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with chelsey donn & trey gerrald

Some reviewers are honest and some aren't. Some of these consealed complainers are acting out their angst on innocent parties and some are good samaritans doing their part to inform the people. We want to separate the trash from the facts. Are you really carin' or are you just a karen? We'll do our best to judge you fairly when that review!

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Trey and Chelsey

Chelsey is an actor.writer.comedian who should've been a judge. Trey is an actor.writer.comedian who's working on his middle split. They started this podcast because they were sick of bullsh!t reviewers dragging down the ratings of possibly guiltless (the verdict is still out) businesses. Together they'll review that review and deliver the TRUTH. Let's sniff out the attention seekers and trolls and bring some integrity back to online reviews. It's time for the hardworking respectable reviewers out there to get their chance to shine!


"When Chelsey was a kid she told me she wanted to be a judge. This podcast is the consolation prize I never wanted. Chelsey, you shoulda been a judge! It's like acting but it pays real money and is a respectable job!"

Chelsey's Mom

Swindled  | USA


“I prayed to have children I could brag about in my old age. What in the heck is a padcost anyway?”

Trey's Mom

Ripped Off | USA


"I was told she was serving me venison. Allegedly they were sold out and I was downgraded to the lamb. This is some bullsh!t."

Chelsey's Dog

Disgusted  | USA


“Why is my dad so heckin’ loud? I’m trying to sleep! If I had thumbs I’d point them down.”

Trey's Dog

Frustrated | USA

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