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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 66: "Wicked on Broadway"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 66: "Wicked on Broadway"


*Please Pardon any spelling errors!

THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:31] Chelsey Donn: Hello.

[00:00:32] Trey Gerrald: Hello Chelsey. Well, hello listeners. Welcome to Review That Review. We are the singular podcast. Well, that's not true. We are the, we are a podcast. No, we are the podcast dedicated to

[00:00:51] Chelsey Donn: and we might be the only podcast that reviews reviews like officially as the review Queens.

[00:00:57] Trey Gerrald: I think that's true.

[00:00:59] Chelsey Donn: Right. We're just like Cisco and Ebert. As you know, only instead of reviewing cinematic, masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious scathing and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:01:10] Trey Gerrald: That is Chelsey Donn

[00:01:13] Chelsey Donn: And that is Trey Gerrald.

[00:01:15] Trey Gerrald: and together, you know, we are.

[00:01:19] VOICEOVER: The review Queens.

[00:01:22] Trey Gerrald: A very special Cheerio Queens to all of our Patreon members, you know, our Cheerio Queens over on

[00:01:31] Chelsey Donn: Cheerio Queens.

[00:01:32] Trey Gerrald: They're helping us keep our lights on and in exchange, they have exclusive access to our companion after show podcast, featuring additional reviews, salacious, tidbits, and deep dives. They also get full video recordings, merch discounts, and a whole lot more.

[00:01:49] Trey Gerrald: If you wanna join them, go visit our Patreon page over at Patreon dot com slash Review. That Review Chelsey

[00:01:57] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:01:59] Trey Gerrald: is a very. Exciting day, cuz we're gonna announce the winner of our Lillian pops artwork contest, but we're gonna do it at the end of today's show. So in the meantime, keep all that excitement boiling bubbling up in your bellies as Chelsey starts us off.

[00:02:19] Trey Gerrald: How are you doing girl?

[00:02:20] Chelsey Donn: I am good. You know, we're like in, I just feel like the year starts, the summer ends. We're like in the race of it. All right. It just happens so quickly. Wedding season, I think is officially done. I think I attended my last wedding

[00:02:35] Trey Gerrald: Mmm.

[00:02:36] Chelsey Donn: of the season. Which is, you know, both sad and a little bit of a relief.

[00:02:42] Trey Gerrald: yes,

[00:02:43] Chelsey Donn: right. Gotta say it both could exist at the same time. I love my friends, but I've been pretty good. Although, you know, Trey and I, we took a couple weeks off cuz I was traveling with the weddings and such. And so I gotta say it. I do miss you when we Donn, don't get to record as frequently as usual.

[00:03:00] Trey Gerrald: I know it is interesting. Like when we began this journey, I didn't really think about much of the like weekly impact. When you go into business with someone, it really is a true relationship. So when we aren't in constant contact, it does feel like, oh, what's happening in the world.

[00:03:17] Chelsey Donn: I know it's a strange feeling, so I'm glad that we're.

[00:03:20] Trey Gerrald: said that people come into our lives. Do you know where

[00:03:26] Chelsey Donn: for a reason. My, did I not go to TIS school? The arts it's wicked for good. In fact, I went to the Hollywood bowl one time. To see Kristen Chenoweth. And she does this whole stick where she pulls someone from the audience to come and sing for good with her.

[00:03:45] Chelsey Donn: And so allegedly, she randomly pulls this girl from the audience who just happened to be a vocal teacher for her children. And she was great and I was there and then it went viral

[00:03:58] Trey Gerrald: I was gonna say, I've seen that. Oh, you

[00:04:00] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, I was there. I was like, actually there.

[00:04:04] Trey Gerrald: I thought she looked familiar. Wow. Chelsey, you really did a good job singing with her.

[00:04:09] Chelsey Donn: Oh, thank you. Oh my goodness. You recognized me. Oh yes. I can't!' imagine, but it wasn't me. It was this other chick who congratulations to

[00:04:21] Trey Gerrald: Congratulations to her.

[00:04:23] Chelsey Donn: but because it's been so long, try since we've spoken and I Donn Donn. Don't know if I'm like cutting you off because I didn't really get to hear your catch up, but I've really been like aching to complain about stuff.

[00:04:33] Trey Gerrald: All right. Well, why Donn? Yeah, let's do it. Why Donn? Don't you start Chelsey. Do you wanna go ahead and

[00:04:37] VOICEOVER: Lodge Complaint.

[00:04:39] Chelsey Donn: I do I have a Complaint to Lodge? Yes, I do. So I wanna talk about shady auto subscriptions. And what I mean is I've gone on your website to purchase an item for the first time. Never bought it before, and somehow I become. Auto subscribed to like a monthly ordering of this item. I Donn I'm like deciding whether or not I wanna put this company on blast or not.

[00:05:06] Chelsey Donn: They're like a vitamin company.

[00:05:08] Trey Gerrald: no idea.

[00:05:09] Chelsey Donn: Okay. So I ordered these vitamins for like focus and energy and something, right. Like, like I said, getting back into the rat race, so I need a little something extra and I want to go natural. So I got these vitamins and I definitely didn't go through. The month supply in the first month, cuz I wasn't taking it every day and then sure enough, I get an email and they're like, your subscription is on its way.

[00:05:34] Chelsey Donn: Like you've been charged for like your monthly subscription. Yeah. And I was just so annoyed cuz it's one thing if like. You sometimes like on shoey for example, they'll say like, you can save, you know, $10 on this order, if you subscribe. Right. But then like, but then you're like pressing a button for this.

[00:05:56] Chelsey Donn: There was no pressing of a button. I never signed up for anything. All I did is put it in my cart and order it. And then now it was on auto ship. That's obnoxious.

[00:06:06] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. I, I wonder if it was like a random, tiny PRT option.

[00:06:11] Chelsey Donn: I'm sure it was a tiny print thing, but if it's like a tiny print and it's an auto selected tiny print, like that's messed.

[00:06:18] Trey Gerrald: That's shady.

[00:06:19] Chelsey Donn: Obviously you are doing this because you're trying to get people to just get stuck in this rat race of continually getting this product. And then their entire house is like covered in vitamin bottles and then they don't know what to do.

[00:06:34] Chelsey Donn: And they're like credit cards are maxed out. I mean, it's just no good.

[00:06:38] Trey Gerrald: I, I feel like I was aware, but I, it happened to me with landscaped where they like send you like replacement blades, like every six months or three months or something. And it's like, I don't really like, I'm sure that I probably knew what I was signing up for. Cuz it was cheaper, but I Donn don't recall it.

[00:06:56] Trey Gerrald: And like I eventually had to like cancel it cause I'm like, I don't need this. I don't need blades

[00:07:01] Chelsey Donn: need this many. I know.

[00:07:04] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, well, there nothing feels good about feeling P duped or not fully disclosed. You

[00:07:10] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. And it's just like, I think the question is at the end of the day, like, is it worth your reputation? for the amount of money that you make by duping people. It's like the gym membership thing where it's like, they make it impossible to cancel the gym membership. And you're like, okay, well like good for you.

[00:07:26] Chelsey Donn: You like ed people out of all this money, but are you sleeping well at the end of the night, knowing that you screwed people over, that's what I'm curious about. And if you are, then I don't really wanna support your company.

[00:07:37] Trey Gerrald: I've also noticed, cuz there's a couple of apps that like, I really enjoy. They're like subscription based apps. And so it's like, if you want to experience this for a month at this rate, click here and then, but what you're actually doing is signing up for one month at that rate. And then it's like a year subscription at