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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 13: "The Stanley Hotel / Hex: Old World Witchery"

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Transcript of Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald

Episode 13 "The Stanley Hotel / Hex: Old World Witchery"

for the differently abled and those who prefer to read.

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn and Trey Gerrald

Episode 13

THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:00] CHELSEY: Hello.

[00:00:32] TREY: Hi!

[00:00:33] CHELSEY: All it takes is a little riff from Natalie to get me feeling better, you know?

[00:00:37] TREY: Amen.

[00:00:38] CHELSEY: All right. Welcome everyone to Review That Review the podcast dedicated to reviewing...

[00:00:44] TREY: Reviews! We're just like Siskel and Ebert only instead of reviewing cinematic masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious, scathing, and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:00:57] CHELSEY: That is Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:59] TREY: And that is Chelsey Donn

[00:01:02] CHELSEY: and together we're...

[00:01:04] VOICEOVER: The Review Queens.

[00:01:08] TREY: Oh my God. That was so weird. We were saying the opposite things. It was so ooky spooky.

[00:01:15] CHELSEY: Well, I'm completely disoriented. AH!!! What is that? Could it be....

[00:01:28] CHELSEY: What is the ooky spooky music?

[00:01:29] CHELSEY: The ghost of

[00:01:30] CHELSEY: This is episode 13,

[00:01:32] TREY: I'm scared. It's episode 13. It's so spooky.

[00:01:37] CHELSEY: It's terrifying! With that in mind, I'll start, I'll talk about my week for a second.

[00:01:42] TREY: Please go!

[00:01:43] CHELSEY: I feel like I've had a spooky week. I had a real life encounter with a Karen this week. It was terrifying. But it happened at Best Buy. and Karen was standing next to me and this individual carried with her a cloud, just like a negativity cloud. She actually arrived at the desk after me, but her energy was so intense that I was like, go ahead.

[00:02:08] CHELSEY: The manager came over and he was being really nice and he was trying to help her. And then the second, like literally the second he left, she was like, Where'd he go, when is he going to be, when is he going to back here? How long is this going to take? I don't have all day. I am very busy person. Like I'm in a rush. I'm an, and my point is like, okay, if you're in that much of a rush, then do this later.

[00:02:29] CHELSEY: At one point, she was like, my dog, I gotta pick up my dog. Like if your dog is waiting for you to pick them up, this might not be a good time to combine the gift cards. Like, just deal with it. I don't know. Just have a little bit of compassion for these people that are working. And I don't know, I had an issue to deal with and it took them a little while to deal with mine too.

[00:02:48] CHELSEY: But after seeing how intense this other person was, I was just like, I've had to be really nice. So anyway, Real Life Karen Alert, they exist. They exist. They're everywhere. and it's,

[00:03:00] VOICEOVER: Oh my God! It's a Karen!

[00:03:01] CHELSEY: And it's terrifying.

[00:03:04] VOICEOVER: Oh my God! It's a Karen!

[00:03:06] TREY: I didn't mean to push that twice. It's so spooky.

[00:03:08] CHELSEY: It was terrifying. Anyway, Trey. How was, how was your week?

[00:03:11] TREY: You experienced that and you wouldn't share with me cause you were waiting to tell me on the pod. Which is hilarious.

[00:03:16] CHELSEY: It's true. I mean, it wasn't like I guys like thinking about it now. Maybe it wasn't the most interesting story. Maybe I should have just told Trey in the moment, but...

[00:03:23] TREY: I mean, I understand you saw Karen and the wild and this is the place to share that story because it's so what we do! My week's been fine. We, we are dealing slightly with little piddles from...

[00:03:36] CHELSEY: Piddles?!

[00:03:37] TREY: From our, um, niece's dog Laila that we're babysitting for three weeks. She likes to do little Pee-Pees here and there.

[00:03:42] CHELSEY: Oh! Little Pee-Pee piddles.

[00:03:46] TREY: Do you guys call those a piddle?

[00:03:47] CHELSEY: I don't think I've ever heard it called a piddle, but I like it.

[00:03:51] TREY: That's really funny. Cause our nephew is staying with us and he's 13 and David referred to it as a piddle. He was laughing, laughing, laughing at like that word. And I thought is that because I think I taught the word to David, but maybe that's a Southern word. Whatever.

[00:04:05] CHELSEY: Oh, is that a thing that like a lot of people in the south are like, you can piddle over there or is it specifically a piddle when a dog piddles?

[00:04:13] TREY: That's a really good question. I think my mom always said like, oh, what have you been doing today? Oh, nothing just piddling around like that.

[00:04:19] CHELSEY: Oh, that sounds familiar.

[00:04:22] TREY: But somehow in my brain, like whenever there's like a little, a little Tee Tee mess, I think of that as like a, a little piddle.

[00:04:28] CHELSEY: A little piddle. Well this Karen took a little piddlel in the middle of the Best Buy and you're then Laila... Laila's been piddling...

[00:04:37] TREY: everywhere!

[00:04:37] CHELSEY: Everywhere. And with that in mind, I just feel like both of us, this was like a rough week, right? You've been dealing with piddling. I've been dealing with Karen,

[00:04:45] TREY: As you were talking about Karen...

[00:04:46] CHELSEY: I already complained.

[00:04:48] TREY: Well, I was going to say, are we in the complaints already? Or are we just like recapping our weeks? It was very hard to tell, which...

[00:04:55] CHELSEY: Which is, I have a complaint too, which is odd for us because they do feel like usually we're like so positive at the top. And then here here's like complaint. But this time I feel like we're both feeling sort of complainy. So I have another complaint to get off my chest and I'd love to hear yours. So tell me about yours.

[00:05:08] VOICEOVER: Lodge A Complaint.

[00:05:09] TREY: Okay. So my complaints, I don't, this is a little inside baseball, but it really does annoy me. Okay. So there's this website and it is called

[00:05:18] CHELSEY: Love it.

[00:05:18] TREY: I would say in my opinion, it's sort of second tier to a website called, which anytime you go to a theater show, anywhere in the country, yes. They use the playbill organization. It's a trademark thing. It's the little yellow banner at the top. It's a very specific type font. Anyway, a lot of news for the Broadway culture. Yeah, it's comes up on playbill. So BroadwayWorld is like they operate individual websites for every state. And so somewhere along the line, Broadway World realized that they could get a lot more traction on their website if they do awards every year. But the thing is, is that the only way to win these awards is by the number of votes. So it really turns into like a popularity contest. It'll be like, what my complaint today is about are these acting Broadway World nominations, where someone will go and do, you know, The Three Little Pigs in Saskatchewan.

[00:06:21] CHELSEY: Sure.

[00:06:22] TREY: And they get nominated for Papa Pig, best actor. And in order to win in the Saskatchewan BroadwayWorld Acting Awards, you have to get the largest number of votes. So people there are many offenders in my life will go on this, um, campaign on social media and they'll DM you: "hey, here's a link. Please vote for me." And it's like, girl, I did not see you play Papa pig in the Saskatchewan production of The Three Little Pigs.

[00:06:51] CHELSEY: I can't vouch for your performance.

[00:06:53] TREY: And then the people that take it very seriously, they'll listed as like an accomplishment on their resume or on their website or on their Twitter bio. And it's all just a little silly to me because. There is no merit to winning because you've just bothered enough people.

[00:07:10] CHELSEY: It's not as if there was like a council of people that saw this person play the big piggy or whatever it is.

[00:07:17] TREY: No, because it's like individual states and there's just no one policing it. So then it becomes. Obviously, I don't like confrontation, but like here I am talking about it on a podcast, passive aggressive, but I don't know how to handle it because I don't know what to say in response to the DM, because I have actually said, "oh, sorry, I didn't see the performance" and then it's like, "it doesn't matter. Please just vote." And it's like, well then what are we doing here?