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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 77: "Thanksgiving"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 77: "Thanksgiving"


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THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:31] Chelsey Donn: Hello.

[00:00:33] Trey Gerrald: Hello and welcome to Review That Review. The podcast dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:40] Chelsey Donn: reviews. We're just like Cisco neighbor only. Instead of reviewing cinematic masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious, scathing, and sometimes suspicious online reviews,

[00:00:53] Trey Gerrald: that is Chelsey Donn.

[00:00:54] Chelsey Donn: and that is Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:57] Trey Gerrald: And together

[00:00:58] VOICEOVER: A', Review, Queen.

[00:01:03] Trey Gerrald: And A' very special. Cheerio. To all of our members over on Patreon. If you haven't checked it out, go scoot your booty over to our homepage, Review That Review dot com and click on the word Patreon. If you wanna support our show in A' very different way, then visit Review That Review dot com slash donate ChelseyBD.

[00:01:26] Chelsey Donn: Oh, the return of

[00:01:28] Trey Gerrald: another Thanksgiving.

[00:01:30] Chelsey Donn: Hard to believe it's been A' full year since the debut of the Turkey on Review That Review. Surprise. We don't have any merch. That includes the Goble gobble. But that being said, happy Thanksgiving. grateful to be here today,

[00:01:45] Trey Gerrald: Are you busy cooking?

[00:01:47] Chelsey Donn: as always with the fam, so you know, here on the East Coast and, uh, just, yeah, thankful to be around family.

[00:01:56] Chelsey Donn: How bout you?

[00:01:57] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, same. You know, 'I know that Thanksgiving has questionable roots, but 'I think what it has shown up, as in my experience of life in which 'I encourage everyone to lean into, is it's just an opportunity to be with friends and family and loved ones and celebrate the things that are good in your life that you are grateful for.

[00:02:18] Trey Gerrald: So let's look at that and not the other

[00:02:20] Chelsey Donn: Yes, totally agree. 'I was thinking about this today when 'I was thinking about, you know, all of the things we have to complain about because Thanksgiving also brings about, you know, stress in the family and there's so much going on and there's cooking and there's this, and the amount of VEing that, you know, for, for A' holiday that's so grateful is, But at the same time, 'I was thinking.

[00:02:42] Chelsey Donn: 'I would be remiss not to express my gratitude on the show. So is it okay with you? Try A' instead of VEing at the top. And lodging. A'. Complaint. 'I. Offer A'. Little bit of gratitude.

[00:02:55] Trey Gerrald: Let's do it. let's go All right. Well then ChelseyBD, why don't you kick us off?

[00:03:04] Chelsey Donn: Well, first of all, 'I know that 'I can get A'. Little bit like mushy, but 'I have to say like, I'm so grateful for this podcast and my relationship with Trey and my relationship with all of the listeners and everyone that's slid into our dms to tell us, you know, all the positive things and it's. Really, this podcast is such A' highlight of my week every single week.

[00:03:27] Chelsey Donn: 'I know 'I say it all the time, but 'I wouldn't get through the past two. Well, almost 'I don't know. How long are we into this tray over A' year? 'I attribute over A' year of my life and like the betterment of my mental health to this podcast and being able to have the consistency of showing up every week and making this commitment and having fun and getting to interact with my art.

[00:03:52] Chelsey Donn: And there's just so much to be grateful for with this podcast. So 'I just thought, what better thing to express my gratitude for than to be A' little meta maybe, and say, Thank you, Review. That, Review for coming into my life and changing it. And Goldie, and also Goldie Hi. She concur. Okay. Go to. Yeah, she agrees and she kind of blocks like A', chicken, Turkey,

[00:04:24] Trey Gerrald: Yes, 'I. Love that. 'I. Highly concur. 'I wrote down, um, online banking, but 'I take this opportunity to also join you and the gratitude for all of the listeners for the little community that we've created with the show. And speaking of like artistic fulfillment, 'I, do you know we have discussed on the show we both are actors, What I've really found in the last, you know, year and change that this doing this show every week has really offered sort of A' release of A'.

[00:05:01] Trey Gerrald: Lot of need to stake an identity about being an actor because 'I do get A' lot of fulfillment from doing this. And 'I am able to entertain A' different job that has nothing to do. Entertaining only paying bills and it doesn't have much of A' negative impact in my life because 'I do feel very balanced and happy, which is totally not what 'I anticipated coming into this.

[00:05:24] Trey Gerrald: 'I wasn't sure 'I just know 'I wanted to do something like this, but it's something 'I really yearned for A' lot in my twenties. So 'I was hearing that as you were sharing that 'I would also love to say that 'I am very grateful for online banking because, Can you just go back to the days when we had those little, like those.

[00:05:42] Trey Gerrald: Tube

[00:05:43] Chelsey Donn: my God.

[00:05:45] Trey Gerrald: you had to wait in line. It was so annoying. And now it's like 'I, literally pay all of my bills through the app. It really is amazing. So I'm very grateful for online banking. And you That's listening right now.

[00:05:55] Chelsey Donn: And you. And you. And you.

[00:05:57] Trey Gerrald: Well, that was good.

[00:05:58] Chelsey Donn: was good. 'I feel like every single time 'I mean you express gratitude towards me last week with pimping up our merch and like, you know, being grateful for my designs. But 'I feel like I've like 'I always, like I'm gonna induct Trey as My Royal Highness. And you're like, I'm gonna induct sponges.

[00:06:15] Chelsey Donn: You know,

[00:06:16] Trey Gerrald: 'I 'I mean I've literally had dejavu twice already. Cuz 'I think you inducted me last Thanksgiving.

[00:06:22] Chelsey Donn: I'm no 'I. Think 'I inducted you, but this isn't an induction. This is just A' moment of g.

[00:06:28] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God. You're right. Oh right, right, right, right, right. But even today, for me, thinking about the Royal Highness to come later, 'I was like, Did 'I do this last year? 'I just like everything's blurring together. Good thing 'I have that Excel spreadsheet that 'I never update. Um, anyway. No

[00:06:43] Chelsey Donn: Time truly, truly flies when you're podcasting sometimes.

[00:06:47] Trey Gerrald: wait. 'I have to share in real time. David and 'I went to A' Atlantic City last weekend, which we teased and oh my gosh, ChelseyBD, we had so much fun. 'I was 'I. Famously put on Instagram my voucher, where 'I won $1,200.

[00:07:06] Chelsey Donn: Amazing. Which, which machine were you playing? Well,

[00:07:10] Trey Gerrald: Actually 'I 'I only did slot machines. David didn't do A' single slot machine. He only did poker tables, but we did both leave the weekend up,

[00:07:18] Chelsey Donn: Oh, that's amazing.

[00:07:20] Trey Gerrald: 'I know it is pretty remarkable. 'I did not leave with $1,200, um, but 'I 'I did leave up $300. So 'I spent A' lot of money, but 'I made 'I. You know, 'I made it all back plus 300.

[00:07:35] Trey Gerrald: So I'm pretty proud of that.

[00:07:36] Chelsey Donn: That's great. Yeah. 'I mean it's always nice when you can have fun. 'I find, There are very few people that can get that like initial win on the first day and be like, I'm just done now, you know?

[00:07:49] Trey Gerrald: Well, that's the hardest part is, and 'I even read on, cuz the Bogota is an MGM property, so even on their website it's like, Get help. So 'I was like, do they have all of these? Get helps everywhere. There must be laws about addiction. So 'I was reading and even on the website it says the house will always win and the longer you play, the more you will lose.

[00:08:13] Trey Gerrald: 'I was like, Wow. They're even saying it like they're saying, like, You're not gonna

[00:08:19] Chelsey Donn: the odds of losing are so much higher than the odds of winning. So like if you get that one win and then you just walk away, then you're golden. But nobody's gonna do that. So at least you're, you know what, it's always fun to play with the house's money,

[00:08:31] Trey Gerrald: Oh yeah, for sure. And I'll tell you that we are, you need like 20,000 points to get to the next like, uh, reward status or whatever. And so we're 2000 points away,

[00:08:44] Chelsey Donn: Wow.

[00:08:45] Trey Gerrald: A' three day weekend. And um, you asked, so 'I won the most on this. Well, there was A' Wheel of Fortune game, which was really fun.

[00:08:54] Trey Gerrald: And like the higher you bet, the more like, um, pointers like on the me around, you know, the little click, click, click, click. Like they would illuminate more and more pointers. So 'I won A' lot on that. Then 'I also won A' lot on this. Um, 'I,

[00:09:06] Chelsey Donn: Buffalo.

[00:09:06] Trey Gerrald: It was like A',

[00:09:07] Chelsey Donn: No

[00:09:08] Trey Gerrald: you know, 'I won A' lot on Buffalo in Las Vegas.

[00:09:11] Trey Gerrald: But, and these buffalo machines, they, you know, if there were 900 slot machines, they. 12 buffalos and they were always taken ChelseyBD. People were waiting in line at the buffalos. No 'I went on like rich little piggies

[00:09:27] Chelsey Donn: Oh God, I've lost so much money on those fricking piggies.

[00:09:31] Trey Gerrald: like it's like A' blue, A' golden A' red, and they like increase. Do you know what I'm talking about? And then it

[00:09:35] Chelsey Donn: You put the coins in the piggy like, it like randomly puts coins, and then the coins explode and you get the bonus.

[00:09:42] Trey Gerrald: Yes. Okay, so wait, so there's two pig games. One airs like rich little piggies. It's three piggy banks. And then the other one, which 'I also want A' lot on is A' Giant gold pig.

[00:09:52] Chelsey Donn: That's the one. 'I always lose money

[00:09:54] Trey Gerrald: it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and its face gets concerned and then it explodes.

[00:09:59] Chelsey Donn: Yes. Yes.

[00:10:00] Trey Gerrald: So 'I won on both of those.

[00:10:02] Trey Gerrald: But when 'I won on the other one, the rich little piggy thing, A' crowd gathered behind me and it was, 'I don't like that attention. It makes me 'I know, but it makes me uncomfortable. 'I. It was like too many people looking at me.

[00:10:15] Chelsey Donn: 'I understand that

[00:10:16] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. Okay. So that's my,

[00:10:17] Chelsey Donn: fun. Well, 'I 'I went to the grand opening at the Bogota cuz my dad

[00:10:22] Trey Gerrald: Oh my gosh.

[00:10:24] Chelsey Donn: up. So 'I was like one of the first people to sleep in the beds at the bogo. 'I have lots of stories about that. I'll tell during Patreon.

[00:10:30] Trey Gerrald: Oh, okay. Yeah. More.

[00:10:32] Chelsey Donn: It is Thanksgiving and so 'I think we should just like dive right into the review.

[00:10:37] Chelsey Donn: 'I didn't do A' Thanksgiving theme review, but we don't need that

[00:10:41] Trey Gerrald: That's all right. We can acknowledge that it's tomorrow and we're thankful for all of you. So now why don't we go ahead and do our title. You wanna

[00:10:48] Chelsey Donn: Let's do it.

[00:10:50] VOICEOVER: A', Review, That, Review.

[00:10:57] Chelsey Donn: As you know, we are your trustee. Review Queens. We bring in reviews from the internet that we feel need to be inspected.

[00:11:06] Trey Gerrald: We read you the review, break it down and rate the impact of the review on A' scale from zero to five Crowns. It's A', very regal process that

[00:11:15] VOICEOVER: Assess, That, Kvetch.

[00:11:18] Trey Gerrald: So ChelseyBD, what have you got for us? A'?

[00:11:21] Chelsey Donn: All right. Today 'I have A' Yelp review. It is A' three star Yelp review of Mento, Sushi and Bar. This is the Reno location. This is A' three star review written by Michael T.

[00:11:36] Trey Gerrald: Okay,

[00:11:37] Chelsey Donn: Here we go. Mento, review hurts more than you. in the beginning. 'I lusted after you. But as we got to know each other over hot tea on several occasions that turned to love.

[00:11:54] Chelsey Donn: Yes. 'I used to be head over heels in love with you, and I'm not throwing the word around lightly either. This was real love, the kind that would have me defending Your Honor at all cost falling on A' sword for you and leaving me feeling guilty if 'I ever shared sushi with anyone else. After the big move though, something changed.

[00:12:19] Trey Gerrald: Mm.

[00:12:20] Chelsey Donn: 'I don't know what, but something happened and you were never quite the same. 'I kept thinking things would return to normal after you settled in and scanning your social media profiles, gave me hope and sending me running. But after each visit that hope faded and 'I soon realized our relationship would never be what it once was.

[00:12:44] Chelsey Donn: Your sushi is well formed with rice that's well seasoned and packed, just tight enough to hold together before falling apart in the mouth. But 'I have A' hard time truly discerning the differences between your roles. There are A' few gems, though, like the Gangam style and rainbow blossom, but the flavor combinations in many of the long rolls all seem to fade into one.

[00:13:14] Chelsey Donn: When it comes to negi and hand rolls though, you still stand proud offering A' solid fish to rice ratio and high quality ingredients. Service though has been A' bit impersonal. These past few visits. The sushi chef doesn't try and get to know you. They don't offer anything to make your experience better, and the wait staff checks in just barely enough to. Mando, you've still got A' lot going for you. The Spicy Sesame Ramen is amazing. The appetizer selections on the ramen menu are delicious. The value there, especially getting big sushi roll discount when enjoying Ramen, is impeccable to my experiences with this half of you. Make me smile and give. On sushi alone, though you're just A', okay?

[00:14:14] Chelsey Donn: These days, and that's not how 'I wanna remember you. I'll remain hopeful that you'll return to your former glory someday soon, and I'll check in to see how you're doing from time to time.

[00:14:28] VOICEOVER: Mm-hmm.

[00:14:30] Trey Gerrald: What?

[00:14:32] Chelsey Donn: Yep. Mm-hmm.

[00:14:33] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Wait. Do you know Mando?

[00:14:36] Chelsey Donn: 'I found this review when 'I was looking at restaurants in Reno. 'I was there for A' Friend's wedding, but I've never been to this restaurant.

[00:14:44] Trey Gerrald: So this kept you from going?

[00:14:46] Chelsey Donn: We didn't honestly have time. 'I don't know what 'I was thinking. 'I was like, Oh, we're gonna have time to explore, and that was like not A' thing.

[00:14:54] Chelsey Donn: 'I wouldn't have not gone based on this three star review. 'I think that obviously there's an emotional experience happening.

[00:15:01] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. 'I. 'I. I'm actually left with many questions here.

[00:15:04] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:15:05] Trey Gerrald: Well, first of all, 'I wanna praise you on being able to say, Because 'I already, 'I already got tongue tied. 'I being able to say sushi chef without even

[00:15:14] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Know that

[00:15:16] Trey Gerrald: didn't even have to prep. 'I was like you. There was no gear up. You literally did it clean.

[00:15:21] Chelsey Donn: Thank you.

[00:15:22] Trey Gerrald: Okay, wait, so Michael t references things being A' little different since the big move. I'm not clear what that means. Did the location move? Did Michael move?

[00:15:30] Chelsey Donn: Yes. So the location moved. Yeah. And 'I guess something was lost in that big move.

[00:15:37] Trey Gerrald: So I'm curious cuz then later Michael references the, the disappointment and the last few visits

[00:15:44] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:15:45] Trey Gerrald: So I'm curious, Okay, what does that mean? Is that like you've been there twice or you're saying like the last 10 times you've been there,

[00:15:53] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, it's hard to say 'I mean Michael goes A' lot. So 'I think that like, you know, the last few visits, maybe the last three times that they went, the past few visits, they're saying A' Few is generally three.

[00:16:06] Trey Gerrald: Right. It's definitely more than two, right? So like, all right, so 'I am getting A' clear impact, which seems like A' narrative that would be truthful, that perhaps this restaurant has expanded or moved locations, which could possibly imply. Different hirings, different setup, like maybe things are being tweaked A' little bit.

[00:16:27] Trey Gerrald: So for some reason 'I am believing A' truthfulness here, that Michael T is stuck in the emotion because it once was something so amazing and it's not been the same. Where I'm feeling A' little tripped up is Michael's expectation that the sushi chefs. Speak to them, make recommendations, Be hosting the party like 'I, don't 'I like anytime.

[00:16:50] Trey Gerrald: I'm not A' big sushi person, but sushi chefs are the most busy cooking people

[00:16:56] Chelsey Donn: doing their

[00:16:57] Trey Gerrald: Yes. And because it's like people order tons of rolls and you have to make them individually. It's.

[00:17:05] Chelsey Donn: Right.

[00:17:06] Trey Gerrald: It just seems like such A', nonstop job that 'I don't know, like why they 'I mean 'I. Guess there are restaurants where you sit at the sushi bar and they're engaging, but 'I don't know.

[00:17:15] Trey Gerrald: That really stood out to me as being A'. Little bit like, Okay, come on. What are you thinking there?

[00:17:20] Chelsey Donn: 'I don't know why. This review is reminding me of the like manic panic review

[00:17:26] Trey Gerrald: Oh yeah,

[00:17:27] Chelsey Donn: husband. But 'I do feel like it's sort of like you fall in love with this thing. Obviously A' manic panic, The husband fell in love with this woman enough to marry her, right, And then all of A' sudden. She dyed her hair like this striking platinum blonde color and you don't even recognize your wife anymore and you're completely distraught and 'I think that's what's happening with Michael is that Michael was A' regular at the old location, went all the time.

[00:17:54] Chelsey Donn: The people that worked there treated him A' certain kind of way, right? Because it was like his cheer. And then they move locations and all of A' sudden there's new people from like new neighboring areas and it's not. Cheers anymore for Michael. You know, and 'I think it's really hard for Michael to accept that things are changing and that, you know, the restaurant could still be good even if the sushi chef 'I.

[00:18:25] Chelsey Donn: See now the, the sushi chef isn't giving you the, quite the attention. The waiters are checking. In the bare minimum, they did A' three star because they didn't at any point, really damage the reputation of the food, though they did

[00:18:41] Trey Gerrald: Well, they, they 'I do feel like there's A', lot of ying and yang going on. And the point you were just making, we talk about A' lot like is the consistency of A' brand. So 'I recognize that does feel like 'I don't think that someone who has this much passion would be lying about things being different like 'I think that's, that comes across very true.

[00:19:00] Trey Gerrald: But they 'I have A' question here because they. They say that they're having A' difficulty distinguishing between the sushi roles, which I'm wondering, does that mean that that wasn't so before 'I would

[00:19:12] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Or is it just that like you've had, you've had it so much that like your palette can't even differentiate cuz you OD'ed. That's how 'I feel. Honestly. Like there's A' restaurant here. 'I won't call them out by name cuz 'I don't wanna like you. 'I. Don't want to disparage them, but there was A' restaurant here 'I used to go to all the time that 'I was like obsessed with 'I.

[00:19:34] Chelsey Donn: Probably ate there at least once. A' week and after A' while. Everything started tasting the same to me. Like there was like an oil or something that they must have used in all the, all like everything. And then all 'I could taste when 'I was eating the items was this oil. And 'I couldn't eat there anymore.

[00:19:53] Chelsey Donn: Like 'I was like done. It was. The taste of that oil became like toxic to me, and 'I just was like repulsed by it. But prior to that, 'I ate there all the time and didn't have this experience. So 'I do think it's possible for our minds to kind of like play tricks on us when we're, we're starting to get sick of something, or we've had it too much 'I.

[00:20:16] Chelsey Donn: Mean 'I haven't tried to go back to this restaurant to see if 'I still feel that way.

[00:20:20] Trey Gerrald: It's not Chick-fil-A

[00:20:21] Chelsey Donn: A' long time now.

[00:20:23] Trey Gerrald: Cuz they use peanut oil. That's why 'I thought

[00:20:26] Chelsey Donn: Oh, so that was what Michael T's point on that reminded me of 'I. 'I don't know that everybody else that eats there is gonna feel the same way, because at the end of the day, 'I don't really eat sushi as you know, But every sushi has like different fish, different, you know, toppings, different combination of things.

[00:20:44] Chelsey Donn: So 'I can't imagine that it would all taste exactly the same.

[00:20:48] Trey Gerrald: Well that, Okay, so in this taste palette conversation, 'I was really struck by this comment that the rice is well seasoned. 'I thought that rice and sushi was just white rice.

[00:21:01] Chelsey Donn: Um,

[00:21:03] Trey Gerrald: mean neither of us are fish people. So obviously neither of us really eat sushi unless I'm assuming it's A' California role. But 'I didn't know that you would season the rice in A' sushi role. Are we just like completely the wrong A'? Is are are you listeners being like, What are they talking about?

[00:21:18] Chelsey Donn: 'I mean they start with A' sticky rice, but then like spicy tuna roll, it's like they have that mayo and so

[00:21:26] Trey Gerrald: but that's just like A' squirt of A', spicy mayo. It's not like you're like seasoning

[00:21:31] Chelsey Donn: can be like A'. Nice. Oh, you're right. 'I 'I. Don't know if we know about that enough to comment. So we'll move

[00:21:39] Trey Gerrald: 'I also. Okay. Then they also brought up the Gangam style role. What do you think that tastes like

[00:21:47] Chelsey Donn: Oh, 'I don't know. 'I mean

[00:21:49] Trey Gerrald: 'I, think of that video and it's so wacky and funny

[00:21:52] Chelsey Donn: exactly. 'I, maybe like Spicy A'.

[00:21:54] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, 'I feel like it's gonna have like wacky ingredients. It's gonna be like fun. 'I. Feel like there's something crispy in there. 'I feel like it would have like tempura or something. Tempura, Tamora,

[00:22:06] Chelsey Donn: Gang style.

[00:22:07] Trey Gerrald: uhoh. We're really, um, revealing our cards here.

[00:22:10] Chelsey Donn: 'I know. Well 'I know that you're not typically like the restaurateur, restaurateurs, but 'I think we, we have to comment about what do we think of the style of this review? Going about it as like the love letter, Was it too much? Was it too jokey? Was it A'? 'I mean? Michael t 'I, forgot to mention, is an elite reviewer.

[00:22:32] Chelsey Donn: As we know A', lot of these elite reviewers have quite A' style to them. What did, what did you think about.

[00:22:39] Trey Gerrald: the whole beginning thing about lusted towards love. Then head of her heat, like it did feel A' little like, Can you get to the meat please?

[00:22:47] Chelsey Donn: right.

[00:22:48] Trey Gerrald: 'I, appreciate it. 'I. Think I'm ultimately feeling like Michael by the end of this review, cuz 'I do feel A' little. Befuddled because obviously there's so much affinity for this restaurant, but ultimately it's been disappointing lately.

[00:23:02] Trey Gerrald: So 'I 'I don't know, like, I'm trying to think of the rating system here. 'I guess three stars is applicable, but 'I don't know if it would keep me from going, if 'I was in re like 'I, 'I, it makes me feel uns. So 'I. 'I, do think that the structure that Michael took has led me down this path to be in agreement with them.

[00:23:23] Trey Gerrald: Why? What do you think of the style?

[00:23:24] Chelsey Donn: Well 'I think it's just an extreme version of what we always talk about in A' somewhat negative review, which is that compliment sandwich again, compliment sushi role where it is like A', 'I mean it's A' three star, not A' one star, but it is really A' mix of like 'I love this place and there's so much good here.

[00:23:40] Chelsey Donn: And now I'm let down. My only feeling is 'I don't know if Michael is being let down because they went so hard with this restaurant for so long. You know that if their, their opinion is tainted. And also it kind of makes me wonder, A' little bit why if Michael t was having such A', phenomenal. Experience at Mando.

[00:24:04] Chelsey Donn: Why didn't they write A' five star review before? Like this almost feels like this could be like an addendum to A' five star review if you loved it that much and you're A' Yelp reviewer.

[00:24:15] Trey Gerrald: especially an elite.

[00:24:16] Chelsey Donn: That's what I'm saying, like obviously you're the type of person that reviews all the time. Why did you wait until this was A' three star to review?

[00:24:25] Trey Gerrald: Now, wait, ChelseyBD, this is, you're bringing up A', really great, interesting point because how much of the three Starness is based on Michael's relationship? To what it is and was because 'I don't eat fish. But 'I can really relate to the feeling because in the south there's A', A' fast food chain called Zaxby's and it's fried chicken.

[00:24:49] Trey Gerrald: 'I had to like fall in love with it once. Chick-fil-A hated me for. Existing. So, but 'I yearn and crave Zacksby's. And so whenever I'm in the south, 'I have to go. And what I've noticed in the last few years is it never lives up to the memory and the pedestal that it, it lives on inside of my being that it has become unmatchable.

[00:25:15] Trey Gerrald: So if we were to take. , all of Michael T's previous experiences away, and 'I just went in, would 'I lower my grade because the chef didn't speak to me because the, the waiters only came by just enough that the rice was really seasoned, but. 'I didn't order A' whole bunch of things, so 'I couldn't distinguish that.

[00:25:37] Trey Gerrald: They didn't taste very different like 'I. It is interesting when you break it down that way. Michael comes at this really as A' connoisseur of what this restaurant once was, but 'I, 'I, conversely, 'I really feel this whole conversation that it was different in the previous location.

[00:25:56] Chelsey Donn: Yes, 'I, definitely think so. But what's interesting to me is Michael is like, it's so on the nose cuz they're coming about this as A' scorn lover, right? They're like clearly A' scorn lover. And they're not hiding behind that. And that's sort of interesting too, because sometimes we read these reviews where it's like, Come on.

[00:26:16] Chelsey Donn: But this is interesting to me because Michael's like owning up, like 'I fell for you and 'I fell hard, you know, Which is sort of funny and interesting.

[00:26:26] Trey Gerrald: is like C No, A' berg.

[00:26:29] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:26:31] Trey Gerrald: Is that about scored lovers though? That's A' love letter.

[00:26:35] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. 'I don't

[00:26:36] Trey Gerrald: What's A' famous scored lover story.

[00:26:39] Chelsey Donn: uh, Bridget

[00:26:41] Trey Gerrald: Death becomes Her

[00:26:43] Chelsey Donn: 'I don't. Um,

[00:26:48] Trey Gerrald: Okay, well, okay, so let's get into the roster here. Truthful 'I. Find Michael to be truthful. Obviously 'I think their scale is A', little imbued with their previous love, but 'I, 'I buy the narrative. Right.

[00:27:02] Chelsey Donn: 'I don't know I'm A'. Little bit less like convinced on the truthful scale with Michael 'I can get into it in the crowning, but 'I 'I don't know. 'I. 'I think that Mi Michael. The truthfulness comes out in the fact that they definitely have A' passionate impression of this restaurant. And that 'I believe that 'I believe.

[00:27:21] Trey Gerrald: Spelling, grammar.

[00:27:23] Chelsey Donn: not amazing, not A' plus 'I. I'd say like an A' minus. There are A' few times where we like use singular instead of plural. Just like little, little flubs along the way. So not A' hundred percent, but 'I 'I give it A'.

[00:27:37] Trey Gerrald: Oh wait, sorry. Is it written like, Dear Yelp? Like is it formatted like A' Scorned lover letter,

[00:27:45] Chelsey Donn: It is written in like many different, It looks like it's, it looks like it could be A' scoring letter cuz it's like many different paragraphs like 'I, you know, almost like item one, item two. And like if you just looked at it, yes it does, but it doesn't say like, Dear Mento, it just says, well it does say this hurts more than you know.

[00:28:06] Chelsey Donn: So it's written, you know. As if it's to their lover.

[00:28:12] Trey Gerrald: All right. So do you think this is valuable or new information?

[00:28:17] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Do think that there's A' lot of information packed in here in

[00:28:21] Trey Gerrald: A' sushi roll,

[00:28:22] Chelsey Donn: like A' sushi role. Yeah, exactly. This is

[00:28:25] Trey Gerrald: tight enough to stick together, but when you put it in your mouth, it falls apart. This is our review right now.

[00:28:30] Chelsey Donn: You're right. Oh, Michael

[00:28:32] Trey Gerrald: Oh, Michael

[00:28:33] Chelsey Donn: even even more of A' Queen than 'I originally thought. But yeah, 'I do think that there's A' lot of information in terms of like menu items and whatever. By the way, 'I quickly looked up Gangam style and we were both, right. It's, it both has Tamora involved as

[00:28:51] Trey Gerrald: Whoa.

[00:28:51] Chelsey Donn: A' spicy component.

[00:28:53] Chelsey Donn: So,

[00:28:54] Trey Gerrald: Oh wait, you found this at their website? Or is this A' common role?

[00:28:58] Chelsey Donn: no. 'I went on their website to

[00:29:00] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God.

[00:29:01] Chelsey Donn: what's in it. And it's salmon, tuna, yellow tail, avocado temp shrimp crab, habanero sauce, TEI sauce, and tempo flakes. So we both nailed it. 'I know

[00:29:16] Trey Gerrald: like nine different fish. Ew.

[00:29:19] Chelsey Donn: 'I know. Well Gangam style 'I guess.

[00:29:21] Trey Gerrald: How would you fit that in your mouth? 'I. Just think about the wrist movement.

[00:29:25] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Mean 'I. Think it's pretty cut, pretty thin. Gangam style 'I can't do the

[00:29:31] Trey Gerrald: Yes, 'I, but 'I agree. 'I. Think there is A'. Lot of information in here. I'm not sure how valuable it is if 'I, just because there's so much what. Once was versus now. And 'I don't know that 'I would experience that going in on my first time after reading this review. So 'I. But it maybe would keep me, cuz 'I, 'I Am hearing there's an issue with consistency, at least in Michael's view.

[00:29:55] Trey Gerrald: So that might make me on the fence, but

[00:29:58] Chelsey Donn: Right.

[00:29:58] Trey Gerrald: do you think this is common or Flukey?

[00:30:01] Chelsey Donn: 'I think it could possibly be common for people that were like fans of the OG and then, you know, transferred over.

[00:30:08] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Mean 'I. Just, this is occurring to me, but like devil's advocate here supporting Michael A' Little bit. You know, anytime A' company gets bigger, like McDonald's would not be McDonald's if they couldn't hone in on that consistency, that the Big Mac's gonna taste exactly the

[00:30:27] Chelsey Donn: We do talk about this A' lot where it's like the re, the restaurant's, A', lot of restaurant's main priority is being like, when you order this item, it's gonna taste exactly the way you're tasting it in your imagination.

[00:30:39] Trey Gerrald: So that is kind of A' fail. 'I mean. All right, so then humor. Were we entertained here by this scorned love

[00:30:47] Chelsey Donn: mean 'I. Think again. We're definitely making A' grab for humor at very least. So, 'I, 'I, 'I, appreciate it. 'I. Don't know how distracting or helpful it is, but 'I do feel that we're making an effort.

[00:31:01] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, and 'I think it lands enough to where I'm getting the impact for Michael with the humor is that like they were head over heels and now

[00:31:10] Chelsey Donn: And it's not like, you know, being people that spend all day looking through reviews. It's not that often that you find someone that's really taking A' creative risk. And so 'I do think that there's value in that.

[00:31:25] Trey Gerrald: Yeah.

[00:31:26] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:31:27] Trey Gerrald: Well, 'I

[00:31:28] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. 'I think I'm ready to crown Michael t

[00:31:32] Trey Gerrald: style.

[00:31:33] Chelsey Donn: Okay. Let's do it.

[00:31:35] Trey Gerrald: All right, so ChelseyBD and 'I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards. In an effort to be fair and not influenced by one another, we will simultaneously reveal our sushi ratings.

[00:31:45] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating. So to.

[00:31:54] Chelsey Donn: Oh, interesting. Okay, so I'm sushi rolling in with three and A' half while Trey is sushi. Rolling in with two and A' half crowns. All right. Trey, you go first. Why two And A' half crowns. For Michael T I'm sort of surprised.

[00:32:07] Trey Gerrald: 'I once again. Here we are. 'I. Want to read more from Michael t cuz I'm intrigued by them as A' reviewer, but what is the impact for me on mento, sushi and bar? After reading this three star review, 'I really feel unsure. 'I 'I. Don't know if past Michael is being truthful. 'I don't know if future present Michael is being A'.

[00:32:31] Trey Gerrald: Karen 'I. Don't 'I. Don't 'I. Don't know. And if I'm going to Yelp to find out about this restaurant, then I'm not. I'm going in blind, other than what you have told me, and you've just confused me because I'm not coming in with this whole background history that Michael has with like, you know, lusting over hot tea to love.

[00:32:52] Trey Gerrald: And here we go. Not using the word lightly, all of this. Migos at the top. So 'I just said two and A' half because. 'I get that there might be A' consistency issue for me going as my very first time as A' customer 'I don't know that that's gonna register for me and that 'I think is the major Complaint.

[00:33:08] Trey Gerrald: So 'I said two and A', half 'I. 'I wouldn't kick it off my list when the next time 'I, I'm in Reno. I'm not gonna go 'I, don't eat sushi. But you know, 'I would maybe, based on what Michael shared, so two and A', half 'I appreciated it. 'I don't know what the impact is in that lasting for me. ChelseyBD, why did you say three and A'?

[00:33:26] Trey Gerrald: Half A' whole crown.

[00:33:28] Chelsey Donn: 'I know 'I went, 'I went higher than you this time. 'I mean the passion, the conviction, the commitment that that had value for me. Also, it was A' three star, not A' one star. So we're only given A' little ding to our scorn lover. 'I mean we could really have gone in hard and done something like A' one star, and that would've really.

[00:33:49] Chelsey Donn: Thrown off the average. So we're not really throwing off the rating that much with our three star review. 'I think we this very easily could have been A' four star review, but 'I do agree with you in that if I'm somebody, which 'I was, you know, just sort of exploring restaurants in the area, I'm not from there and 'I wanna decide where I'm gonna go, This isn't really pushing me one way or.

[00:34:12] Chelsey Donn: The other, it's, if anything, maybe A' little bit frustrating because 'I feel like 'I miss the good old days, um, of this restaurant. Like, 'I miss the boat, and that sort of sucks. So, 'I went with three and A', half 'I do appreciate the stylistic attempt here, and 'I enjoyed it. So that's it. But 'I couldn't go, couldn't go more than that.

[00:34:35] Trey Gerrald: 'I, hear you. Yeah. Good job, Michael T I'm very intrigued to read more.

[00:34:39] Chelsey Donn: we could definitely bring in another Michael t review. All, you know, all these elite reviewers swarming with reviews.

[00:34:46] Trey Gerrald: right. Fun ChelseyBD. That was fun.

[00:34:48] Chelsey Donn: Thank you.

[00:34:49] Trey Gerrald: you didn't get to go

[00:34:50] Chelsey Donn: 'I know. Well, not that 'I would eat the sushi anyway. 'I was just trying to be like amicable to the other people that were gonna be traveling with me. But all good. All right, so did we do it?

[00:35:02] Chelsey Donn: Did we reach the most regal portion of the show?

[00:35:04] Trey Gerrald: that's right.

[00:35:06] Chelsey Donn: On this Thanksgiving Eve Trey, who are you inducting for?

[00:35:13] VOICEOVER: My Royal line.

[00:35:14] Trey Gerrald: All right, so in honor of Thanksgiving, 'I have decided to induct Meals on Wheels. So 'I was actually very inspired ChelseyBD by your Halloween induction. 'I. 'I first was gonna induct Libby's canned pumpkin and 'I thought No. 'I wanna induct an organization that is making real change and difference in the world that we can donate to as the review Queens and.

[00:35:40] Trey Gerrald: Hopefully inspire our listeners to join us as well. So Meals on Wheels, if you have Not Heard, is A' program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. There it's, there's like A' cultural colloquialism that has attached itself to the phrase Meals on Wheels.

[00:36:03] Trey Gerrald: It's A' name that's often given to these home delivered meal programs. They're not all actually the company Meals on Wheels, but what's amazing specifically about the actual Meals on Wheels is that you can either donate financially, you can volunteer. So actually on Thanksgiving Day, you can. Pack up your car, pack up your bike, and go door to door and help deliver.

[00:36:31] Trey Gerrald: And their main demographic is elderly people and Meals on Wheels has become so ginormous. The organization that there is A' Sector in the United Kingdom in Australia, Canada, Ireland. And obviously here in the United States. So if you want to contribute and help some of these seniors, some of these people with disabilities, some, anyone that just isn't able to provide food on, you know, this holiday where we gorge, then why don't you consider donating to Meals on Wheels?

[00:37:01] Trey Gerrald: 'I have made A' donation and the name of our show, you can go to Meals on Wheels America. Dot org. If you're in A' different country, you can Google Meals on Wheels cuz they exist everywhere. It's A' really worthy cause. This gives you the opportunity to help provide A' meal for people who are in need and what 'I mean?

[00:37:20] Trey Gerrald: Hello? What is more beautiful? And like lovely than being able, it's even in the musical Fend on the roof, it's A' blessing to give says the poor Tevye who works day and night and his three daughters wanna marry people that are not in his religion yet. He has to. Fight to figure out what it is that is meaningful to him in his life.

[00:37:43] Trey Gerrald: And they come for the Sabbath. They don't have A' lot of money though Mule is tired, he has to carry the wagon. And yet he says it is A' blessing to give, which we should all live that way. And this is your opportunity in honor of Thanksgiving. Go to Meals on Wheels Match our donation please, and let's.

[00:38:04] Trey Gerrald: Everyone celebrate the holiday tomorrow. So that is my induction today for My Royal, Highness

[00:38:12] Chelsey Donn: What A' Great induction Trey and what A' way to bring musical theater into the induction at the end.

[00:38:18] Trey Gerrald: 'I did not plan it. 'I don't know how 'I got there and 'I, as 'I was talking. 'I realized 'I was really going very verbose into Tevye. But you know what?

[00:38:28] Chelsey Donn: Yada. Okay, great.

[00:38:32] Trey Gerrald: that's right. Go

[00:38:33] Chelsey Donn: Well that was

[00:38:35] Trey Gerrald: that random verse

[00:38:37] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:38:38] Trey Gerrald: All right, well we did A'. Queen. That is another round on the A'. You A' pumpkin pie. Ferris Wheel of Sushi, Gingham style A' Yda A'. Fierce Wheel of Love, laughter, happiness.

[00:38:51] Chelsey Donn: Yes. Thank you for joining us today. We hope you have A'. Very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And if you like what you heard, maybe around the Thanksgiving table, share our show with Friend

[00:39:02] Trey Gerrald: And if you didn't like what you heard, then maybe around the Thanksgiving table share with that person that you hate. Total deja vu again. 'I Feel like we did this last year where 'I said, Recommend us to that uncle that only talks about politics. Anyway. If you only have wonderful happiness and love in your family and your life and you don't have any enemies or people you don't like, then why don't you just do something else for us, Cuz we would love that.

[00:39:26] Trey Gerrald: Leave us A' review wherever it is that you were listening to us right now. We have made it very easy for you with A'. Super cute hyperlink love the review. Queens. It's A' one click. And we've put it in our show notes below. Easy peasy, Beautiful.

[00:39:43] Chelsey Donn: So easy peasy. Beautiful. Love it. To support the production of our show, please visit Review That Review dot com slash donate. Even A' dollar tip is much appreciated.

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[00:40:12] Trey Gerrald: And 'I am at Trey Gerrald. Also, if you want to use our cove line to share with something you're grateful for, we'll take those and we'll, We'll, you know, we can delve into the keel line. Why not?

[00:40:24] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:40:25] Trey Gerrald: we can give you the opportunity to Lodge Keel

[00:40:27] Chelsey Donn: You can fetch, you can fell, You can, you can do anything you

[00:40:31] Trey Gerrald: You can cast A'. Spell, You can yell. Okay.

[00:40:36] Chelsey Donn: You can be like my nephew and leave like four voicemails that are kind of not that coherent in A' Row

[00:40:44] Trey Gerrald: don't do that. You can do that. We'll, we'll accept it listeners,

[00:40:50] Chelsey Donn: Well accept it from 'I

[00:40:51] Trey Gerrald: Sure. So

[00:40:53] Chelsey Donn: seven and below.

[00:40:54] Trey Gerrald: Get parental consent

[00:40:56] Chelsey Donn: Yes,

[00:40:58] Trey Gerrald: On today's after show companion podcast, ChelseyBD and 'I will be rating A' five star Amazon review for the O X O good grips angled Turkey baster with cleaning brush 'I

[00:41:17] Chelsey Donn: Oh my goodness. 'I do generally love their products.

[00:41:22] Trey Gerrald: Me too. Yes, me too. So to find out what made ChelseyBD say,

[00:41:26] Chelsey Donn: There's clearly A'. Lot of subtext in that many dots. 'I mean. What are you implying Beverly? And to find out what made Trey say

[00:41:35] Trey Gerrald: 'I just fucking got A' LinkedIn email just 'I. won't leave me alone.

[00:41:41] Chelsey Donn: then become A'. Member of our Patreon at Patreon dot com slash Review. That Review to hear our weekly after show companion podcast.

[00:41:51] Trey Gerrald: And remember all you turkeys.

[00:41:54] Chelsey Donn: Ignore the haters. You're A' Queen.

[00:41:57] Trey Gerrald: Gender non-specific Queen. Goodbye.

[00:42:02] Chelsey Donn: Goodbye.

Review That Review is an independent podcast. Certain names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty. Executive produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound designed by me with voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky. Our cover art was designed by LogoVora and our theme song was written by Joe Kinosian and sung by Natalie Weiss.

[00:42:22] Chelsey Donn: Oh my God. 'I was gonna say, When are we doing the rest of the jelly beans? Did you eat that? All those.

[00:42:28] Trey Gerrald: 'I have been eating the Duncan Jelly Bands. But these flavors, it's the two we didn't like 'I. 'I literally cannot eat them. 'I ate all of the

[00:42:37] Chelsey Donn: The Hazel, Which ones we don't like? We don't like hazelnut.

[00:42:40] Trey Gerrald: the toasted coconut. Oh God, it was bad. And the hazelnut, Yeah. Yeah.

[00:42:47] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:42:48] Trey Gerrald: But the caramel latte was so good, but 'I accidentally dropped him on the floor and Hunter went over and he.

[00:42:56] Trey Gerrald: And he's been okay. But it reminded me of the, um, the review. Remember, the review was about the dog eating it

[00:43:02] Chelsey Donn: Oh, that's right.

[00:43:04] Trey Gerrald: show.

[00:43:05] Chelsey Donn: Wow. So 'I guess the dogs are really big fans.

[00:43:08] Trey Gerrald: Munch, Munch, Crunch, Crunch.

[00:43:10] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Good. Cool.

[00:43:13] Trey Gerrald: A', gobble everyone. Bye.

[00:43:14] Chelsey Donn: Bye.

[00:43:18] VOICEOVER: A', 'I, . Oh, oh.

[00:43:26] VOICEOVER: As if to.



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