHELSEY: Why am I talking about myself and the third person? It's like a thing I'm doing today. Maybe it's cause I'm feeling sassy. Cause I have makeup on.

[00:06:18] TREY: Oh, yeah. Cause you can't hide now or now you can hide.

[00:06:21] CHELSEY: Well, I guess I can hide. Yeah. Maybe that's why like I'm like who is she? That's coming out. Somebody different. Anyway guys, thanks for bearing with us. So much love in our hearts for our high schools and that experience. And with that in mind, Trey, do you have a Complaint you'd like to lodge?

Lodge A Complaint

[00:06:39] VOICEOVER: Lodge A Complaint.

[00:06:41] TREY: Okay. Today I have to Lodge A Complaint and against something that I'm suffering from at the moment, it's when you get a kink in your neck, when you sleep wrong.

[00:06:48] CHELSEY: Oh God. Yes.

[00:06:50] TREY: It's so painful. I have taken it two Tylenol, extra strengths today. I like begged David to like come and rub on like, cause I really like getting massages. So it's like a thing. So like I, I frequently ask him if he'll get me a massage, but like today I literally was like, this isn't like the cute, funny, like, annoying thing. Like, will you please like, feel how ginormous this thing is? And then like I realized, this happens to me a lot actually!

[00:07:15] CHELSEY: Is it the way you're sleeping? Like, are you sleeping in a weird way?

[00:07:18] TREY: Like I noticed something two days ago where I was like, I think I just hurt myself. I don't know if I need to start sleeping, standing up?

[00:07:27] CHELSEY: Of recent? Or just of recent this has been happening frequently? We always just get like a little thing in the neck.

[00:07:33] TREY: One time I got acupuncture for it and it really did work. It's just so painful. Cause you like, you know, you, you turn your head a lot during the day, so

[00:07:42] CHELSEY: Yeah. It turns out, turns out you need your head and your neck.

[00:07:45] TREY: And it really just weighs on you all day. It's just like, I got this elephant sitting on my neck and I don't want it.

[00:07:52] CHELSEY: Exactly. I totally hear you.

[00:07:54] TREY: Go join the circus, Dumbo. Get outta here. You ain't welcome here.

[00:07:59] CHELSEY: There are these..

[00:08:00] TREY: Anyway, that's my complaint.

[00:08:01] CHELSEY: I completely hear you. There are these two guys on YouTube. I want to say their names are like Brad and Brad, the chiropractic team, but it's not that they have two different names. I think one of them's Brad, but anyway, they're amazing. You should look them up. They have all these exercises you can do for your neck that can help fix it. They, they taught me one that I used once, which now makes sense now that I'm doing Pilates, that this worked, but you take a towel, you put it around your neck, you pull the towel forward while maintaining decent posture. And it really just stretches that out and can make a difference. So you should try that after we get off here.

[00:08:39] TREY: I just wrote down Brad and Brad, even though I know that's not really what they're called anyway. Yeah. So that's my Complaint. It's just when you sleep wrong and then you suffer. Chelsey, what is your Complaint for today?

[00:08:50] CHELSEY: Thanks for asking, Trey. My complaint today is about earbuds, I guess, specifically Bluetooth, but really across genre. I have a hard time finding ones that work for me. I don't know if it's the shape of my ear is irregular. I have a real problem with the Bluetooth ones. Cause I just feel like they don't stay charged enough. I can never get them to say charged enough. And I don't know if you have this problem, but sometimes I have a problem when I use the little like earbud things where one of them is on and the other one is off and I just like cannot figure out how to get both of them to be on. And I've bought so many pairs and they always have the same issue or accidentally touch it by accident and Siri is activated and it just feels like a lot. And sometimes like, I do sound healing, we all know this, but I do sound healing over Instagram sometimes. And you need headphones for that. And the agita and the stress, that I experienced trying to assure that my head is not going to move in a way that's going to turn on Siri and both of these are going to stay amplified. Like I feel so locked in and so stressed by the idea of these headphones that it's really, it like gets in the way of at least the first 10 minutes of the sound healing until I can relax into it. And sometimes it does act up in the middle and that's a Shonda, you know what I mean? So can we do better with the headphones? That's it.

[00:10:14] TREY: I hear you.

[00:10:15] CHELSEY: So I'm so glad we got to do that. Get those, I don't know, complaints on the outside. As I like to say out of, out of the crown area, get it out

[00:10:25] TREY: They're out and they're lodged. They're in the ledger.

[00:10:27] CHELSEY: They're in the ledger, let it be known.

[00:10:29] TREY: All right.

[00:10:30] CHELSEY: Yes,

[00:10:31] TREY: You want to do it? Should we jump into some online reviews?

[00:10:33] CHELSEY: Please can we jump into those online reviews? I would so love that. We are your trusty review Queens. We each bring in a review from the internet that we feel needs to be inspected.

[00:10:43] TREY: We read you the review, we break it down and we rate the impact of the review on a scale from one to five crowns. It's a very Regal process that we like to call

[00:10:52] VOICEOVER: Assess That Kvetch

[00:10:54] TREY: Now. In honor of Chelsey's Instagram takeover, we are bringing you a themed episode. Surprise. We are both going to honor our home towns or our home states

[00:11:09] CHELSEY: Yes. Ish.

[00:11:10] TREY: Ish. So I've picked material from South Carolina and Chelsey has picked material from Pennsylvania and, uh, I'm first, today.

[00:11:19] CHELSEY: You are first. Take it away, Our queue. RQ.

Lizard's Thicket Review

[00:11:25] VOICEOVER: Review That Review.

[00:11:28] TREY: Okay. I had a very difficult time because I was trying to figure out what is South Carolina famous for? And. The only things that sort of came to mind were not positive things. So then I was like, okay, what do I love about my home state? And so then I was thinking about like, I love Bojangles, which is like a fast food place, but then I couldn't find any really funny or entertaining reviews that I thought would be good for the podcast. So then I found this Review!

[00:11:58] CHELSEY: Okay.

[00:11:59] TREY: It is from Yelp. It is a one star review from Robyn D and Robyn is spelled R O B Y N

[00:12:11] CHELSEY: Thank you for the clarification.

[00:12:13] TREY: for a restaurant that is native to South Carolina. I don't know if it exists anywhere outside of the state. There's many of them called Lizard's Thicket

[00:12:24] CHELSEY: Lizards spicket?

[00:12:26] TREY: Thicket.

[00:12:28] CHELSEY: What's a thicket.

[00:12:30] TREY: I thought this was going to happen. I don't know, I always thought, and I think that I was maybe told by my mom, I believe that a thicket is like the nesting place for lizards,

[00:12:44] CHELSEY: Oh, that makes sense. That would make sense.

[00:12:47] TREY: But it does not make sense as why you would name a restaurant that.

[00:12:50] CHELSEY: It's a little bit of a strange name for a restaurant, but I'm guessing whoever first started, this place was very into lizards. This is ridiculous. Of course. There's like multiple lizard thickets.

[00:13:02] TREY: I guarantee you, if you ever meet anyone from the state of South Carolina, they will know what Lizard's Thicket is. In the late eighties and nineties, their branding was like, think Cracker Barrel, but not so corporate. So like you, you pick like one main and then you pick like three fixins.

[00:13:20] CHELSEY: Got it. That sounds Southern.

[00:13:22] TREY: Yes. And like the waitresses had like, ruffly, like oversized, dresses that were like,

[00:13:29] CHELSEY: Oh, wow.

[00:13:29] TREY: Like, think very like Prairie, whatever.

[00:13:32] CHELSEY: Yeah, I was going to say it feels very like Little House on the Prairie home. Homemade attire. Yeah. Home cooking with the homemade dress.

[00:13:40] TREY: Very specific branding. I don't think that they, I think that isn't like that anymore, whatever. Okay. So anyway, this is, this is Robyn D's one-star Yelp review for the restaurant Lizard's Thicket.

[00:13:52] CHELSEY: Can't wait.

[00:13:53] TREY: I went there to pick up a call in order of two quarts of chilled dressing Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My mother called it in that morning around 10 and told them I would be picking it up by 2:00 PM. When I arrived at 2:00 PM, the order wasn't ready. They actually had no clue as to what I was speaking of. I sat in the drive-through for 20 minutes. Finally, the assistant manager, hands me a bag with liquid dressing in which I looked at him and proceeded to say, 'what am I supposed to do with this?' I looked in the bag to see the lid wasn't on properly and it was spilling out. I was beyond livid! For the last five years, my daddy has been ordering chilled dressing. Why is it now an issue? So after being pissed off that I have now held up the line for 20 minutes, I tell them to just meet me out front with the correct order. She did, bless her heart. The manager should have met me out there instead of an employee that had no clue what was going on. So I wait. And she brings it out. It is still incorrect. I was fuming. How hard is it to make two quarts of chilled dressing and an extra pint of gravy? Apparently on this day, impossible. I walk in, immediately asked for the manager. I look around, first to make sure no other customers see me or hear the splew of unkind words, I have to say about the service or lack of service. So I say, 'I don't know who took my mom's call, but they screwed it all to hell. The order is not correct. The amount of food is not correct. And the pickup time is 2:00 PM.'

[00:15:58] TREY: The manager says, 'I took the order and you said, pick up time of 5:00 PM.' Now wait a minute. Did the manager just call me a liar? Or better yet, my 60 year old mother?! An hour left out of there in tears. This was only the second Thanksgiving we spent without my daddy, trying to continue his tradition that he loved. We won't be back. This Lizard's Thicket has declined rapidly in customer service. I place the blame on management. If you are comfortable with calling a customer a liar, then your employees will follow by example.

[00:16:43] CHELSEY: Oh, my goodness.

[00:16:45] VOICEOVER: Oh My God! It's a Karen!

[00:16:47] CHELSEY: Is it a Karen? Is Robyn a Karen. So I so many like emotions happening during this review with, uh, Robyn, first of all, I just want to confirm, cause I wrote this down as soon as you started talking and then I was like, I thought that this is where we're going with it, but I want to verify that I'm correct. Dressing is another word for stuffing, is that correct?

[00:17:07] TREY: That is correct. Yeah.

[00:17:09] CHELSEY: So like on Thanksgiving, it's like, if I say I want a side of dressing, what I'm saying is I want a side of stuffing, right?

[00:17:16] TREY: Yeah. Southerners often will call the accoutrements with Turkey on a Thanksgiving. You call that stuffing or you call it dressing. That's sort of interchangeable.

[00:17:25] CHELSEY: It's interchangeable. Okay. All right. Well, that's like, I guess an important distinction. So Robyn wanted stuffing, right. But Robyn got salad dressing?

[00:17:37] TREY: I that's unclear Robyn D ordered two quarts of chilled dressing and then the assistant manager, hands them a bag with liquid dressing.

[00:17:48] CHELSEY: Right. Okay. Okay. when Robyn said that what I assumed was liquid dressing was like salad dressing, but you're saying,

[00:17:56] TREY: Yeah, me too.

[00:17:57] CHELSEY: And also with like the cap being off, like I was envisioning salad dressing, spilling into the bag or whatever it

[00:18:02] TREY: My impression was the same as yours. Like they're using dressing and stuffing as the same terminology and it was misinterpreted as salad dressing. I'm assuming?

[00:18:11] CHELSEY: Right. So I think this is, I mean, now that I know this, that the backstory here and now that I know that Lizard's Thicket, is a very popular place in the area. And I kind of got this feeling throughout. I feel like Robyn's having a very emotional response to what's happening here.

[00:18:27] TREY: Yes, because of personal reasons.

[00:18:29] CHELSEY: Yes. And they felt that before she even mentioned her dad, and then after she mentioned her dad, I really understood what was going on. So we've talked about this before, where the one thing that makes a restaurant, in my opinion, really, really great, is when every single time you order that item, it is exactly the same. And you can rely on it in that way. And this is a chain and that chain restaurants, like if you got a Chicken Caesar Salad, just cause I'm an aficionado at Applebee's in Cherry Hill, or if you get, get it in Applebee's here in LA, it's like the same, right? Like I know what it is that I'm getting. So I really feel like beyond, because she left in tears, you know, so, so beyond what was happening, which I think was undeniably wrong and they obviously did the wrong thing. Robyn's having a very emotional response here to having things be a certain way when her father was alive. I feel, I felt I was empathizing with her experience.

[00:19:24] TREY: I agree. I liked the Review because it's through and through a Southern person.

[00:19:29] CHELSEY: Yes. Oh my God.

[00:19:31] TREY: So many hilarious... calling your father, 'daddy.'

[00:19:34] CHELSEY: Oh God. I thought it was a little bit of a, like exaggeration that Southern people are. We're always like, bless your heart. And like, 'damn it to hell' or 'all to hell'. I thought that that was like hyperbole, but that. obviously real. Is that real?

[00:19:49] TREY: Yeah, yeah.

[00:19:50] CHELSEY: Like all the time, like everybody?

[00:19:52] TREY: The sprinkling of, Robyn's vernacular is so delicious,

[00:19:56] CHELSEY: Yes.

[00:19:57] TREY: but it's interesting to me because I think if I ever was picking up like a pre placed order, I wouldn't think to go through the drive-through to pick that up, I would think I need to walk in and get it,

[00:20:07] CHELSEY: I don't know. Like, I, I clocked that for a second, but then I was like, maybe that's what they do at the Lizard's Thicket, I don't know.

[00:20:14] TREY: Maybe? Not every Lizard's Thicket has a drive through.

[00:20:17] CHELSEY: So what did the manager say to her? Like, I'm the one that took the call and she said that They said five and not two. That's a big difference. What do you think about that? Even if let's say she did say five, what do you think about a manager clapping back in that way and not just sort of taking the high road? Like the customer's always right?

[00:20:36] TREY: Well, both sides here. Like someone made the mistake here and daughter is just picking up the order. So it's an, but then it's also interesting that Robyn was so offended.

[00:20:47] CHELSEY: Right.

[00:20:47] TREY: But I think that's part of the on.

[00:20:50] CHELSEY: For sure.

[00:20:50] TREY: It's also the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and emotions always get heightened on around the holidays.

[00:20:56] CHELSEY: Absolutely. Like I don't, I don't know that. I just don't think that the manager should have reacted that way. I think the manager should have just taken the high road and, you know, asked her what she needed and just gotten her order fulfilled as soon as possible. But I also don't know if this is a common experience or if this is sort of a one-off Robyn thing.

[00:21:17] TREY: Well, that I think is what is interesting about the review itself? Is that Lizard's Thicket to me, like in my experience, having gone there growing up a lot, I mean, I guess it kind of like makes sense. Like if I didn't want to be preparing all of the fixings for Thanksgiving, maybe I could do like a pre-order from Like that's a smart business move, but I don't associate going through the drive through, I don't associate it with fast food because it is an experience you go in and it's like a whole thing.

[00:21:47] CHELSEY: So it's not, it's not like a McDonald's or like a Whataburger in Texas?

[00:21:51] TREY: No, no, no, no. I mean, you would go there on lunch perhaps. It is more fast food than it is like a steakhouse,

[00:21:58] CHELSEY: Sure. But you said like, there's a way just as with the dresses and the, so it's a sit down.

[00:22:03] TREY: It is sit down. But I think that that changed now, actually, I know if they hire waitresses. I think you might order at the register now. So now I'm really confused because it is sort of a hybrid of a restaurant and itself, but so your question, it feels like a unique, very unique sort of experience. There's it's like a Thanksgiving thing. It's a pre-ordered thing. wasn't ready on time. There was miscommunication about the actual time, and then there's like so much upset emotion and.

[00:22:31] CHELSEY: Yeah. And then it's also a little bit of telephone because she didn't call directly like the mom called and not that I'm blaming her mom. I'm sure her mom got it. Right. But you, weren't the one that made the call directly, it adds an element of like, well, did the mom hear it incorrectly? And then pass it on incorrectly? I don't know.

[00:22:48] TREY: Robyn says they were holding up the drive through for 20 minutes. Then they were out of there with like, it took an hour. Robyn was crying. like, does it take 40 minutes to prepare two courts of dressing?

[00:23:00] CHELSEY: I mean in my mind, I'm just imagining if it is Thanksgiving, like maybe they're just really busy and if she got the time wrong, then it might be mobbed. And then they're also trying to deal with her. Right?

[00:23:11] TREY: But it is also interesting to me, like, I understand that you just wasted 20 minutes, but it's like, I think that even if I was so angry, Personally me, I would have been like, 'oh, okay. Well, my mom said it was two, I guess you got five so like, do you want me to just come back in three hours?' like I think I would have been like, this is so obnoxious.

[00:23:32] CHELSEY: And that's where I feel like the emotions are coming in because it's like, I went, I had this mission, I was emotional about it and I needed it to go a certain way. And it did not go that way. So I like, sort of went off the rails a little bit. I think one of my favorite parts of the review was when Robyn talked about when she was talking to the manager, how she looked around to make sure no one could hear her before she complained,

[00:23:55] TREY: Yeah. Very Southern.

[00:23:56] CHELSEY: What a classy move, you know? I think Robyn really wanted us to know that she wasn't making a scene.

[00:24:03] TREY: We'll see, but that sort of, when I first read it, It reminded me of the Ross Dress for Less where you pointed out how that reviewer took the time to say, I daintily slowly dropped... with the pin drop of delicacy on the counter. So it did make me think like, oh, like, why are you pointing out that you like that? Cause where you really, yeah. I think ultimately like what I'm sort of left with with this review is so much personal detail and about Robyn's, uh, family sadness, which is totally valid. But I think that if there was a miscommunication, there's, we're three hours off here. So I think the management should be like, 'I'm so sorry. Let me try to like prepare this quicker for you.' But, but then I also think you could also be like, 'or just like throw in some brownies and I'll be back in three hours.'

[00:24:56] CHELSEY: Exactly. Without a doubt management mismanaged, this situation, like no matter what, even, even if Robyn was emotional about the situation, I still feel like it was mismanaged.

[00:25:09] TREY: Do you think that the mom was like, 'oh shoot, baby doll. I'm so sorry. It was five. I wrote, I read it upside down, honey. Sorry, Robbie.'

[00:25:17] CHELSEY: I would hope that if that were the case, then Robyn wouldn't have gone to Yelp. Do we think it's a jump to say that the manager called her a liar?

[00:25:29] TREY: I thought it was, I felt like it was taking it so personally, but to Robyn's credit, Robyn really spells out multiple times how angry they were by this point.

[00:25:40] CHELSEY: Yes. And that's why I'm saying, I felt the emotions. Like I will say as a storyteller, I could feel her emotions growing as this was going on and how it was like, I started being a little agitated and then by the end, I'm leaving in tears. Oy vaVoy! Also the spelling seemed very good until that end sentence is that true?

[00:26:01] TREY: Yeah, it's one long paragraph. There's no like breaks or anything.

[00:26:05] CHELSEY: Okay. Not offensive, but also not, not like, you know, putting it on the fridge.

[00:26:10] TREY: No, I don't think I, I know I would, I would remind me of my daddy.

[00:26:14] CHELSEY: Yeah. Oh, that's so sad. Okay.

[00:26:17] TREY: like, we've sort of spoken how this is sort of not the common dining experience of Lizard's Thicket. So I'm curious since this is all new to you probably the majority of listeners, would this be a deal breaker for you for going to a Lizard's Thicket?

[00:26:33] CHELSEY: I'd say absolutely not. Um, I think like if I'm going to cross something off the bucket list, if I happen to be in the area, I'm going on the name alone, I just got to experience it. I might not go back, but I think I would try it. and the thing is And I think it's important for us to note this at no point, did Robyn say that the food was bad? In fact, she was so upset that she couldn't get the food that they had, that she left in tears. So by that analysis alone, I'm imagining the food must be pretty good if it caused her that much agita.

[00:27:07] TREY: Correct.

[00:27:08] CHELSEY: Right? So I would definitely go. Are we ready?

[00:27:11] TREY: I'm ready.

[00:27:12] CHELSEY: I'm ready. Let's do it

[00:27:13] TREY: All right. So Chelsey and I each have our own set of one to five crown cards and in an effort to be fair and not influenced by one another, we will simultaneously reveal our rating cards.

[00:27:26] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating.

[00:27:30] CHELSEY: very torn between two things.

[00:27:33] VOICEOVER: Total Score!

[00:27:38] CHELSEY: Oh, wow. That interesting. So Trey's holding up one crown, I'm holding up two and a half crowns. That's funny. Cause I was actually, I was between like two and a half and three because I felt like my assessment of, of a review is definitely the emotional attachment that I feel to the person. And if I feel that their experience was true and I definitely connected with Robyn's plight and that's really where she got the two and a half from me. I also think that the manager could have done a better job of handling the situation. And if I were to place an order with them for any kind of catering thing, I think I would like double, triple check that everything was going to be ready. So for that, I did gain some information, but I don't think it's a common experience. I don't think it would stop me from going there. And I do think emotions clouded the experience for Robyn a little bit here. So that's where she, she lost the other two and a half, but I'm actually kind of surprised that you went with one. So let us know. Why did you go with one crown, Trey?

[00:28:35] TREY: I just went with one because ultimately it seems like Robyn arrived early. That could be a miscommunication. I also found it interesting to pick up a placed order through the drive-through. I tomato, tomato, we used to do our own thing, but ultimately I think that Robyn was so angry and sort of took the miscommunication as the opportunity to be called a liar. And that their 60 year old mother was a liar who was now a widow. And so therefore.

[00:29:06] CHELSEY: But we know all that now.

[00:29:08] TREY: Right. to me, I said, I said one crown, cause I don't really think it has much of an impact on Lizard's Thicket. And S I'm sending

[00:29:16] CHELSEY: All the love.

[00:29:17] TREY: Lots of love to Robyn's family.

[00:29:19] CHELSEY: But your bang buck ratio on this Review was, was low. And I hear you, um, I'm a softy for somebody in an emotional situation. What can I say,

[00:29:28] TREY: And then the words of Robyn, 'bless your heart.'

[00:29:31] CHELSEY: Robyn D thanks for joining us today.

[00:29:34] TREY: All right. So let's take a break. And then when we come back, we'll get into Chelsey's Philly review.

[00:29:40] CHELSEY: Philadelphia Review!

[00:29:41] TREY: I don't know what they sound like.

[00:29:42] CHELSEY: Youse better pay attention!

[00:29:43] TREY: Youse guys!

[00:29:44] CHELSEY: guys better pay attention, because something good is coming.

[00:29:46] TREY: Ooh, on that tease, BRB.

[00:29:48] CHELSEY: I hope it's good. I don't know.

[00:29:52] VOICEOVER: Hold your crown we'll be right back.


[00:30:18] TREY: It's game time, Chelsey, get ready to throw that leg over and strap on in as we go on a quick spin on the Meryl-Go-Round!

[00:30:26] CHELSEY: Oh my God. I thought you'd never ask!

[00:30:29] VOICEOVER: I don't feel like an icon. Most of the days, I feel like 'I can't!' That's with an, A'..

[00:30:38] CHELSEY: You always can, Meryl, don't worry. Here's the deal. Trey and I have each picked a rotten scathing, hit the One-Star-Zinger and with 30 seconds on the clock, we'll take turns, trying to recite the zinger in as many genres as possible

[00:30:53] TREY: Just like Queen Meryl Streep who does it all!

[00:30:54] CHELSEY: Before the clock runs out. And I am first. So I was originally looking for reviews of the Liberty Bell, but I couldn't find any that were quite pithy enough. And so instead I decided to go with the Liberty Bell Diner, which is not the same, but you know, within the theme. So this is for Liberty Bell Diner in Philadelphia, and it's from Rich K. And Rich K. Says, 'waitress sucked today dot dot dot!'

[00:31:32] TREY: All right. Great. And today you're going to be strapping into Rocky!

[00:31:37] CHELSEY: Oh my God. How perfect. I don't know anything from South Carolina!

[00:31:41] TREY: That's Philly, right?

[00:31:42] CHELSEY: Yeah, the, the art museum steps. He ran up. Yeah. Good job. Wow. Okay. Now, um,

[00:31:51] TREY: I've never seen it. I saw the musical on Broadway.

[00:31:54] CHELSEY: oh, I didn't. I feel like I vaguely knew that was a thing. Anyway, let's do it.

[00:32:00] CHELSEY: Okay.

[00:32:00] VOICEOVER: Three, Two, One, GO!

[00:32:05] VOICEOVER: Which was suck today.

[00:32:09] VOICEOVER: Oh, slapstick

[00:32:11] VOICEOVER: Y

[00:32:13] VOICEOVER: game show WWE, Yankee

[00:32:23] VOICEOVER: the waitress

[00:32:24] CHELSEY: suck

[00:32:25] VOICEOVER: today.

[00:32:30] VOICEOVER: Disney

[00:32:32] VOICEOVER: That's All!

[00:32:36] TREY: Seven.

[00:32:38] CHELSEY: Woo! Great.

[00:32:38] TREY: That first one, I forgot how short it was. And then I was just looking at you like, 'she's so funny.'

[00:32:43] CHELSEY: Thank you!

[00:32:45] TREY: Good job. Seven.

[00:32:46] CHELSEY: I feel good about my seven. Yay. Lucky number seven. All right. Let's see how my Rocky matches up to your, I mean, it's gotta be a lizard right is that bad. I just feel like it's on brand.

[00:33:01] TREY: Sure.

[00:33:02] CHELSEY: Alright. Strap into your lizard, Trey. And what is zinger? What is your zinger from today?

[00:33:07] TREY: So today I have a One-Star-Zinger from for Make Your Own Boiled Peanuts Kit, have you ever heard of a boiled peanut?

[00:33:16] CHELSEY: I have not. that southern ?

[00:33:18] TREY: Are you serious?

[00:33:19] CHELSEY: Is that bad? I mean, I know, I know, like the roasted nuts in New York on the street, different?

[00:33:25] TREY: No, no, no, no, no, no. Boiled peanuts are like, A'., they're actually called the caviar of the south,

[00:33:30] CHELSEY: Oh

[00:33:31] TREY: but I didn't even realize, yeah, I didn't realize this was the whole thing until preparing for this episode, but yes, there'd be just little like, uh, food carts on the side of highways and they'd be people boiling peanuts. It's like the best place to get a boiled peanut as like a gas station.

[00:33:44] CHELSEY: And how does, like, how does a boiled peanut taste, how does it differ from your ordinary peanut?

[00:33:49] TREY: There are like, um, soggier I guess like you ..They're just soft. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. It's the weirdest thing when you break it down anyway, so this is,

[00:33:58] CHELSEY: but you like it.

[00:33:59] TREY: I haven't had them since I was a kid, but it was definitely like a thing. Like I forgot that it existed until today.

[00:34:04] CHELSEY: I'm so glad you revisited that memory.

[00:34:07] TREY: Me to! Boiled Peanut. All right. So this is a Make Your Own Boiled Peanut Kit, is hilarious in itself. You just put the peanut in water and but what? Okay, so this is, um, from Wynde E but Wynde spells her name W Y N D E. And the subject is 'never again.' And the review is, 'never again.'

[00:34:32] CHELSEY: Never again, never again, never again. Alright. Are you ready? Are you strapped into your lizard? Let's do this, Trey

[00:34:39] VOICEOVER: Three, Two, One, GO!

[00:34:44] VOICEOVER: No.

[00:34:46] VOICEOVER: no drama. com

[00:34:53] VOICEOVER: Oh, never again.

[00:34:56] VOICEOVER: AHPRA diva, breaking news.

[00:35:05] VOICEOVER: Yeah.

[00:35:06] VOICEOVER: Magic show lifetime. All.

[00:35:15] CHELSEY: I guess I'll give that to you. I feel like you're on a winning streak, Trey and I can't break it. Let's see what you

[00:35:23] TREY: was

[00:35:23] CHELSEY: I think there was a lot, I mean, granted, I didn't pause for an hour, but 1, 2, 3, Oh it's a tie! Two 7s, 7, 7. How lucky are we? Wow.

[00:35:38] TREY: we ever tied before?

[00:35:40] CHELSEY: Yeah. I think we've tired. That was super fun. Love that journey for us.

[00:35:44] CHELSEY: Yay.

Franklin Institute Review

[00:35:47] VOICEOVER: Review That Review.

[00:35:51] TREY: All right. from that game break. And it is now your turn Chelsey, B D where's your review from this week.

[00:35:58] CHELSEY: Okay. So my review this week is from the Franklin Institute. It was one of my favorite places to go as a kid. It's like, um, a, I guess like futuristic museum planetarium, like science, the science museum, essentially. My memories of going here as a kid were walking through this giant, I guess, heart replica you would walk through. I remember that. And also they have these amazing laser shows where they would like play Aerosmith or something and then do these lasers while like, 'Don't wanna miss a thing' ...that's Aerosmith, right? Anyway, so that would be happening and it was so fun. And I just really loved this place as a kid. It was the first time I ever had astronaut food. Have you ever had like an astronaut ice cream sandwich?

[00:36:44] TREY: Yeah. I have.

[00:36:45] CHELSEY: Yeah. So I have like a bit of an emotional attachment to this. I'm going to, I'm just going to say that with my one star here, and this one-star review of the Franklin Institute is from HealthyGypsyT.

[00:37:01] CHELSEY: Okay. And HealthyGypsyT has written a one dot Review from TripAdvisor of the Franklin Institute. The subject is, ' not really fun for anyone over 11 years old.' While visiting Philadelphia with my two teenage sons, we couldn't decide how to spend our day because of all the great choices of stuff to do. After reading dozens of reviews on TripAdvisor, we decided on the Franklin Institute. It's not very often I completely disagree with the reviews here, but I am shocked by how many good reviews are. I was torn between giving this place a one star or two, because it's probably worth two stars... if you have young children under 12, are prepared to spend a fair amount of money, and have never been to a great Kids Science Museum, like the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

[00:38:04] CHELSEY: But if any of those things don't apply to you, I would give this place a miss. The idea of this place is good, but it seemed to fall short at every exhibit. We visited on a Saturday in June, and it wasn't really that crowded. We were two adults, two teens, and one senior. When we arrived, we decided to buy entrance to just the Institute itself and the 3D movie on penguins for an extra $4 each. Because it seemed like there was a lot to do just that the main Institute without adding a special exhibition for double the price. We began on the third floor at the sport challenge. My boys were excited to try surfing! The exhibit turned out to be ridiculously boring. Certainly for older kids, but even the younger ones were not enjoying the very small, slow and awkward moving surf board that lasted a few seconds. So disappointing.

[00:39:06] CHELSEY: There was also a chance to kick a soccer ball and throw a broken baseball. The exhibits are old, tired, and boring. My kids then wanted to try the sky bicycle, which sounded like fun. But when we got to it, we found out that there was an extra charge to go on it. This was the case that we found on every section of the Institute that whenever there was something slightly interesting to try, there was always an extra fee. The sky bicycle, flight simulator, adventure flight, et cetera, all costs an extra $5 each to participate in. We were wondering what was actually covered in the admission fee. We had an awful, but typical for this type of place, lunch at the Franklin Food Works. The only vegetarian option was a tired piece of cheese pizza, nothing to eat for vegans or those trying to eat a healthy meal. After our sad lunch, we hurried to level two for our 3D movie to find the theater completely empty, except for the five of us. And once the movie began, I realized why! It was the old Discovery Channel show on penguins, narrated by David Attenborough. What a waste of time! When we got out of the movie, we went up to the planetarium to see the show only to find out that at 3:45, when we arrived, there were no more shows for the day.

[00:40:41] CHELSEY: The Institute closed at five, so disappointing. Then we went up to the observation deck on the fourth floor only to find out it was already closed for the day. Why? And this is why I'm giving this place a single star review. There was no schedule of any kind given out when we arrive to let us know when the planetarium shows played or ended for the day. And the observation deck is not even listed on the map. We just happen to see it on the elevator buttons, what terrible visitor service. And we weren't sure why they closed at five when it seemed everything worth seeing closed by 4:15 There was a potentially cute exhibit in the train factory on the first floor. It was a little mystery with clues where you try to find out who was responsible for a train wreck. The idea is really cute, but it was so confusing and executed so poorly, most kids passed it by and adults were trying hard to figure it out and wondering why there wasn't any kind of intro to it leading into the exhibit. Disappointing again. I felt so bad dragging my kids here for the day that I paid $10 for them to go for a spin in the flight simulator. And they both enjoyed it. If I had endless funds, I would have let them go on a few times. I really wanted to like this place. It just fell short at every turn.

[00:42:12] TREY: Wow HealthyGypsyT. Now I understand

[00:42:18] CHELSEY: Yes. We understand that healthy. Yeah.

[00:42:21] TREY: Okay. The first thing that occurred to me here in the title.

[00:42:25] CHELSEY: Yes.

[00:42:26] TREY: Only good for people under eleven.

[00:42:28] CHELSEY: Yes.

[00:42:29] TREY: And then like the first sentence is like I was taking my teenagers. Doesn't it, everyone in the world. Now the teenagers are impossible. And why would you ever assume that a good activity for teenagers is any sort of museum? Maybe I'm biased, but like don't take teenagers to like a science museum. I just totally already know that's going to be a nightmare. They're not going to be interested in a kids museum. They're teenagers.

[00:42:56] CHELSEY: Admittedly, I was a kid when I went.

[00:42:58] TREY: Well, yeah, we had a place called Discovery Zone and would go there and it was all of these same things you're talking about, but that's not cool when you're like 14 and you like girls and you're on TikTok.

[00:43:11] CHELSEY: yeah. And all that. I mean, I w I was wondering, cause number at one point in the beginning, she was saying how she paid regular admission and then the other admission was double the cost. I wondered if you paid for the other admission, do you think all this stuff was included in that? Is it ala cart if you just do this general admission and then, you know, which, which in a way I can see why they would do it that way. They said they had a, a senior with them. I don't know that the senior is going to do the flight simulator and it doesn't sound like the mom's going to do it either. So why pay double the price per ticket when you can just pay ala cart for just the teenage boys? So I wondered if this sort of nickel and diming that they were doing was because they were wearing the yellow, red wristbands and the people that were wearing the purple wristbands got to just do cart blaunch. I don't know.

[00:44:04] TREY: Yeah, the whole ticketing situation is a question for me. I pulled up the website and. It does only list general admission tickets, which include museum admission and then the Fells planetarium. So even looking at this, like it doesn't say that there are going to be individually priced experiences. There is some value here to me that, um, I need to really check in about that.

[00:44:29] CHELSEY: Yeah. And I guess you wouldn't really know that if there was no documentation, you wouldn't know that until you're past the ticketing process, I guess.

[00:44:38] TREY: It would definitely be disappointing to me that every single cool thing was like an additional charge. Like then you really would have the experience of being nickeled and dimed. You know, I wonder if they bought the tickets online and didn't speak to a person who would explain that.

[00:44:52] CHELSEY: That's true. They didn't really blame a ticketing person or mentioned them. It sounds like they were. Almost blaming themselves for trusting the other reviewers and going in a little bit blind.

[00:45:03] TREY: Yeah, what's the spelling and grammar. Like

[00:45:06] CHELSEY: Excellent. We didn't abuse the all caps a little, but not like crazy. It looks excellent though. Really, really nicely done HealthyGypsyT on the, on the grammar for sure. Do we think this is a normal experience? And do we think that, um, HealthyGypsyT was right to kind of throw shade at the other reviewers that had positive experiences here? Cause I feel like that's what she did.

[00:45:32] TREY: It also made me curious, how is a baseball broken?

[00:45:37] CHELSEY: I was thinking about that too.

[00:45:39] TREY: The thread breaks?

[00:45:40] CHELSEY: In the thread. I don't know, like there must be some sort of science, physics thing with that I assume.

[00:45:46] TREY: Yeah, that was perplexing.

[00:45:47] CHELSEY: Oh, the food expectations let's, let's touch on that.

[00:45:51] TREY: I did think it was maybe one of the most valuable aspects of this Review was mentioning that there is not a vegan friendly food,

[00:46:00] CHELSEY: I wonder how many vegans are going to the Franklin Institute. Interesting statistic.

[00:46:04] TREY: But I, I do think it is like, this is for children. And I do think that children, cafeteria situations are always not gourmet food, which HealthyGypsyT points

[00:46:15] CHELSEY: And they also like want to turn it around. So I feel like it's always the type of food that you can just like throw under those heaters or whatever, you know,

[00:46:23] TREY: Yeah. It's like chicken fingers and

[00:46:25] CHELSEY: Chicken fingers and French fries.

[00:46:26] TREY: Honey mustard!

[00:46:27] CHELSEY: Yeah. And pizza, you know,

[00:46:29] TREY: Do you think that this like has an impact on you? Like, would this be a deal breaker for you?

[00:46:34] CHELSEY: I think it's a very contingent Review right? I think there's like a lot of boxes that need to be ticked for this to be your experience, but where I do feel like taking note and thank you, HealthyGypsyT for letting me know. I am curious about the ala cart thing and are they going to be trying to upcharge me at every turn to try to get me to just, you know, separate me from my money? Is that what I'm getting into? But other than that, I think like you, like, we've both been saying, it sounds like this was just the wrong audience. And I don't think that most, most people looking to come here with children would be like, 'nah, not going to come because of this.'

[00:47:14] TREY: And then something that also stuck out to me in this review is the conversation about parts closing prior to the actual closing of the building. And that is something that does pop up very frequently in reviews.

[00:47:27] CHELSEY: in the, that was in the Ross review. The dressing rooms.

[00:47:30] TREY: Oh my gosh. Right. That's right. But it is, that is perplexing to me. I recognize that like, like you're going to make sure that the last showing ends prior to the building ending or closing. So like, but 3:45 and they close at five. Maybe that sort of makes sense, you know, but that is frustrating,

[00:47:48] CHELSEY: I was thinking though, I wonder the same thing. Cause I was like, yes, that's annoying. And you should have known that going in or they should have told you, but if you figure it's like an hour program and they close at five, I think a 3:45 show probably starts closer to four. And then if it's an hour long, I think it does stand to reason that you'd have to, like, if a movie theater closes at midnight, they're not going to start a movie after 10, you know?

[00:48:13] TREY: It makes me think of like zoos when they have like live events. It always says like the last showing is that this, like, it's very communicated.

[00:48:22] CHELSEY: Exactly. Exactly

[00:48:24] TREY: It really feels to me that HealthyGypsyT did a lot of Review research, but did not do a lot of research on the actual museum itself, because I wonder if there was any literature that gives you a ballpark of what the approximate age is for visitors and also like not really knowing about the mystery train thing. And it just seems they went in sort of blind besides reading a bunch of reviews where people were happy, but, you know, reviews are so subjective that it's sort of..

[00:48:58] CHELSEY: Well we know!

[00:48:59] TREY: We totally know.

[00:49:00] CHELSEY: um, let's see. Anything else that we need to consider for HealthyGypsyT.

[00:49:06] TREY: I don't think so. I think I can crown this.

[00:49:07] CHELSEY: All right. Let's crown her.

[00:49:11] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating

[00:49:13] TREY: You ready?

[00:49:17] VOICEOVER: Total Score.

[00:49:18] CHELSEY: Oh, interesting. We reversed on this one. So I'm holding up two crowns. Trey is holding up three and a half crowns. Trey, tell us why you're holding up three and a half for a HealthyGypsyT.

[00:49:29] TREY: Based on HealthyGypsyTs Review. I think there is a large impact. I, I imagine that this is maybe not the most common experience, which HealthyGypsyT points out themselves, but what the impact of the Review for me as a reader is I'm not going to bring teenagers here. I need to get clarity on what the cost to participate is. I think it's valuable to know like plan accordingly, because things will have final showings or final participation before the end of the business day and also plan like food appropriately. So for that reason, there is an impact for me, even though I don't know that I would have been in these shoes to begin with, would never think to bring teenagers to a science museum, I do think that it's more than middle of the road. That's why I did three and a half because the impact is not a deal breaker. I would go, but I would be armed with wanting more information. Why did you do two crowns?

[00:50:25] CHELSEY: I did two crowns cause I just felt like in order to have the same experiences, HealthyGypsyT, I would need to be vegan with teenagers.

[00:50:33] TREY: hmmm,

[00:50:34] CHELSEY: I think if I weren't those things, I probably would have a very different experience. Also, obviously there's like a little bit of attachment for me for the Franklin Institute, because I love it. And I know how much I loved it when I was a kid and I have admittedly not been there in awhile, but I do think it's likely, still fun for these kids. And for me, while I appreciated HealthyGypsyT, sharing her experience, sharing the knowledge about the ala cart situation, telling me about the surf experience and different experiences. I feel like I act, I did get to know what some of the programming was going to be. So there was information there. So that's mostly where my two crowns came from is there was information there. I learned a thing or two, but I don't know that this would be something that would impact the regular attendee of the Franklin Institute. So that's that!

[00:51:26] TREY: I agree. Great job

[00:51:27] CHELSEY: Thanks, Trey

[00:51:29] TREY: Franklin. Do you know, it's named after?.

[00:51:31] CHELSEY: Benjamin Franklin.

[00:51:33] TREY: Never heard of him.

[00:51:34] CHELSEY: Trey! Lightning. Okay.

[00:51:38] TREY: Did you share know that my dad used to own Ben Franklin Crafts.

[00:51:41] CHELSEY: No, I did not know that. How random is that?

[00:51:44] TREY: Do you know what that is?

[00:51:46] CHELSEY: No. What is it?

[00:51:48] TREY: It was bought out by Michael's. Have you ever heard of Michael's?

[00:51:50] CHELSEY: I mean, have I heard of Michael's I spent an entire summer there once. I mean, not, not working there. My friend Steph was very into scrapbooking. We would go like every day.

[00:51:59] TREY: Right. So Ben Franklin Crafts, that

[00:52:01] CHELSEY: Wow. I love that. I'm learning new things about you all the time, so fun. All right. My Queen, Che,

[00:52:10] CHELSEY: We've reached the Most Regal portion of our show. Who are you inducting, Trey for?

My Royal Highness

[00:52:15] VOICEOVER: Yeah. My Royal Highness.

[00:52:18] TREY: Today I am formally inducting DVR.

[00:52:24] CHELSEY: Whew.

[00:52:26] TREY: I remember an era where you either recorded it on a VHS or you missed it, you what I'm sayin?

[00:52:33] CHELSEY: I know what you're sayin!

[00:52:34] TREY: Yeah. I mean, I used to record, I Love Lucy when it was on the marathon of like summer block party on Nick at Nite.

[00:52:41] CHELSEY: Yes, love it.

[00:52:43] TREY: Love it. But I feel like DVR has become so synonymous with television or cable basically that I sort of take it for granted. And I was watching Impeachment, the Ryan Murphy

[00:52:55] CHELSEY: Is it good?

[00:52:56] TREY: uh, I only watched the first Yeah, it was good. but I watched on demand and so I couldn't fast forward or rewind.

[00:53:03] CHELSEY: Ugh!

[00:53:03] TREY: And so I was stuck watching commercials, doesn't happen a lot. So it really was like, oh my gosh, I really am so grateful to DVRs. So this week I'm inducting DVRs and the ability to fast forward and rewind and watch at your own leisure.

[00:53:23] CHELSEY: I love that so much. I love when our Royal Highness goes to things that are like every day, things that we kind of don't take time to recognize, but yet our lives are improved by them. So

[00:53:36] TREY: I just, I thought of another one. gonna write it down for next week.

[00:53:39] CHELSEY: Oh, good.

[00:53:40] TREY: How about you? My queen, who are you inducting for?

[00:53:46] TREY: Well, I really wanted to stay on brand today. So I am inducting the William Penn Charter school! And I would like to specifically shout out two of my favorite teachers, Dr. Lynch, who was my AP Bio teacher and Fitz, who is the choir director. Both of these people had a lot to do with helping me become more confident in who I was in very different lanes.

[00:54:13] TREY: Dr. Lynch taught me in AP bio. I didn't even really honestly have the confidence at first to take the class, but then I talked to him and he really encouraged me to do it. And he was one of the first teachers I ever had that made me realize. I am smart enough to do this, and they kind of step up to the plate and I don't need to sell myself short or make myself feel like I don't belong. I, you know, he, he really gave me a sense of belonging, uh, in this academic class that I was sort of afraid to take in and he just changed my life. And he's such an amazing guy. And I think about him all the time. Whenever I have that feeling of lack of competency within myself, I think, you know, what were Dr. Lynch say? And I think Dr. Lynch would say. You got this. So thank you, Dr. Lynch and Fitz he just had the best heart. And I started Penn Charter as a sophomore, which is a little bit difficult. It's it's a hard year to join a new school cause everybody is sort of, you know, paired off at that point. Thank God. I had some amazing, lovely friends that were very kind to me from the get, but we were all in choir together and there was something about being with a leader that was just so giving and. Just like the epitome of love and joy and light. When you saw him, you just felt better. And it's not often that you find people like that that have the ability to make you feel seen in such a specific kind of way. And I think Fitz is leaving Penn Charter. I want to say this year. And, ugh, I'm so sad for the community that they won't have him, but I'm so happy for him that he gets to move on to this next chapter of his life, whatever it may be. And thank you, Dr. Lynch, thank you, Fitz. You really changed my life. And I think about you pretty often, and it's, you know, long overdue that I, I honor you with this induction. So thank you so much. You are My Royal Highness, Penn Charter, and specifically Fitz and Dr. Lynch.

[00:56:14] TREY: I tell ya. Teachers. They world every day.

[00:56:18] CHELSEY: Yes, we can never, the point is we can never say it enough. We can never thank the teachers enough. They really are the people that influence, you know, everybody and change and shape the people we are. So can't say it enough.

[00:56:30] TREY: As Whitney once said, I believe the children are the future.

[00:56:34] CHELSEY: Teach them well and let them lead the way

[00:56:37] TREY: All right, my Queen, we did it. That's another round on the RU a RQ Ferris wheel.

[00:56:41] CHELSEY: Thank you guys so much for joining us today. If you like, what you heard, will you please tell a friend?

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[00:58:20] CHELSEY: Ignore the haters. You're a Queen.

[00:58:23] TREY: Gender non-specific Queen!

[00:58:26] CHELSEY: Bye!

[00:58:26] TREY: Buh, buh, buh, buh bye.

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[00:58:47] CHELSEY: Oh, Trey. Bless your heart.