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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 87: "Drain Snake"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 87: "Drain Snake"


*Please pardon any and all spelling errors!

[00:00:00] THEME SONG: Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] Chelsey Donn: Hello.

[00:00:32] Trey Gerrald: Well, hello listeners. Hello Chelsey. Happy February everyone. Welcome to Review That Review. We are the podcast that is dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:44] Chelsey Donn: Reviews we're just like Siskel and Ebert only. Instead of reviewing cinematic masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious, scathing, and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:00:57] Trey Gerrald: is Chelsey Donn.

[00:00:58] Chelsey Donn: And that is Trey Gerrald,

[00:01:01] Trey Gerrald: but together we are.

[00:01:03] VOICEOVER: Review Queen.

[00:01:07] Trey Gerrald: And A'. Very special cheerio to all of our members over on Patreon. If you wanna learn more, go to Review That Review dot com slash Patreon. If you enjoy the show and you wanna support in another way, go to Review That Review dot com slash donate.

[00:01:24] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Do it. Do it.

[00:01:26] Trey Gerrald: ChelseyBD, happy February. How are ya?

[00:01:31] Chelsey Donn: Happy February. I'm good. I've been doing A', little bit of organizing in the home. It's very stressful. It's good, but it's like, you know, 'I was going through A' Closet and this was like the hall closet, so this wasn't even like, we haven't done the clothes yet, you know, and 'I was already feeling like, oh, like 'I don't wanna let go of some of this stuff that clearly 'I haven't used.

A' decade.

[00:01:57] Trey Gerrald: How long have you lived in this house?

[00:01:59] Chelsey Donn: It's going. It's crazy, but it is going on 12 years.

[00:02:04] Trey Gerrald: Wow. Oh, so there really is tough, like you have not seen

[00:02:07] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. So 'I have like this whole closet that's just like 'I. Think 'I filled it with stuff when 'I like moved in that 'I thought 'I wanted, you know, like exercise equipment and such, and. It's just managed to stay there. And eventually you have to be like, if I'm not using it, and it's perfectly fine, you know, someone else can benefit from this and let it go.

To bring in, you know, new energy and new things and try to be A' little bit more mindful about acquiring things in the future because oof, you know, it's sort of A' reality. Check 'I, think

[00:02:41] Trey Gerrald: How big is this hall closet

[00:02:43] Chelsey Donn: very like small. So 'I had things.

[00:02:46] Trey Gerrald: falling

[00:02:47] Chelsey Donn: the front of it. Well, 'I just like had built towers of things like blocking it.

Cause 'I was like, 'I can't even deal with what's in there. So yeah, I'm carving out some more space and figuring out the best way to organize and it's A' humbling and somewhat emotional experience, but ultimately 'I feel like it's gonna be to my betterment.

[00:03:05] Trey Gerrald: It's interesting you're doing that cuz 'I literally last night just bought A' bunch of makeup organizers cuz 'I, like 'I just always keep my drag makeup and little like. Caboodles basically. But 'I realized the other day, 'I think 'I did that when 'I lived on the upper West side so that 'I could throw everything in something and like put it away.

But now 'I have this little dedicated space and the makeup isn't leaving. So then I'm like constantly digging through this little like bucket

[00:03:33] Chelsey Donn: Right.

[00:03:34] Trey Gerrald: 'I have this room, and 'I have this desk, but 'I don't have containers. So 'I bought A' bunch of stuff literally last.

[00:03:40] Chelsey Donn: Outta sight outta mine. Like when it's in the bottom of the caboodle, you're probably not gonna find it. But when you like have it out and you've like divided by like lipsticks and glosses and eyeshadows, like, then you really can have more of an inventory.

[00:03:54] Trey Gerrald: Well, you know what it really is, is like, this is very relatable, but 'I was searching for this specific liquid eyeliner and you know, liquid eyeliner. If it's not an A' bulbous container, it's in A' pen sa shape, which is the same as A' lip liner, which is the same as lip

[00:04:14] Chelsey Donn: An eyeliner,

[00:04:14] Trey Gerrald: same as eyeliner, which is the same as false eyelash glue.

Like everything is the same exact shape, and they like 'I, haven't found this eyeliner in weeks. And then 'I found it the other day, and 'I was like, oh, it had fallen into the very bottom. Same as your.

[00:04:30] Chelsey Donn: Exactly. That's what

[00:04:31] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. Just hidden. So yeah, maybe it's the new year. Maybe we're like in this energy of, of renewal.

[00:04:38] Chelsey Donn: 'I think it is. And 'I 'I think, you know, 'I was like reading somewhere that if you wanna bring in, you know, new good energy into your life, you have to let go of some of the stagnant energy. So I'm, I'm sort of hoping in A' James d.

[00:04:52] Trey Gerrald: mm-hmm.

[00:04:53] Chelsey Donn: kind way that I'm, I'm setting this new intention and, uh, keeping it localized and in the present moment and hopefully it will reap benefits in the long run throughout the year.

So that's what's cooking over here in la. What's happening for you? In my old home state of New Jersey,

[00:05:12] Trey Gerrald: You know 'I, really 'I. Feel like we talk about this A' lot 'I. Think both of you. Well 'I think you're more up on things, but I'm always late to the game. And 'I literally just. Binged all of season two of the vow.

[00:05:26] Chelsey Donn: Oh, don't watch. Sorry.

[00:05:28] Trey Gerrald: Oh, you don't watch, did you wa you didn't watch the first

[00:05:30] Chelsey Donn: No.

[00:05:31] Trey Gerrald: Uh, do you know anything about Nex?


[00:05:33] Chelsey Donn: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Sorry. 'I, think this is about the Nex 'I thing. 'I did watch season one. It's like A'. It's like A' Doc,

[00:05:43] Trey Gerrald: A' Doc.

[00:05:44] Chelsey Donn: or is it A' docu-series.

[00:05:46] Trey Gerrald: oh yeah. Yeah. It's A' docu series.

[00:05:47] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, but 'I mean it's, it's A' non-scripted, right?

[00:05:51] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, it's all based on truth

[00:05:53] Chelsey Donn: Oh, 'I. Don't think 'I, 'I. Listen 'I guess I'm later to the game cuz 'I don't think 'I knew that there was more to come.

[00:05:59] Trey Gerrald: Yes. Okay, so Season 'I, don't even know when it came out. It came out at the end of last year, 'I, but it might have even been like October, November. Like I'm very behind. And 'I was always sort of purposely behind cuz 'I, 'I, remember the end of season one, like had voiceover from the actual like leader who was in prison.

And 'I was like, if they're gonna like give him A' platform, 'I am thoroughly uninterested. Like it felt like that's. Where they were going.

[00:06:25] Chelsey Donn: Right, right.

[00:06:26] Trey Gerrald: season two, if anyone has not watched it, 'I highly recommend it. It's the same as cheer where it's like 'I don't know that 'I need A' second season. And then like the storytelling really breaks off.

It's like so emotional. 'I was like very upset. Obviously it's A' very harmful, very like TreyGerrald warning, warning concepts, especially in the last two to three episodes. But it's very fascinating. It's just fascinating like how. Vulnerable we are as humans and how we all

[00:06:56] Chelsey Donn: And we all think that we're like above it or that it would never happen to us. And 'I feel like the more your mind is of that ilk, the more likely you are to fall prey to something because you're like, that's never gonna happen to me. Which, you know, anyway, I'm

[00:07:13] Trey Gerrald: it. , it does sort of, um, investigate what are the, um, building blocks that lead to such deep manipulation, and that's what's really terrifying.

[00:07:23] Chelsey Donn: for sure.

[00:07:24] Trey Gerrald: Ugh. And they do an amazing job

[00:07:27] Chelsey Donn: Is it still, like, was it the mom that like whistle blew the thing? Like or is that A' different documentary 'I feel like I've seen multiple Nexium things.

[00:07:37] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. They introduce A' character halfway through the first season of A' daughter who is. Very much A' part of it.

[00:07:44] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:07:44] Trey Gerrald: She isn't even really mentioned in the second season, which is interesting. 'I know in real life the daughter is out, but also the, the second season follows the trial basically. Yeah. It's really interesting.

'I highly recommend it if anyone. Yeah, so that's really, I've, it really consumed A' lot of my life. 'I just was like, 'I can't, 'I can't handle 'I, can't handle, not continuing. 'I have to.

[00:08:06] Chelsey Donn: Got it now?

[00:08:07] Trey Gerrald: There is something very satisfying, obviously over here for me with true crime. It's just human life is so wild and it's so wild.

All the varying ways life can go for people and, and then like the tenacity of the human spirit bouncing back from thing, like, it just really is powerful. Yeah. So that's um, what's A' going on over here?

[00:08:29] Chelsey Donn: Wow. So you've been getting sucked into that docu-series cult over there.

[00:08:34] Trey Gerrald: Oh my gosh.

[00:08:36] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Speaking of things that are almost as annoying as Colts, but not quite, have you been storing up any complaints for the winter?

[00:08:44] Trey Gerrald: 'I was like, where are we going with this? Um, yes, of course 'I do. 'I am very ready too.

[00:08:50] VOICEOVER: Lodge, A', Complaint.

[00:08:52] Trey Gerrald: So ChelseyBD, this might actually really tie into, um, this renewal conversation.

[00:08:58] Chelsey Donn: Oh, okay.

[00:08:59] Trey Gerrald: Have you ever been moving something that. Was heavy and maybe large, and then you scratch your wall.

[00:09:06] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:09:07] Trey Gerrald: 'I hate this so intensely. This actually happened when David and 'I purchased A' ginormous dining room table for A' dining room so that we could host 16 people in our house, and it was so.

Heavy and that always becomes like the everything, all the stakes just get A' lot higher. The tension boils up because it's like we don't want to be lifting this heavy thing for too long, so like let's be speedy. But then like 'I don't know that my speed is the same as someone else's speed. And so then it's like tiptoe toes and then you're like going up steps and we have to

open the door anyway.

We have this huge like dent in the corner of. You know, just the miscommunication. But that happens. And then also I'm sitting in this really comfortable chair that we keep in our, our den, but 'I like to sit in it when I'm at my computer for long periods of time when I'm editing. And so anytime we have guests over, 'I, have to move it back into the den.

But 'I have A' very narrow little hallway right outside. So 'I have to turn it sideways. 'I have to take all the pillows off. 'I have to sort of slide and glide. Also that 'I, don't scratch the F out of my doorframe. And 'I hate it. And the minute it happens, it's always like 'I. 'I should have known better.

'I should have taken A' breath. 'I should have asked for

[00:10:26] Chelsey Donn: But it's also like for me at least, 'I feel like when 'I wanna do something like that, that 'I know is hard and difficult. 'I also wanna get it done as soon as possible. Cause I'm like, 'I just want this thing to be over with like 'I. Even if 'I take like A' Zen breath before, it's still like and go, you know?

[00:10:43] Trey Gerrald: fraught 'I, like the minute it occurs in my brain, 'I have to get it off of my brain, like it just has to be done.

[00:10:49] Chelsey Donn: Same. Same.

[00:10:51] Trey Gerrald: this might be going A' little too far, but like 'I also know that oftentimes David and 'I approach the world literally from the opposite ends. And so anytime there's A' brainstorming that needs to be done, like he's gonna have A' different strategy than me, but 'I know that I'm more handy than him.

So then 'I get annoyed that he has A' differing opinion rather than just doing it my way. And then that adds on top of the frustration that I'm already

[00:11:12] Chelsey Donn: and then maybe you just end up doing it yourself and then that's bad

[00:11:16] Trey Gerrald: and then 'I bump into the wall. And now we have A' Dent. And then I'm mad. You know, it's like A' whole thing. Anyway.

Gosh, 'I hate it. It's just so annoying.

[00:11:23] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Feel

[00:11:24] Trey Gerrald: Just 'I have to complain about it cuz it is A' consideration. That's always in my head when I'm going through doorframes.

[00:11:29] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:11:30] Trey Gerrald: That's my Complaint.

[00:11:31] Chelsey Donn: I've been, I've, I've been in spackle situations for this very reason. You know what 'I mean? So 'I feel you.

[00:11:36] Trey Gerrald: A'. Yeah. Y 'I. 'I have A' story about spackle. I'll tell the after show. Uh, ChelseyBD. What, what do you wanna complain about today in this brand new?

[00:11:45] Chelsey Donn: It's rainy season in A', which kind of sounds like A' oxymoron cuz everyone's always like, it never rains in la but the reality is it does rain.

[00:11:55] Trey Gerrald: for how long?

[00:11:56] Chelsey Donn: it has like, there'll be like weeks at A' time, like we've been in A', A', few weeks of rain here and.

[00:12:02] Trey Gerrald: right? Cuz of the droughts or whatever,

[00:12:04] Chelsey Donn: Yes, of course. Like we welcome rain. People that like are really local to LA are like, 'I love the rain.

You know? And 'I used to live in New York where like I've had so many umbrellas flip upside down on me that I'm like, 'I, don't need the rain. Thank you. I'm good. I've filled my quota. Um, however, my Complaint, so when it rains, we discover. all of the, uh, leaks in the house because like lots and lots and lots of time will go by no rain and then all of A' sudden it rains and it's like, oh, great.

We have all of these leaks. So 'I was just like walking around minding my own business, trying to have like A' relaxing. It's raining outside. Let me just put on, you know, the circle or something on Netflix and completely zone out

[00:12:50] Trey Gerrald: Wait, let me just ask you, are you wearing any shoes in this moment?

[00:12:54] Chelsey Donn: Okay, so this is what we're getting at. So I'm wearing socks.


[00:12:58] Trey Gerrald: Oh, not wet socks. Nothing's worse than wet socks. Oh God.

[00:13:02] Chelsey Donn: and 'I. Step in A' puddle. And now 'I have wet socks and 'I. Don't know why wet socks completely ruin A' mood,

[00:13:10] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God.

[00:13:12] Chelsey Donn: they just do

[00:13:13] Trey Gerrald: Where were you?

[00:13:15] Chelsey Donn: So my house is like, , it's three levels. The second level is like the main living room and the third level where the kitchen is and then where 'I was hanging out, watching Netflix.

And then the third level is my bedroom. And our steps are like pretty steep cuz we live up in the hills. So like. You know, in order for me to get A' new pair of socks, now 'I need to like, take off the wet socks, walk up to the third floor, get another pair of socks, you know, so 'I just end up going sockless and like putting A' blanket over it.

But it's just, it puts A' dapper on the evening. You know, like that moment when you just completely saturated.

[00:13:53] Trey Gerrald: Wait, so what about the puddle? Where was it?

[00:13:56] Chelsey Donn: 'I mean then 'I just throw A' towel over the puddle and like that's, you know, 'I let my landlord know that he is gotta fix it and he does. But like, you know, in the moment that I'm just like turning the lights off and getting the mood set, 'I wasn't thinking like, keep an eye out for the puddles. But they get ya, they get ya every time.

[00:14:16] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Just have A'. More 'I. Just have more questions here. Um, was it at an area where like there is no third floor, like is it A' straight up leak from the ceiling, or is there maybe A' leak on the third floor as well?

[00:14:29] Chelsey Donn: Well, the way. Yeah, no, so 'I, the, it was at an area where there is no third floor, so

[00:14:34] Trey Gerrald: Thank God. That's much better. 'I was gonna say, girl 'I. Hope there's not like A' something under your bed or something.

[00:14:41] Chelsey Donn: no, no, no. Oh my God. No. Terrifying. No, no, no. This was like no third floor above the dining room.

[00:14:46] Trey Gerrald: Phew.

[00:14:47] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, so we were spared there, but like the, just the sock, like cold, wet sock.

[00:14:54] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Two thoughts here. Yeah. Like A', wet sock reminds me of like the opposite positive sensation of peeling glue off of your hand. Like something, there's something satisfying, you know, like kids like to put their hands in. Elmer Glue. Okay. A' wet sock is the opposite. It's like, it's so uncomfortable. It's like, This doesn't this, this one piece of clothing is never supposed to be wet or moist at all.

It's always supposed to be dry.

[00:15:21] Chelsey Donn: no,

[00:15:21] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God. It's like when you put on like A' snow boots. And you like, and you go too deep and then it goes over the edge and you're just like, well, 'I have to die now. Like, there's no other alternative here.

[00:15:33] Chelsey Donn: 'I know. Oh, 'I

[00:15:34] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Oh, and then on the answer, or it's like if you're wearing socks and you go into the bathroom and there's like A', little bit of puddle from getting outta the bathtub or something, and then you're wet, your soccer's

[00:15:43] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. That's it. There, there, there it goes. There goes your day. I'm so happy that you understand

[00:15:49] Trey Gerrald: Oh my gosh. Without even you spelling it out, 'I.

[00:15:53] Chelsey Donn: You're like, what were you wearing on your

[00:15:54] Trey Gerrald: 'I knew it. Yuck.

[00:15:57] Chelsey Donn: know 'I hate it. 'I

[00:15:58] Trey Gerrald: Well, 'I hope the holes get patched firstly. Secondly, 'I. Hope

[00:16:02] Chelsey Donn: they will.

[00:16:03] Trey Gerrald: you never have to deal with it again.

[00:16:05] Chelsey Donn: 'I agree. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. In my Complaint.

[00:16:08] Trey Gerrald: wait, you were just talking about A', like A' leak over the bed. 'I once was doing A' job and 'I was in actor housing in this disgusting old house, and 'I was doing A' one person show, so there was no cast with me.

But 'I was cohabitating for A' Week with like A' previous show that had A' full cast. So someone was staying in the master bedroom and they left the window.

[00:16:34] Chelsey Donn: Oh, no.

[00:16:35] Trey Gerrald: And it was raining. And so 'I was like, well I'm gonna move. Like now 'I can go up to and take the master bedroom cuz there's no one else in this show.

And 'I went up and 'I was like, oh there's A' draft in here. And 'I noticed and the bed was pushed against the window. Of course

[00:16:50] Chelsey Donn: Oh God. A', soggy bed.

[00:16:53] Trey Gerrald: But at this point, like cuz it had been A' couple of days since they moved out before 'I got the idea. It was. What do you do about A' Mill Dude? Mattress? What do you do about that?

'I literally was

[00:17:06] Chelsey Donn: it away.

[00:17:07] Trey Gerrald: 'I, mean 'I just closed the door. 'I was like, 'I can't,

[00:17:10] Chelsey Donn: like, well that will be not what I'm saying.

[00:17:12] Trey Gerrald: Isn't that awful? 'I just 'I. Think A'. Wet mattress is the only thing that tops A'. Wet sock

[00:17:18] Chelsey Donn: You're right. 'I think you are. Right? Yeah,

[00:17:21] Trey Gerrald: it. Let's get off of

[00:17:22] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Yeah. Let's get on. Let's on get onto other people's complaints. 'I, think.

[00:17:26] Trey Gerrald: Oh, oh, oh,

[00:17:28] Chelsey Donn: Please, let's move off of our own.

[00:17:31] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Should we do it? Let's jump into an online review. Let's

[00:17:33] Chelsey Donn: 'I think Yes. Let's do it.

[00:17:37] VOICEOVER: Review, That, Review.

[00:17:41] Chelsey Donn: All right. As you know, we are your trustee. Review Queen. We bring in reviews from the internet that we feel need to be inspected.

[00:17:50] Trey Gerrald: We read you A' review. We break it down and we rate the impact of that review on A' scale from zero to five crowns. It's A', very regal process that we like to call.

[00:18:00] VOICEOVER: Assess, That, Kvetch.

[00:18:02] Trey Gerrald: And ChelseyBD Goose. You were the 1st of February. What have you got today?

[00:18:07] Chelsey Donn: Well, speaking of getting things unclogged and making room for things to flow this week, 'I have picked an Amazon review. Four Bastar, three pack, 19.6 inch drain snake hair drain clog remover cleaning tool.

[00:18:30] Trey Gerrald: Oh God.

[00:18:32] VOICEOVER: It's super Coloristic xp, A'.

[00:18:36] Trey Gerrald: Oh God.

[00:18:37] Chelsey Donn: it is always A' super callow with Amazon. Yeah. Here we go. This though, maybe to your delight is A' five star. Review the name 'I Might need A'. Little help with Trey. Uh, it is e C A' E.

[00:18:54] Trey Gerrald: 'I. K 'I 'I. Well, C A' E is the abbreviation for the Columbia Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, South Carolina.

[00:19:03] Chelsey Donn: Oh

[00:19:04] Trey Gerrald: 'I Don't know. 'I. 'I. 'I. 'I. 'I. 'I 'I Dunno. What do you think? Ek A'. K

[00:19:09] Chelsey Donn: A'. K.

[00:19:10] Trey Gerrald: 'I Don't know

[00:19:11] Chelsey Donn: Let's call him ek. Like, okay. Okay. So EK wrote A'. Five star review, subject. Outstanding. Here we go. 'I had A'. Pretty significant hair clog in my shower. 'I had tried. Chemicals didn't work. 'I ignored it didn't work. 'I ignored it. Some more started to get slimy. Don't, don't judge me.

[00:19:42] Trey Gerrald: 'I.

[00:19:43] Chelsey Donn: Saw this on Amazon.

And that more than 2000 people had tried it and actually reviewed it. So 'I thought I'd give it A', go, oh my goodness,

[00:19:56] Trey Gerrald: Hmm.

[00:19:57] Chelsey Donn: this took no effort. 'I pushed it down the drain. And it immediately caught something. What came out was so disgusting, so vile, so yucky that it should have its own ex viles episode before it could lift its head up and start quoting from the Bible of Revelation, 'I, put it in A' plastic bag and dispatched it to the fiery depths of hell from we, it was birth. Let some children dig it up in A' trash pile in 500 years to have their future. Told 'I wanted nothing of it. My shower pipes were still praying the endless when 'I left for work. If you have A', nasty hair clog, wait until it gets slimy and reaches sentience. Dig it out. With A' drain snake hair drain clog remover cleaning tool.

Then send it back to the Dan the, to the Dan Shian blaze. It calls home. It does the job and well.

[00:21:14] Trey Gerrald: Well, 'I, 'I, 'I. Think that EK is like A' A' literature teacher or something. Cuz they have A'. Huge vocabulary.

[00:21:22] Chelsey Donn: bigger than 'I do. 'I should have. 'I meant to look up some of these words that 'I don't know. 'I was hoping that you might know them. Yeah. Dan, Shannon. Dan. Dan. She, is it like Dante, right? Dante. It's spelled like Dante, but with an A'. N. Dian. Dian, blaze. Donn.

[00:21:49] Trey Gerrald: Glaze or glaze.

[00:21:50] Chelsey Donn: Blaze like A'. Blaze. A'.

[00:21:51] Trey Gerrald: Oh, probably, yeah. Rings.

[00:21:53] Chelsey Donn: It gotta be like Dante.

[00:21:55] Trey Gerrald: What is sentience?

[00:21:57] Chelsey Donn: Oh, sentient means like coming alive. Sentient has senses,

[00:22:03] Trey Gerrald: and then what is the Angelist?

[00:22:05] Chelsey Donn: That 'I didn't know. 'I was hoping that you were gonna know it. 'I thought maybe it was like A' Christian thing.

[00:22:09] Trey Gerrald: 'I Don't

[00:22:10] Chelsey Donn: 'I defer to you what all things Christian. But you know, maybe 'I, shouldn't

[00:22:15] Trey Gerrald: Well,

[00:22:15] Chelsey Donn: think it's some sort of like A' prayer. Like A' the angels have come Prayer.

Yeah. The Angels Prayer.

[00:22:22] Trey Gerrald: Catholic. Probably.

[00:22:23] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. It's A' Prayer to Christ and the Angels.

[00:22:27] Trey Gerrald: It's A'. It's A'. Prayer to Christ

[00:22:29] Chelsey Donn: It's A'. . It's A' Fair to Christ.

[00:22:31] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Just like the beginning of this, like just the first few words, hair clog. I'm already like so turned off. I'm just like, oh God.

[00:22:40] Chelsey Donn: 'I know 'I used this tool though. 'I will say, 'I went on because 'I order this for myself, like semi regs,

[00:22:47] Trey Gerrald: This exact thing.

[00:22:49] Chelsey Donn: this exact thing, this exact

[00:22:51] Trey Gerrald: why do you have to order it so many times? Why don't you just have it?

[00:22:54] Chelsey Donn: Well, I'm just saying, well, 'I mean 'I. 'I order it until I'm out and then 'I order more. 'I probably end up A' using it. A' couple times A' year, gifting it out to A', couple friends A' year, you know

[00:23:03] Trey Gerrald: Wait, what is it? 'I thought it was like A' plastic snake, grippy

[00:23:07] Chelsey Donn: it is, but I'm saying like I'll ha you know, 'I, I'll buy A' three pack or whatever it is and then I'll use it for myself. Maybe A' roommate will need it, or A' friend will be like, 'I have A' clock, 'I, don't know what to do. And I'm like, 'I, take one of these. You know what I'm saying? Like 'I 'I bought these for the past several years is the point.

[00:23:23] Trey Gerrald: is there like A' little like loophole to put your finger in?

[00:23:26] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, kind of. And there's A', it's like A' wand, not A' wand, but yeah, there's like A', there's like A' place for you to hold onto it and then you just sort of like snake it down, you know, into the drain and pull it up. And it is like goopy and disgusting. But like 'I. obviously satisfying cuz you're like, that is 'I mean.

'I need to do it on mine. That's why 'I was going on. 'I need to buy some more because 'I, 'I, 'I can tell that I'm getting that to like the phase. 'I don't want to be and it's gross, but also like it was in there so you gotta get it out.

[00:23:58] Trey Gerrald: And why do we think it is goy and slimy from like the soap?

[00:24:02] Chelsey Donn: 'I always think like, is it like 'I mean? This is so gross, but like A' mixture of like. Prob 'I, if it's in your shower. Probably like hair, oil, the shampoo, 'I, A', you know, brush my teeth in my shower too. So some toothpaste, you know, 'I. Think just like all of that,

[00:24:20] Trey Gerrald: right.

[00:24:21] Chelsey Donn: you know, marrying together.

[00:24:24] Trey Gerrald: You know, 'I, remember in the Upper West side, our bathroom sink always clogged.

[00:24:31] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:24:32] Trey Gerrald: And, and we are two men, like, so we don't like 'I. Know that females oftentimes like will lose strands of hair when they're in the shower and because they're generally longer strands of hair. Like

[00:24:44] Chelsey Donn: Creates more

[00:24:45] Trey Gerrald: all of my life.

'I had, yeah, I've had female roommates and so I've like noticed that as A' A' difference. Um, but this was so frustrating. And 'I had A' bunch of these little snakey things. Um, 'I did find A' liquid thing. It's called Aqua A'. Q U A'. Wait, that's Aqua. Maybe it's Pet Quo.

[00:25:05] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:25:06] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Don't know. 'I. It was recommended to me by A' plumber

[00:25:09] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:25:11] Trey Gerrald: And it is crazy. , you don't have to like, it literally kills everything. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in the

[00:25:17] Chelsey Donn: but it's not, cuz the thing is like, the reason why 'I use this is because we live in A' older house and like Drano 'I guess is like very bad. 'I know. Drano is like actually A', illegal 'I wanna say in A' Manhattan. So is this pet quo? Whatever this is like

[00:25:33] Trey Gerrald: It's like A' commercial thing. It's like, um, 'I. Don't think you can just like buy it at Walgreen's.

[00:25:39] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:25:40] Trey Gerrald: Anywho slimy. Oh God. And then of course I'm like reacting and EK is like, don't judge

[00:25:46] Chelsey Donn: 'I know. 'I know. Don't judge me. It's true though, cuz everybody's is it's, it's just, it's disgusting. What can we say?

[00:25:56] Trey Gerrald: Well, as hearing this, 'I was judging, but then I've also been in the situation where it's like you don't do anything until it becomes. Like too much. So like I'm, I'm hearing this for myself.

[00:26:08] Chelsey Donn: Like if your, if your shower is working fine, then you're not gonna need

[00:26:13] Trey Gerrald: Right? So another question about the actual product. Is it little like stabby, hooky things like, if you accidentally rub your hand, it hurts.

[00:26:23] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Gotta be honest. In all the years I've never rubbed my hand on it.

[00:26:27] Trey Gerrald: Oh, that's good.

[00:26:27] Chelsey Donn: like it would hurt. It's just like A' plastic thing, but it's something about, it's dexterity. It's very like it can move around really. Well sneak around there just. Get underneath if your, you know, pipes, they have like bends in them and just things that you can't do with A', A' device that doesn't have that sort of dexterity.


[00:26:50] Trey Gerrald: And how many in and outs do you usually have to do? Like what's an average number?

[00:26:55] Chelsey Donn: for me, probably at least five.

[00:26:58] Trey Gerrald: Right. It's not gonna be one. It's gonna, like you're getting all of it out

[00:27:03] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, it's like, and then like once you get one, you're like, oh, we were just sort of like skimming the surface here. And then you gotta, and then, and that's why you buy A', lot of them, because like of course once it's like really, like you've gone in there four or five times, you're not saving that thing, you're then going to dispose of it immediately.

[00:27:22] Trey Gerrald: Okay, so speaking of disposal, 'I also heard something else about myself in an EK's review. They said they put it in A' plastic bag and threw it out

[00:27:32] Chelsey Donn: Right.

[00:27:32] Trey Gerrald: because

[00:27:33] Chelsey Donn: said they buried it?

[00:27:35] Trey Gerrald: right? But 'I couldn't tell if that was A' joke or

[00:27:37] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:27:38] Trey Gerrald: 'I am hearing that every time I've had clogs, 'I just flush them, which.

[00:27:43] Chelsey Donn: Ooh, that's not A'. Good

[00:27:44] Trey Gerrald: no, I've never considered that

[00:27:47] Chelsey Donn: It's like, let me put you

[00:27:49] Trey Gerrald: back into the

[00:27:50] Chelsey Donn: into the problem. Yeah, no.

[00:27:52] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, I've never thought about that.

[00:27:54] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. No, no, no. That's funny though.

[00:27:57] Trey Gerrald: Ex 'I mean. I'm really getting

[00:27:59] Chelsey Donn: It does like, it does look like other world, like Alienesque. Like is there, it's so gross. 'I know, but like is there something living in this, like 'I think that this is A' pretty good explanation of the underworld.

'I understand the metaphors.

[00:28:15] Trey Gerrald: Oh yeah, for

[00:28:16] Chelsey Donn: gross. Yeah.

[00:28:17] Trey Gerrald: All right, so do we think this is, there's any valuable new or unique information in this review except for vocabulary words?

[00:28:23] Chelsey Donn: 'I 'I think and that it obviously works, right? Like 'I think it definitely gets, it's not like getting into the nitty gritty of like the composition of the product beyond what you see in the image, but it's giving us the most important fact, which is that it works.

[00:28:40] Trey Gerrald: agree. Yeah.

[00:28:41] Chelsey Donn: Do we need to point out that 1061 people found this helpful?

[00:28:46] Trey Gerrald: And also EK mentions how many people had purchased the product when they reviewed it.

[00:28:52] Chelsey Donn: Right, exactly.

[00:28:53] Trey Gerrald: Yeah.

[00:28:54] Chelsey Donn: The 2000 people, because 'I think it's one of those things, you know, where like if you have A' clock, it's A' real day, week, month, year disturbance. You know, like when, if you just let it linger. . And so 'I would imagine that people would be passionate about this. And the other thing that I'm happy about with this review and you know, there was A', good overall high rating for this is that when you have A' product like this, like these sort of snaking sync devices, there's gotta be millions of, of merchants on Amazon that sell this product.

So for me personally, 'I am looking for these sites that have higher overall. 'I,

[00:29:36] Trey Gerrald: Right Sam.

[00:29:37] Chelsey Donn: you know?

[00:29:38] Trey Gerrald: And 'I think this really ties into the humor here because EK is like leaning in to like, it's disgusting. So I'm just gonna like send it up to the nth degree,

[00:29:48] Chelsey Donn: Right. Yes, exactly. So 'I, definitely think there is A' obvious attempt at humor, A' attempt at entertainment above and beyond the main point, which is that, you know, The product works. Do we think that any of this sort of large vocabulary, metaphor, et cetera, is, is taking us out of it? Is is like A' deterrent.

A'. A' distraction is annoying.

[00:30:13] Trey Gerrald: Well, 'I was sort of over here like very much considering whether 'I wanted to like talk about that or not. Cuz 'I think it. 'I think. It just always strikes me A'. Little bit as annoying.

[00:30:23] Chelsey Donn: right.

[00:30:24] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Don't know why that is cuz 'I don't think that 'I like judge or criticize comedy really necessarily. 'I mean 'I guess.

'I always have opinions like everyone does. But for some reason 'I think, it just, in my opinion, it it distracts A' little bit from like applauding this product that really is fabulous

[00:30:43] Chelsey Donn: right? Yeah. 'I mean. We definitely went in with A' mission to write A' jokey review.

[00:30:50] Trey Gerrald: Like what is the joke right before the X files?

[00:30:53] Chelsey Donn: What came out was so disgusting, so vile, so yucky that it should have its own X-Files episode

[00:30:59] Trey Gerrald: and then what's right after that?

[00:31:01] Chelsey Donn: before it could lift its head up and start quoting from the book of Revelation.

[00:31:05] Trey Gerrald: 'I thought the X-Files 'I thought that was very funny. And like 'I, wish they had stopped there because then they start personifying it and all of that. And 'I was just A' little like, uh, okay.

[00:31:16] Chelsey Donn: Do you think that if like we were people that were more like church fear and folk we that like we would find this funnier,

[00:31:26] Trey Gerrald: Maybe EK is A' member of the Mormon Church.

[00:31:28] Chelsey Donn: know what 'I mean

[00:31:29] Trey Gerrald: Maybe they're A' pastor.

[00:31:31] Chelsey Donn: or maybe they like used to be, they seemed like somebody that was like really spoon fed A', lot of religion in their youth and now like, you know, 'I was kicking back, A', few more beers, but still has that solid found.

[00:31:45] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, they definitely are like quantifying. Vileness with like the devil and hell

[00:31:52] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Which, which is not unusual, right? Like even in the review that we read, that was about the really spicy ramen 'I feel like there was A', lot of like,

[00:32:04] Trey Gerrald: true.

[00:32:04] Chelsey Donn: you know, the depths of hell

[00:32:07] Trey Gerrald: fire. Fire makes me think of hell.

[00:32:09] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:32:10] Trey Gerrald: No. 'I agree. You know, for some reason 'I keep thinking of like Muppets or. Yeah, I'm thinking of like disgusting, slimy, hairy, black, gray, like grossness. Like it makes me think of Muppets for some reason. Like like scary gross ones.

Like fuzzy and stuff. Anyway, this is so

[00:32:28] Chelsey Donn: nightmarish, but like Muppets, like Tim Burton, but worse.

[00:32:33] Trey Gerrald: Tim Burton, that's it. Cuz Tim Burton veers on like this is actually A' trauma.

[00:32:38] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:32:38] Trey Gerrald: Do you think this is common or fluky, typical 'I mean for your experience? It

[00:32:42] Chelsey Donn: For me it's common 'I, think A'. Lot of people, 'I can see A'. Lot of people be underestimating this product cuz it is so unassuming when you

[00:32:51] Trey Gerrald: so simple.

[00:32:53] Chelsey Donn: simple plastic. It 'I don't know if they do sell this at the dollar store, but it does almost like look like something that you could.

[00:32:58] Trey Gerrald: Yes.

[00:32:58] Chelsey Donn: Get at the dollar store, but it works, you know, and it is, this one's kind of expensive now that I'm looking back on it.

For A' three pack, it's $31 it looks like.

[00:33:11] Trey Gerrald: and is it like, is it like three feet? Like it's kind of long, long or no?

[00:33:16] Chelsey Donn: It's long. Long. It's 19.6 inches. Well, 'I guess that's on three feet, but

[00:33:23] Trey Gerrald: That wait $30 for three of them.

[00:33:26] Chelsey Donn: that can't be. No, I'm sorry. 'I. Think that's my screenshot is wrong. 'I. 'I. My screenshot doesn't have the price. 'I can look it up again.

[00:33:35] Trey Gerrald: D EK also says that like it was very easy. It was, there was A', lot of ease of use. They just like did it once and and out popped the devil,

[00:33:47] Chelsey Donn: right?

[00:33:48] Trey Gerrald: which 'I think is

[00:33:49] Chelsey Donn: Like A'. Like A'. What do you call it? Like A' Jack in the box. Yeah.

[00:33:53] Trey Gerrald: because my mind is like, I'm gonna have to like go fishing for A'. Really long time. It's like, I'm gonna be hunched over.

It's gonna be A'. Lot of

scrappy. So that is interesting, especially when you're comparing it to these liquids and gels that you pour down and A'. Lot of times it's like you can't use this for half an hour. Let it foam and soak and flush it. You know? This is literally just like scrape, scrape. Here's.

[00:34:19] Chelsey Donn: Exactly. Yeah. 'I.

[00:34:21] Trey Gerrald: do tend to believe Ek 'I. 'I think they're being comical to A' degree that isn't landing with me. But 'I believe that it worked. 'I believe that they were shocked. 'I believe that like they were so like pleased with A' result. They're just being lighthearted about it.

[00:34:36] Chelsey Donn: totally. And 'I was completely wrong on the pricing. 'I looked back at

[00:34:40] Trey Gerrald: Tell

[00:34:41] Chelsey Donn: It's 7 99.

[00:34:42] Trey Gerrald: for three of 'em.

[00:34:43] Chelsey Donn: Yeah,

[00:34:45] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Few 'I was like $30.

[00:34:47] Chelsey Donn: yeah. No, no, no. So yeah, the pricing is cheap. Not Dollar Store. Cheap, but cheap and effective, and 'I. Think that that comes across in EK's review.

[00:34:56] Trey Gerrald: 'I bet you could buy these, uh, like A', dollar Tree, like A'. Single one on its

[00:35:00] Chelsey Donn: 'I, what can you though? Like would it be, would it work as all? Maybe 'I don't know.

[00:35:04] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God, what if it snapped and broke?

[00:35:06] Chelsey Donn: That's what I'm saying. Like that's why like these are strong enough that they're not gonna snap inside of there, which 'I feel like is necessary.

[00:35:14] Trey Gerrald: You know what? This just made me randomly think of, you know, like, 'I 'I feel like this happens in like TV and movies. Not really in real life. 'I guess everyone has sound effects now, but like, you know, those like metal sheets that like simulate thunder. You know what I'm talking

[00:35:30] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:35:32] Trey Gerrald: Like 'I feel like when you were talking about the dexterity, like that word that makes me think of those things, they're like,

[00:35:37] Chelsey Donn: got that.

[00:35:37] Trey Gerrald: Wawa wa.

You know what 'I mean? Wiggle wa.

[00:35:40] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. It's A' wiggle, A'. Wiggle. Wiggle. Yeah, it can definitely wiggle. It has like, it maintains structure enough for you to get it in there, but yeah, it definitely has A' wiggle.

[00:35:50] Trey Gerrald: So the humor where we entertained 'I mean I'm entertained by the metaphors. 'I think it's just, uh, you know, 'I

[00:35:56] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. So 'I think that there was A' definite attempt at humor and 'I think the impact is 'I would buy it, right?

[00:36:04] Trey Gerrald: Oh yeah, 'I. Mean 'I. Know that 'I have A' version of this 'I. Don't know what brand or anything, but it definitely like works.

[00:36:10] Chelsey Donn: The thing is, what happens when you get these reviews and 'I don't know if this was A' review that went viral, but as you know, when you go to the reviews, the first thing you see is the top reviews. So like, this is really, at this point, this is what people are seeing if they're going to this page.

You know what 'I mean?

[00:36:27] Trey Gerrald: Yeah. Well 'I think 'I could Crown ek. How about.

[00:36:30] Chelsey Donn: 'I can,

[00:36:31] Trey Gerrald: All right, so ChelseyBD and 'I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards. In an effort to be fair and not influence one another, we will simultaneously reveal our rating

[00:36:43] VOICEOVER: Are Tabulating.

[00:36:50] Trey Gerrald: 'I.

[00:36:51] Chelsey Donn: Interesting. Okay. Trey is holding up three and A' half crowns. I'm holding up four crowns. Trey, you go first. Why three And A' half crowns for e k.

[00:37:00] Trey Gerrald: 'I mean ultimately, 'I would want to read A'. Couple of more reviews that weren't so humorously written. But 'I do get the impact that it works and that it's really strong. And then it sort of turns into this like narrative about personifying like the goop, which is just gross. Um, but 'I appreciate that when we're covering something so vile, there's A' little like Wink and A' nod and it's like, you know, it's not so serious.

And 'I buy it. 'I mean 'I. Buy it. 'I believe it. 'I think it's real. 'I would say three and A', half 'I. Think 'I just didn't do full Review Queen cuz 'I think we. In the muck, A' little bit.

[00:37:37] Chelsey Donn: Haha. Nice.

[00:37:39] Trey Gerrald: um, 'I, just don't like the phrase hair clog. So, ChelseyBD, why did you say four?

[00:37:44] Chelsey Donn: 'I 'I was really torn between three and A' half and four. 'I almost went three and A' half myself. But, uh, ultimately landed on four because 'I use the product and for me, 'I think it's effective enough and it obviously A'. Lot of people like this review 'I, like any review that kind of. Steps out of the norm box.

There's so many reviews that you could read about any product that are kind of like it's this many inches long and has this many specifics and you know, whatever that it 'I you can get So lost and bored in those reviews that 'I tend to wanna reward the reviewers that go A' little outside the box, but you know.

It wasn't really my humor and 'I agree, it really stayed in that lane. So you might wanna be like, okay, well let me read something that's not just A' joke. So 'I couldn't go full Review Queen either. But when 'I hadn't gave EK four crowns,

[00:38:32] Trey Gerrald: Lovely. So, wait, did, when did you last snake your.

[00:38:37] Chelsey Donn: 'I have not snaked them in A'. While that's why 'I was looking to buy some new, some new ones, cuz 'I need to.

[00:38:42] Trey Gerrald: Well update us. Let us know when you do

[00:38:44] Chelsey Donn: will, I'll let you know if 'I find anything demonic in there.

[00:38:49] Trey Gerrald: Oh my

[00:38:50] Chelsey Donn: 'I Hope. 'I. If 'I do, 'I, if 'I do, it's like better to get it out, you know, better to exercise it.

[00:38:55] Trey Gerrald: Oh yes, absolutely.

[00:38:56] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. This is all about cleansing, cleansing and getting things flowing. Right. That's, that seems to be the, the theme of the

[00:39:04] Trey Gerrald: Back in flow.

[00:39:05] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

Let's get in the flow, you know,

[00:39:08] Trey Gerrald: A',

[00:39:09] Chelsey Donn: is that you choking on something.

[00:39:12] Trey Gerrald: me choking on A' hair clog. That's slimy.

[00:39:15] Chelsey Donn: Yuck.

[00:39:16] Trey Gerrald: judge me.

[00:39:16] Chelsey Donn: 'I. 'I shouldn't

[00:39:17] Trey Gerrald: E k

[00:39:18] Chelsey Donn: You're right. All right, Trey. Well, that was fun and.

[00:39:23] Trey Gerrald: ingress.

[00:39:23] Chelsey Donn: We need now that we've kind of like clogged it all out, it's all clean. We have like A', nice, pristine surface to officially get right into the most regal portion of our show, Trey, which is inducting of course, as you know.

So Trey, now that we've gotten all the muck and grossness out of the way, how about you let us know? Who are you inducting today?

[00:39:50] VOICEOVER: My Royal.

[00:39:51] Trey Gerrald: Okay. It's just really weird how all of this has sort of been aligning.

[00:39:56] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:39:56] Trey Gerrald: It's very weird because we talked about our complaints that were about like renewal and like cleaning, you know, and then we started talking about this hair clogging. And without knowing any of this, 'I was sharing how our upper West Side bathroom sink was always clogging.

And, and David always thought it was because 'I shaved over the sink, not in the shower.

[00:40:18] Chelsey Donn: Okay.

[00:40:19] Trey Gerrald: Okay. All of that's just random background, but 'I literally decided that we need to induct electric razors. Isn't this really

[00:40:29] Chelsey Donn: is things that go down the drain. It's like, it's as if we're playing one 800, not one 800, however many, what's the pyramid

[00:40:38] Trey Gerrald: $100,000

[00:40:39] Chelsey Donn: A'? Hundred thousand dollars pyramid or whatever. Things that go down the train, things that clog A', train things, right.

[00:40:45] Trey Gerrald: But, but it's so weird because this is episode 87 and we've been inducting things like, why did 'I think? Well, the reason 'I, okay, the reason 'I thought of this is because now at my place of employment, outside of the podcast, 'I have to be clean shaven and sometimes 'I just, I'm not A' person who shaves their face every single day.

And so sometimes 'I just need A' break and 'I want to do the quick electric razor and 'I. 'I really started thinking it's such A' time saver because it's just so much quicker and more efficient. You're also not having to like waste water, you know, it's just like fast and quick. And so 'I was like, I'm so grateful that this exists and I've never really stopped to think about it.

So here we go. Book report. So the electric razor has its history all the way back from 1898 by A' New Yorker.

[00:41:36] Chelsey Donn: New Yorker.

[00:41:37] Trey Gerrald: So the first person to receive A' patent. For A' Razor that was powered by electricity was A' person named John Francis O'Rourke, and he filed that patent in 1898. But then, you know, this gets A' little uncomfortable, but the first working electric razor was invented in 1915 by A' German.

[00:42:01] Chelsey Donn: Mm-hmm. . Okay.

[00:42:03] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, that 'I mean it kind of makes sense cuz bran Bran like, isn't that German? But it just seems so odd to me. Like who had the idea like of having like sharp, sharp, sharp, terrifyingly sharp razors attached to A' electricity. Like just the idea alone sounds horrifying. Like 'I still don't understand the civil engineering that like keeps A'.

Cutting my face to shreds, but 'I don't know. Look, this is an invention. 'I know that tons and millions of people use it. It is such A' lifesaver. I've never even stopped to consider like how fantastic it is and. That's why I'm inducting it like life is so much better with an electric razor. 'I mean it's just better.

And 'I got A' haircut today and those are electric clippers, which is so much faster. It helps, you know, with arthritis and you know what 'I, what are those hand things people get them from typing.

[00:42:58] Chelsey Donn: Oh, oh Jesus, my brain. Carpal tunnel

[00:43:02] Trey Gerrald: tunnel? You don't have to worry about the carpel tunnel. Like if you have an electric clipper, 'I mean it's just genius.

So for that reason, today for our 87th episode, 'I Am Inducting Electric Powered Razors and Clippers.

[00:43:20] Chelsey Donn: Everything. This episode is going right down the drain. No, just kidding. Everything. This.

[00:43:24] Trey Gerrald: do you use an electric razor on your legs?

[00:43:26] Chelsey Donn: 'I have 'I. Gotta say it's A'. Little harder. 'I feel like for me to find an electric leg razor that 'I like I've, I've, uh, I've had A' little bit of trouble with that. 'I have A' few friends. My friend Deb swears by an electric razor has been using it since she started shaving.

'I mean it is nice. 'I. Think you do tend to hurt yourself less, right? Is that the idea too?

[00:43:47] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, like 'I. Don't think I've ever gotten A' neck 'I. Think you can get razor burn.

[00:43:51] Chelsey Donn: Right. Yeah.

[00:43:53] Trey Gerrald: But 'I don't know. It's just like, it's so, especially for the face, cuz the face has so many contours, like just such A'

[00:43:59] Chelsey Donn: And it just cuts the time significantly. I'm sure with A' guy shaving your face to just be able to boo boo boo boo boo.

[00:44:05] Trey Gerrald: especially those cylindrical, like multi cylindrical head ones that just bounce in and out because you know, that's A' problem with A'.

Straight razor is that many men's, um, hair patterns switch around between their chin, their throat, and the necks. Not all hair is going the same exact way, and so you have to learn the pattern in order. Get it off of your face. But with those cylindrical circley ones, you could just pass over cuz it's going from all direction.

So then it just gets it. Which is why it's quicker.

[00:44:37] Chelsey Donn: God. We love an electric razor.

[00:44:39] Trey Gerrald: We love you. We love you. Electric grazers.

[00:44:41] Chelsey Donn: electric razors.

[00:44:43] VOICEOVER: Listener voice.

[00:44:44] Chelsey Donn: Oh my goodness. I'm so happy.

[00:44:47] Trey Gerrald: Well we have A', very special listener voicemail today, so I'm gonna go ahead and push play here. We.

[00:44:54] VOICEOVER: 'I am 'I, and I'm mad at my dad for saying 'I can't! 'I. Get something to Shave Shift into my video game.

[00:45:05] Chelsey Donn: Oh my god. It's my nephew. 'I.

[00:45:08] VOICEOVER: That it? Yes.

[00:45:11] Chelsey Donn: Oh my. Oh my God, that's so cute. Well, Justin, if you're listening, you better get in that shape shift thing that he wants. He's complaining about

[00:45:21] Trey Gerrald: It's from A' while back. 'I debated whether or not to bring it in, but 'I thought, you know what? It's cute. It's

[00:45:25] Chelsey Donn: It's so cute. That's so sweet. It feels very like sleepless in Seattle. You know what 'I mean?

[00:45:31] Trey Gerrald: A'

[00:45:31] Chelsey Donn: Like the kid calling into the radio show like my dad. Well, no, hopefully not.

[00:45:37] Trey Gerrald: Well, we don't endorse underage people doing anything without permission from their parents, but we love hearing from all of our listeners, and we do know that Isler is A' very beloved listener of our

[00:45:48] Chelsey Donn: Yes,

[00:45:49] Trey Gerrald: appreciate your Complaint. Isler. 'I do have memories of being restricted from doing things 'I wanted as, as A' child from my parents.

And it is, um, one of the beauties we don't often think about, about adulthood is that, The beauty of choice, but also with the beauty of choice comes consequence. Maybe you don't need the shapeshifting thing right now. Maybe that money is better for something else.

[00:46:11] Chelsey Donn: Or maybe just ask your Aunt 'I, think

[00:46:13] Trey Gerrald: Maybe ask your aunt.

[00:46:14] Chelsey Donn: for. You know, auntie, he can do it.

[00:46:18] Trey Gerrald: This is now, this is the nephew who had that killer username.

[00:46:23] Chelsey Donn: oh, uh, ginormous. Tim

[00:46:25] Trey Gerrald: Ginormous, Tim. If anyone doesn't know what we're talking about, it's from one of our after shows. 'I. Highly recommend joining Pat and just for that unintentional plug, but oh my gosh, ginormous

[00:46:36] Chelsey Donn: Aw. Thank you for calling an 'I. That's so sweet. 'I, love hearing your voice even when you're kvetching.

[00:46:42] Trey Gerrald: Yes, of course. Now, you listener, if you would like to call and have the possibility of your voice being heard on our podcast, then all you have to do is call in to our fetch line.

It's 1 8 5 0 review, zero. You can Kvetch, you can cave, you can send us A' review that you think we should review. You can review A' review on your own, and we'll decide how we rate compared to your rating.

[00:47:11] Chelsey Donn: My Royal. Highness. Do you love your electric razor As much as Trey does, let us

[00:47:17] Trey Gerrald: Please. Are there brands that are better? You tell us.

[00:47:23] Chelsey Donn: Aw 'I. Love that. That was sweet.

[00:47:26] Trey Gerrald: Okay. Well we did A'. Queen. We have reached the end of another round on the r you A' rq Ferris Wheel of Slime.

[00:47:35] Chelsey Donn: Thank you for joining us today. If you like what you heard, please tell A' friend.

[00:47:40] Trey Gerrald: If you didn't like what you heard, please tell an enemy.

[00:47:43] Chelsey Donn: To support the production of our show, visit Review That Review dot com slash donate or even A'. $1 tip is much appreciated.

[00:47:53] Trey Gerrald: Join our mailing list over at Review That Review dot com so that you can stay up to date with all of the goings on in the Queen.

[00:47:59] Chelsey Donn: You can also follow us on all the socials at the Review Queen slide into our dms. You can also contact me directly at ChelseyBD.

[00:48:09] Trey Gerrald: And you can contact me directly at Trey Gerrald on this week's after show. Pod ChelseyBD and Trey will be rating and reviewing A' four star Amazon review four. Hines tomato ketchup.

[00:48:26] Chelsey Donn: Uh oh. Are they coming for Hines?

[00:48:29] Trey Gerrald: of slime.


[00:48:31] Chelsey Donn: God. 'I know that could be A'. Little slimy down the drain 'I. Think

[00:48:36] Trey Gerrald: So to find out what made ChelseyBD say,

[00:48:38] Chelsey Donn: Call Minnow and find out what made Trey say

[00:48:43] Trey Gerrald: I'm gonna say I'm staking claim right now. Amber buy A' new fucking house. You little bitch.

[00:48:49] Chelsey Donn: Then you gotta join our Patreon page at Review That Review dot com slash Patreon to hear our weekly members only after show companion podcast.

[00:49:02] Trey Gerrald: And remember, shape shifters

[00:49:04] Chelsey Donn: Ignore the haters. You're A' freaking Queen.

[00:49:08] Trey Gerrald: You're A' freaking. Gender nonspecific Queen.

[00:49:11] Chelsey Donn: Exactly. Bye.

[00:49:13] Trey Gerrald: Good boy.

[00:49:15] Chelsey Donn: Nice.

[00:49:34] Chelsey Donn: Wow. It's gonna take A' minute for all those synchronicities to really sink in. You know what 'I mean?

[00:49:39] Trey Gerrald: Uh, that's, it's, but that was

[00:49:41] Chelsey Donn: That was A' Little

[00:49:42] Trey Gerrald: That was bizarre.

[00:49:42] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, it was.

[00:49:44] Trey Gerrald: 'I have to tell you about my toothpaste. Spackle on the after

[00:49:46] Chelsey Donn: Oh, everybody's done it.

[00:49:48] Trey Gerrald: 'I A' fault.



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