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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 46: "Balloon & Wine Festival / Nasty Gal"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 46: "Balloon & Wine Festival / Nasty Gal"


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THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

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[00:00:31] Trey: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Review That. Review the podcast dedicated to reviewing

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[00:00:50] Chelsey: And that's Trey Gerrald

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[00:01:12] Trey: Chelsey happy 420. Uh,

[00:01:20] Chelsey: Happy 420 Queens. I do think that there's something with Jesus and 420,

[00:01:26] Trey: What do you mean?

[00:01:27] Chelsey: his birthday or something, I got to look this up.

[00:01:30] Trey: Wait, what? Like Jesus Christ.

[00:01:33] Chelsey: Yeah. I mean says the Jew, but yes, there's like something. Oh God. Don't come at me. Jesus lovers. I, I respect everybody. I don't know. Happy 420.

[00:01:45] Trey: I'm not really a marijuana partake person. I have just for the novelty of it. When I was in last time when I was in Los Angeles, I did go to a dispensary just because it's legal. And so I was like, well, it's not going to be legal when I get back. It is today, this was years ago, but I went and it was really funny because I felt like I was in a haze because every employee at the med men was so high that I felt high because they all were so weird.

[00:02:14] Trey: was like, Hey man. And I was like, hi, um, I don't smoke, but like, I want to try this. So like, what should I do? And they're like, yeah, man, like calm down, you know? And I'm like, I'm nervous.

[00:02:28] Chelsey: oh my God. That's so funny. Well, somebody said 420, happy birthday. Jesus. I don't know where that came from, but I'm going to go.

[00:02:36] Trey: No. Well, Jesus, his birthday is

[00:02:37] Chelsey: Yeah. I don't know if that's true. The lunar calendar, you know what I mean? There's so many calendars happening anyway. Yeah. 420 is fun. Maybe I'll tell some stories on Patreon.

[00:02:49] Chelsey: Yeah. Why not? My week's going well, my day is going well. I like had a little bit of a kerfuffle in a parking lot that is going to like lodge right into my complaint.

[00:02:59] Trey: Go for a what happened?

[00:03:01] Lodge A Complaint!

[00:03:01] VOICEOVER: Lodge A Complaint.

[00:03:02] Chelsey: Actually, I shouldn't call it a kerfuffle cause that makes it seem like I damaged something, which I didn't. So, you know, when you're in a parking lot, especially for a shopping center, you know, there's lots of people coming and going and Los Angeles has lots of one way parking situations, but not only are they one way and like, not very clear that they're one way, but the parking spaces are.

[00:03:26] Chelsey: Aligned in such a way that if you do enter in the wrong direction, it is nearly impossible to get into the parking space. So it's like I was running late to an appointment, admittedly. And I was pulling into the slot. I did not think that I was doing anything wrong. And then I realized I'm not going to be able to get into this spot because I'm going from the wrong direction. But like there were people surrounding me on all sides. And so I just had to, I felt like Austin Powers, you know, in that scene where he's like making that turn, like I had to just like, keep doing that.

[00:04:00] Chelsey: I kept turning to everyone around me. And I was like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. But like, is it necessary to do that with these slanted parking spaces? I don't know.

[00:04:11] Trey: Yeah. I don't understand the, unless it's like a very small lot. And like they're doing that for flow of traffic. I don't know what

[00:04:18] Chelsey: I guess, but like, it kind of makes it worse. Cause it was sort of small ish lot, but like there was a car that was pulling out that was driving towards me, so I couldn't turn towards them. So I naturally of course, got out of their way and was like, oh, that's fine. I'll just take a left up here. But then when I went to take my turn, I was going the wrong way.

[00:04:40] Chelsey: So maybe that car really started the whole kerfuffle, but the point is, if we can't rely on one another and we're not going to mark it in such a way, that is very obvious. Why are we even doing this?

[00:04:53] Trey: I have been in that situation before. I do know what you mean. It's like you can't get your car into it. Cause it's the wrong way. You just made me think of a really good complaint that I, I'm not going to.

[00:05:03] Trey: Yeah, I'm going to write it down. I hear you. That is a great complaint. I'm sorry that that happened to you. And I'm in agreement that we should just blame that person that was in front of you.

[00:05:12] Chelsey: it wasn't my fault. Well, now that I've gotten that off my chest in real time, I've lodged my complaint. I'd like to know What are you going to complain about today?

[00:05:21] Trey: This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system.

[00:05:28] Chelsey: Oh my God. Yes.

[00:05:31] Trey: I'm sorry that I, people so loud. My blood boy calls when that little monthly test goes off on my cable.

[00:05:41] Chelsey: It's very upsetting.

[00:05:42] Trey: is 2022. What is this test for? Like, okay. Maybe in the world today, like nuclear bombing is like, it's real again, but what my frustration is, I have no way to answer the test. Whoever is sending the test out.

[00:05:58] Trey: Doesn't know if someone is filling in that scan-tron bubble because. I not calling in to say, yes, you're interrupting Maury Povich. I like, it makes me crazy. Also today in 2022, we ha everyone has smartphones. Like,

[00:06:15] Chelsey: Nobody's relying on the cable television.

[00:06:18] Trey: do you remember when Trump was in office? And like, there was some random day where it was like, we got that little alert

[00:06:24] Chelsey: at office Depot. Everybody in there was in a total panic.

[00:06:28] Trey: like I turned it off a long time ago. Cause I guess I hate children, but there's also a feature on yes. On iPhones where it's like an Amber.

[00:06:36] Trey: alert will go to your phone. So I feel like that is so much more effective than these emergency broadcasting systems, which I didn't know. I've never heard it on the radio, but in researching this complaint, it goes to any sort of broadcast.

[00:06:51] Trey: So, but I've never heard it on a

[00:06:53] Chelsey: Yeah. I don't think I've ever heard it on the radio either. I mean, it is a little terrifying. It's kind of like, you know, the fire drill in when you're a kid, it's like, you hope the school's never on fire, but you still have to like, practice what you would do so that you don't all burn to death.

[00:07:09] Trey: Well, says that the emergency alert system is a national public warning system that requires radio and TV, broadcasters, cable, TV, wireless cable systems, satellite and wire line operators to provide the president with capability to address the American people. So I guess it. would be like breaking

[00:07:34] Chelsey: It will be like, stand by present is coming

[00:07:37] Trey: my question. Like I'm not against having the alerts like so that the president can get to us. I think it's a little outdated. I understand. Not everyone has a smartphone, but I feel like more people have smartphones than they have cable today.

[00:07:51] Chelsey: I don't know the stats on that.

[00:07:52] Trey: I mean, I feel like young children, like kids in college, aren't buying cable, but they have an iPhone.

[00:07:58] Chelsey: but maybe this is for the old people. Sorry, old people.

[00:08:00] Trey: My complaint is like, how are you verifying that? It's going through to my television? Like, why am I being subjected to the test without being able to alert you of the result?

[00:08:11] Chelsey: there's gotta be some way that they know. Otherwise. I agree. It would be completely useless. A test for whom

[00:08:17] Trey: I'm really sorry for how loud that was. Like, it really hurt you. I saw,

[00:08:21] Trey: I

[00:08:21] Chelsey: dead. It's okay. It's okay.

[00:08:24] Trey: Right

[00:08:24] Chelsey: I just had to take the headphones off or it's like,

[00:08:26] Trey: but I was so committed to the bed. I didn't acknowledge it.

[00:08:29] Chelsey: It's okay.

[00:08:30] Trey: I'm sorry.

[00:08:31] Chelsey: I hear you. It is really jarring.

[00:08:36] Trey: I feel bad. I'm sorry.

[00:08:38] Chelsey: No, it's the high-end. I hate it too. I leave the Amber alerts on why? Because I want to be a good Samaritan, I guess. I don't know, like God forbid I should be the one that like, you know, sees it. And then I want to know that I would be the first to call and of course I

[00:08:54] Trey: Did you ever get lost in a department store as a kid and have to like go for them to call your name over the

[00:08:59] Chelsey: absolutely. kidding? My mom claims one time we were at a grocery store and she says, now I don't, this doesn't really make sense to me. She says that I ran away from her and then I ran to the person like hysterically crying, saying I couldn't find her. And they called her over the loudspeaker. And she was like, why didn't you run away from me?

[00:09:23] Chelsey: You know? Like, I, I don't know why I would've done. Have you ever gone up to somebody

[00:09:30] Trey: Yeah.

[00:09:31] Chelsey: that they were your mother or father?

[00:09:37] Trey: Literally, as you were asking that I would speak, I need to make a note for app the after zone.

[00:09:42] Chelsey: my God.

[00:09:43] Trey: have, it's probably one of the most mortifying I get. When I think about it, my skin is flashing in my eyes are tearing. It was the most. That's probably it like an elementary school where I'll tell this story on the after show. Oh, but yes, I grabbed the,

[00:10:05] Chelsey: Oh no. I was walking on the, I was walking on the boardwalk, um, in Atlanta where you really that's weird. That's weird. Okay. I'll tell mine. And after show tale,

[00:10:17] Trey: Wait. that's

[00:10:18] Trey: so weird. Chelsey.

[00:10:21] Chelsey: too many distractions. There's like the ocean or.

[00:10:24] Trey: That's what's probably what it is and the fishing and

[00:10:27] Chelsey: Yeah, exactly. There's just like stuff around. Oh my God. That's hilarious. All right. that was a lot.

[00:10:35] Trey: Wow. I'm like, I feel like my skin is vibrating a lot.

[00:10:39] Trey: of higher frequency now. Alright, well, Chelsey, do you want to get into some online reviews with this energy?

[00:10:45] Chelsey: I absolutely beeping do know. All right. As you all know, we are your trustee Review! Queens. We each bring in a review from the internet that we feel needs to be inspected. What?

[00:10:59] Trey: I just keep getting a visual of you taking the headphones off. And I like, it's funny, but I also feel really guilty,

[00:11:05] Chelsey: all right, let it

[00:11:05] Trey: was so loud.

[00:11:06] Chelsey: Let it go, Elsa.

[00:11:07] Trey: Thank you.

[00:11:08] Chelsey: You're welcome.

[00:11:09] Trey: All right. Yeah. So as Chelsey was saying, we will read you the Review! break it down and rate the, we will. Okay. We will read you the Review! break it down and rate the impact of the review on a scale from zero to five crowns. It's a very Regal process that we call

[00:11:29] VOICEOVER: Assess That Kvetch

[00:11:31] Trey: and Chelsey girl, you are first on today's episode. Take it away, Queen.

[00:11:36] Chelsey: I can't wait. I can't wait. I'm sorry. I'm excited. I'm excited. Yay.

[00:11:41] Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival 2 Star Review

[00:11:41] VOICEOVER: Review That Review.

[00:11:46] Chelsey: I think it's like apropos that we have extra giggles today. Can if considering it's 420,

[00:11:51] Trey: Right. Good point.

[00:11:53] Chelsey: which is nothing new for us. All right. So this Review! is written by VIN T

[00:12:01] Trey: Like the size of Starbucks.

[00:12:03] Chelsey: oh yeah. Good point. Binti so this was written by Vinti. It is a two-star review on Yelp for the Temecula valley balloon and wine festival.

[00:12:16] Chelsey: All right, here we go.

[00:12:18] Chelsey: The Temecula valley balloon and wine festival is held every year during the first weekend of June. The Romans, like to say: 'in vino veritas.' Which translates to: in wine, there is truth. Whereas Bo and Duke, like to say, 'yeehaw, let's go get us a beerita!'

[00:12:45] Trey: What?!.

[00:12:48] Chelsey: So what happens at some random desert spot?

[00:12:51] Chelsey: When you gather a bevy of hot balloons, airships, eighties rockers, Daisy Dukes, wine snobs, and these beer cocktails called beeritas? like the porta potty drains tanks, you end up with something that doesn't mix really well. That's not to say you can't find some good here. The balloon glow, when the air ships ignite their burners in unison, while a loft is striking and sensational, a handful of great wineries represented and lost in the sea of corn dogs, funnel cakes, and fried in hot fat mysteries were some real food items.

[00:13:45] Chelsey: But I would invest your $50 per ticket with the real balloon festival in Albuquerque, or perhaps the San Diego bay wine and food festival in November.

[00:13:58] Chelsey: As the Roman say X Neely, O G is ex Nilo Neal fit, which means nothing comes from nothing. Pro Tip. It's important to spell check your tattoo!

[00:14:17] Chelsey: About me.

[00:14:18] Chelsey: Latin scholar? Yes. Daisy duke fan? Yes. Dukes of Hazzard fan Not so much.

[00:14:32] Trey: Wow. Well, I'm glad that van at the end explained why they referenced what the Romans would say as somebody at times. Wait, what's the difference between Dukes of hazard and Daisy duke? I thought Daisy duke was a character on the Dukes of hazard,

[00:14:47] Chelsey: I always thought of Daisy Dukes as like, like the shorts, right? Like the actual clothing and then Dukes of hazard. Isn't that? A movie

[00:14:56] Trey: I believe it was a

[00:14:57] Chelsey: or TV show.

[00:14:59] Trey: And then yes, it became a thump, but they're like the hot girl on that. Like Jessica Simpson and the movie played Daisy

[00:15:04] Chelsey: Yeah. That's who I think of. I think of Jessica Simpson in the short for.

[00:15:08] Trey: which for.

[00:15:08] Trey: some reason always makes me think of that Paris Hilton Hardee's commercial, where she's like washing the car and then like shoves the burger in her mouth.

[00:15:15] Chelsey: Oh, yeah, awkward.

[00:15:16] Trey: I don't know why, wait, what's the third thing he signs off with,

[00:15:20] Chelsey: It says Dukes of Hazzard fan boy, not so much.

[00:15:24] Trey: I guess I'm just, why does he keep talking about I don't get it or is he saying that there's a lot of rednecks here? Something.

[00:15:31] Chelsey: I think that is what he's saying, because he also brings up the whole, like it's important to check your tattoo. I think that the point that Vinti is getting at is like the Temecula, as far as I've always known, it has been these beautiful vineyards and a little bit more classic. And I guess this moment, whenever this festival is, is very like, Aw, you know, or like a weird mix of things at once.

[00:15:58] Chelsey: Like we have. These beautiful vineyards, you know, all around and this striking glow of the airships and the balloons, and that's like a striking scene to be had. And then I think we're venti is where we're losing. Venti is the funnel cake, you know, corn dog, hot fat mysteries, and misspelled tattoos of it all.

[00:16:25] Trey: I mean, it is interesting when you think about it, cause it is sort of mixing high and low. Like I do think of like a carnival,

[00:16:32] Chelsey: Rita fit into a wine festival?

[00:16:35] Trey: like the port-a-potty analogy, I guess, you know, it is funny to me to consider like rednecks, the lowest point of society. And then the Romans as the

[00:16:48] Chelsey: I guess, yeah. In vinos

[00:16:51] Trey: each other for entertainment. I mean, it sounds to me like, then.

[00:16:55] Chelsey: Latins, scholarly.

[00:16:58] Trey: A little too, his hat, I suppose. But, but I do, I would say it is unique information because when you said the title, the Temecula valley balloon and wine festival, that sounds like so.

[00:17:09] Trey: lovely.

[00:17:09] Trey: But now we're hearing this Review! I am getting like, this is a very odd mixing of things that don't necessarily belong together, which has interesting.

[00:17:19] Chelsey: Yeah. I think it's valuable in the sense of the name of the event itself really does paint a certain picture and this really paints a different picture. And I mean, I'm not going to lie, like I'm not above,a funnel cake moment.

[00:17:35] Trey: Of course.

[00:17:36] Chelsey: I love like I'm, I'm not above the class of at all, but I do think it's interesting in a mixed with the wine. Like most of the time, if you think of a wine festival, you think it's going to be very like Shishi with cheese and crackers. Right?

[00:17:52] Trey: Um,

[00:17:53] Chelsey: I just picture like a bunch of those things from Starbucks that are like the cheese, the grapes, the whatever, that's what I'm going to be getting.

[00:18:00] Trey: I definitely think of a charcuterie board, but I also don't, I don't think of wine as an afternoon beverage. I think of it as like a chic dinner party. I would never want a red wine at like noon on the first weekend of June looking up at balloons.

[00:18:18] Chelsey: not a red wine and an adult. I'm a, I'm a white, well, I'm a Sauvignon Blanc specific kind of girl. And I feel like you can definitely have a nice crisp white wine with lunch

[00:18:30] Trey: I think of St. Korea, if it's going

[00:18:32] Chelsey: or a sangria or, yeah, I don't, the time of day doesn't particularly bother me.

[00:18:38] Trey: I guess you are in wine country. So like you are going to be partaking in wine

[00:18:43] Chelsey: Yeah, we do like wine tours during the day and Temecula and stuff like that.

[00:18:47] Chelsey: Okay. I forgot to mention that venti is an elite reviewer, which again, I think sort of brings that whole pompous ness to light. What do we think of the attitude here? What do we think of the shade?

[00:18:59] Trey: Why have a question? Does it, we don't know where then is from

[00:19:02] Chelsey: Lynn's from Carlsbad, which is near San Diego.

[00:19:05] Trey: no, it, well, so I guess to me, as someone who born and raised in the south chose to leave the south, I don't like people making fun of the south. If they're not Southern, I don't think that's fair. I think it's A little out of touch.

[00:19:19] Chelsey: Yeah, I agree.

[00:19:21] Trey: So there, there is a sense of like screwing you. Yeah.

[00:19:24] Trey: Southern people are, can be tacky and sure. There's like a stereotype about Southern people and you know, but like, why are you like

[00:19:31] Chelsey: And also some of us love it. And I sort of wished that there was a little room for that. Like we've heard other reviews before where they're like, not my cup of tea, but if it's yours, go for it. Whereas this, whereas this is feeling judgy in a way that's

[00:19:47] Trey: very judgmental.

[00:19:49] Chelsey: the whole thing, go to go to the San Diego bay wine and food festival in November because that's where people, you know, are going to be more classy or whatever it is that we're trying to get at.

[00:20:00] Trey: I'm glad you brought that up. Cause I literally thought, like, why are you suggesting something that's in an entirely different season? This is like a summer early summer festival here in

[00:20:10] Chelsey: And like, can we give,

[00:20:11] Trey: suggesting something and

[00:20:12] Chelsey: can we give to macula, like their moment?

[00:20:14] Trey: yeah, it does seem to me like then. Has a very specific pompous point of view about what an elegant wine festival should be and came to this one, being very surprised.

[00:20:28] Trey: But to me mixing the conceit of like a fair or a daytime festival with like fried stuff, it makes me think that this is like a family friendly offering for Temecula. Like you can bring your kids, they can do all that. Silly like fried Oreo stuff and you can have wine. Like the mixing is feels disjointed, but it also feels purposeful.

[00:20:52] Chelsey: I agree also, like I do think that the family. Matches my memory of Temecula.

[00:20:59] Trey: The beer Rita thing is odd because beer and margaritas have nothing to do with wine, but have you ever had one of those? Have you ever had a. Like there was a, there's a place in Manhattan called Blockheads and they put an upside down Corona inside of a frozen margarita.

[00:21:14] Chelsey: I mean, I'm not a big beer person in general. I do like a margarita, so I would just have my margarita as the mark minus the beer.

[00:21:22] Trey: Okay. So tell me about this spelling situation. Cause it seems like, or the grammar

[00:21:26] Chelsey: Yeah. I mean, I think spelling and grammar checks out, there were a few sentences that were a little bit hard for me to read.

[00:21:32] Trey: and the anxiety of seeing.

[00:21:35] Chelsey: Yeah. And the anxiety of seeing Latin. I think if I were just reading this, Review! not allowed on a podcast. I would probably just skip that. Like, I don't even think I would, like when I first saw the Review!, I was like, oh, there's going to be Latin here. That I'm going to have to say on the show, but I just thought, I mean, You can't really get any more pompous than Roman Latin Kenya?

[00:21:56] Trey: Okay, well here let's get to the actual nuts and bolts. Like, what is the point? What's the point of this interview? Do you think that this is a common experience of people go into this festival? Or do you think that then a sort of an, a fluke minority here?

[00:22:09] Chelsey: I think it's a, it's a little bit hard. Cause I'm, you know, by the way that they're describing it and they set up right away, there definitely does seem to be two festivals happening at the same time. So I think you can expect that. But your response to that very well may not be the response that VIN T is having.

[00:22:28] Chelsey: Does that mean.

[00:22:29] Trey: Yeah,

[00:22:30] Trey: I mean, I, I do kind of feel like. I think that this really got under then's scan, unless maybe they're just an elite and they wanted to be able to leave a review. But like, it does seem like if you're going to a daytime festival of like hot air balloons and wine, like, I mean, we live in a country. Of lots of different kinds of people.

[00:22:51] Trey: Like if you're not used to dealing or being surrounded by people that are different than you than you probably are like an obnoxious human, like if you can't lean like hobnob with people that aren't exactly

[00:23:03] Chelsey: If you can't hang with the commoners then. Yeah, exactly. Maybe, maybe you're the odd man out.

[00:23:10] Trey: Yeah, I mean, I feel like I can like put this in like a colander and sort of shift out what's actually necessary here.

[00:23:19] Chelsey: That's a great way of putting it because like we find out that it's $50 a ticket, so that's information.

[00:23:25] Trey: and it is interesting to know, like you're gonna, like, you're going to be mixing high class with low class. So have that expectation. And I do think the whole redneck stuff is as an attempt at humor, more than like, you know, anything really serious. But I think I can, I think I could crown venti makes me want to Vinci

[00:23:41] Chelsey: I know, I think I can ground them too. I just have one question. What do we think that w like the final shade before the obviously protect that it's important to spellcheck your tattoo ex Nilo Neal feet, which means nothing comes from nothing. What do you think that that means?

[00:23:58] Trey: I mean before we got to the end, when they say they're a scholar, it felt to me like the two most generic Latin phrases that people get as, as tattoos, or like put on their, like captions of their like thirst trap on

[00:24:11] Chelsey: Yeah.

[00:24:12] Trey: I don't know. I don't, I don't know. I have no idea

[00:24:16] Chelsey: Cause I don't think that that is a concluding statement really adds up to anything. Cause I think it's like nothing comes from nothing. Doesn't really make sense. Like it's like everything. Add the up to nothing. Maybe. I don't know. Anyway, too much time is spent on venti. Let's crown him.

[00:24:31] Trey: All right, here we go. So Chelsey and I each have our own set of zero to five crown carts and an effort to be fair and not influence one another. We will simultaneously reveal our.

[00:24:43] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating.

[00:24:50] VOICEOVER: Total Score.

[00:24:51] Chelsey: All right. Trey is holding up two crowns. I'm holding up two and a half grounds. Trey, let us know why two crowns preventing.

[00:24:57] Trey: I think after shifting my little colander, I'm realizing there's base level information here. I was really distracted. I had to do a lot of self work on myself to get through the weeds of like the bad humor about Southern people or not even Southern people, but. The Dukes of Hazzard type people. And I don't know, I just think like it's a festival get over yourself.

[00:25:21] Trey: Like, why are you being so pompous about a festival that King's festival? Um, so for that reason I gave it to cause I don't, whatever, it was just get a glass of wine. Okay. And enjoy the hot air balloons. Chelsey, why did you say two and a half?

[00:25:37] Chelsey: I was really torn between two and two and a half. I agree with everything that you're saying, I think that there was like way too much judgment here. That really was a turn off for me. But like you said, it was actually your colander point. Pushed me up that extra half crown, because I do know it's going to be $50 a ticket.

[00:25:56] Chelsey: I do know that I definitely am getting a sense of the vibe that I can anticipate. It's two crowns, not one. So I think they're, they are leaving a little bit of room, uh, for their interpretation to be not the mass interpretation. So that was why I went with two and a half pounds for vintage.

[00:26:16] Trey: All right. Good job. Let's go to some macula.

[00:26:18] Chelsey: Yes, let's do it.

[00:26:20] Chelsey: Please. I'd love to go.

[00:26:21] Trey: All right. Well, Let's take a quick little break before we head to Temecula in real life. And when we come back, we can get into my Review!.

[00:26:28] Chelsey: Let's do it. I account wait, BRB.

[00:26:35] VOICEOVER: We'll be right back.

[00:27:01] 26:46 Ad Break[00:27:01] 26:48 Meryl Go Round

[00:27:01] Trey: It's One-Star-Zinger time Chelsey let's strap ourselves in, take a quick spin on the Meryl-Go-Round. '

[00:27:09] VOICEOVER: I don't feel like an icon. Most of the days,

[00:27:19] Chelsey: All right, Trey and I have each picked a rotten scathing, pithy One-Star-Zinger and with 30 seconds on the clock, we'll each try to recite our zinger in as many genres as possible

[00:27:31] Trey: Just like queen Meryl, who does it?

[00:27:33] Chelsey: before the clock runs out. All right. Try. Where is your One-Star-Zinger from today?

[00:27:39] Trey: This week, I have a one-star review from written by good old Amazon customer

[00:27:47] Chelsey: she's back.

[00:27:48] Trey: the DVD of the 1965 live television production of Cinderella, starring Leslie Ann Warren.

[00:27:59] Chelsey: Is this the Brandy one? Wait, what year is this?

[00:28:04] Trey: 1965.

[00:28:09] Chelsey: Oh,

[00:28:11] Trey: And I also said starring Leslie Ann Warren.

[00:28:13] Chelsey: yes. Okay.

[00:28:16] Trey: See, I feel like it's just 420 it's Vegas

[00:28:19] Chelsey: I know you're right. It is it's it's in the air.

[00:28:23] Trey: All right. So Amazon customers, one star review subject is One Star. And the Review is grandkids wanted the cartoon version.

[00:28:34] Chelsey: Oh, my God, Amazon customer. Well, if grandkids wanted the cartoon version, then maybe you should have paid more attention before you bought this one.

[00:28:43] Trey: Exactly.

[00:28:44] Chelsey: All right. I'm gonna into a pumpkin thing that Cinderella rides and with what.

[00:28:54] Trey: thought you were going to strap me to Brandy.

[00:29:00] Chelsey: I have such amazing nostalgia for the Brandy version. Like that is my preferred Cinderella. So I just, well, as soon as anyone says that I automatically picture Brandy in my head. So I think I just stopped listening.

[00:29:13] Trey: You did

[00:29:14] Chelsey: No, I'm going to put you in the pumpkin, you know, with your fairy godmother so that you can come out in your beautiful gown, looking stunning.

[00:29:21] Chelsey: Don't lose your shoes again, please.

[00:29:24] Trey: it's possible.

[00:29:27] Chelsey: Things are happening at every day is

[00:29:31] Trey: It's all right.

[00:29:34] Chelsey: I thought it was impossible, impossible,

[00:29:37] Trey: Yeah, but then she's saying it is

[00:29:39] Chelsey: then it is in the end.

[00:29:41] Trey: cause of

[00:29:41] Chelsey: Our rights, our right, right.

[00:29:43] Trey: It's

[00:29:43] Chelsey: God it's possible. Let's do it. It is possible that you'll win this Meryl-Go-Round I believe in. You try. So

[00:29:51] Trey: thank you.

[00:29:52] Chelsey: let's get it.

[00:29:54] Trey: Come on pumpkin. Here we go.

[00:29:55] Chelsey: Yes.

[00:29:56] VOICEOVER: Three, Two, One,.

[00:30:01] Chelsey: TLC reality. Show

[00:30:03] Trey: wanted the cartoon version

[00:30:06] Chelsey: adult film,

[00:30:07] Trey: GO! grandkids. One of the

[00:30:12] Chelsey: breaking news,

[00:30:14] Trey: grandkids wanted the cartoon version.

[00:30:17] Chelsey: drama,

[00:30:19] Trey: Grandkids wanted the cartoon.

[00:30:21] Chelsey: romcom. WWE.

[00:30:28] VOICEOVER: Two,.

[00:30:32] Chelsey: Good job, Trey. I dunno why that felt. I mean, I do know why that felt so gross when I gave you the adult film.

[00:30:40] Trey: Good job.

[00:30:41] Chelsey: my God. I could jerk because your tray that's six, that's six for you. Trey. Good word.

[00:30:46] Trey: Alright, Chelsey, what is your One-Star-Zinger today?

[00:30:49] Chelsey: Okay. So my One-Star-Zinger is from the modern days, Snuggie called the comfy. It's very comfortable.

[00:30:59] Chelsey: This Review!. I would call it comfy. This review is written by unhappy. Um, it is obviously a one-star review, subject wrong color. And then the Review! is I received the wrong color and then it has the like hand to the face emoji. So I guess I'm going to have to, so I guess every time I say my thing, I'm going to have to hand to the face.

[00:31:24] Trey: All right. Another plug for patreon. If you aren't a patreon on, you're going to ha

[00:31:28] Chelsey: Now you're going to miss my hand to the face, slap myself.

[00:31:31] Trey: Yeah. Don't slap yourself. All right.

[00:31:32] Trey: Well then in that case, I'm in a strap you into one of those poop emoji pillow.

[00:31:38] Chelsey: Okay. Great. Love it.

[00:31:39] Trey: Alright, here we go.

[00:31:41] Chelsey: That's it.

[00:31:41] VOICEOVER: Three, Two, One,.

[00:31:44] Trey: Spy

[00:31:46] Chelsey: I received the wrong color.

[00:31:49] Trey: Yankee

[00:31:51] Chelsey: I received.

[00:31:53] Trey: breaking news

[00:31:55] Chelsey: I received the wrong color.

[00:31:58] Trey: auctioneer.

[00:32:00] Chelsey: I received the wrong color.

[00:32:13] VOICEOVER: Two,.

[00:32:29] Trey: Oh, I got matched to that bike. I couldn't even, I couldn't even say Shakespeare.

[00:32:42] Chelsey: The Moji really added the

[00:32:51] Chelsey: oh God.

[00:32:53] Trey: I have to go on a hunt for emoji ones down to four. So that was definitely six. You definitely got sex, but I feel like you were about to do Shakespeare, but I couldn't say

[00:33:06] Chelsey: That's okay. We'll just take the tie. We'll take the

[00:33:10] Trey: Oh my God. A'..

[00:33:14] Chelsey: Ah, that was fun. That was a fun ride.

[00:33:19] NastyGal Instagram Review

[00:33:19] VOICEOVER: Review That Review.

[00:33:22] Chelsey: Goodness. All right. We are back from that giggling game break and it is your turn. Trey. Where is your Review! from this week?

[00:33:32] Trey: Okay. So I have a very interesting show departure review today.

[00:33:37] Chelsey: Oh, wow. Okay.

[00:33:38] Trey: this was sent to us by a listener.

[00:33:41] Chelsey: Okay.

[00:33:42] Trey: Unfortunately, I don't remember. I should've made a note and I didn't, I also have another Review That I've yet to do that with also sent by listener. I did make A'.

[00:33:52] Trey: Facebook status months ago and the only person to like it was Chelsey. Um, okay.

[00:33:58] Trey: So this is a Instagram comment Review! of

[00:34:03] Chelsey: Wait, what?

[00:34:05] Trey: the shop nasty gal. Left in the comment section of nasty gal's Instagram account.

[00:34:13] Chelsey: Copy. Okay.

[00:34:14] Trey: So this is by an Instagram user named Bella B for nasty gal. And here is Bella B's Review! and I'm just going to save my voice. This entire Review! is written in all caps.

[00:34:31] Trey: If you actually want to receive your orders, I do not suggest ordering anything from at nasty gal. I ordered two items on November 15th and FedEx has yet to receive the items as of November 25th. After them telling me all week, my delivery day was today. Whole time there's been no delivery date. Fed ex gets to my house around 10:00 AM.

[00:35:01] Trey: 10:00 AM has came and went. And now nothing I inquired today and at nasty gal is telling ne I have to wait until December 16th. Now on a day when I should be celebrating, I am wasting an hour of my day trying to figure out ehat to wear after spending an extra $250 a few days ago on options! money, I did not have to spend had at nasty gal, not had such a trifling shipping procedure.

[00:35:38] Trey: I will never, ever, ever order from here again. And if you go look in their comments, you can see others having the same issue. Hashtag bad business hashtag do not shop here. Hashtag bad reviews, hashtag bad rating. Hashtag stay away. Hashtag never shop hashtag nasty gals do it better.

[00:36:11] Chelsey: Wait, what nasty girls do it better? I mean, not in this case.

[00:36:17] Trey: Maybe Bella B did that on purpose. Cause maybe that's their like their shops.

[00:36:22] Chelsey: Or maybe they're like nasty girls do it better.

[00:36:27] Trey: have you ever heard of nasty gal?

[00:36:28] Chelsey: I've heard of nasty gal because I was obsessed with a show on Netflix called girl boss. That's all about the founder of nasty gal.

[00:36:36] Trey: Oh, so you've never shopped at nasty gal.

[00:36:40] Chelsey: no. Have you,

[00:36:41] Trey: I've been to the one that's in west Hollywood. It's right. Where that,

[00:36:46] Chelsey: like stores now because it used to be like an E-bay type thing.

[00:36:50] Trey: Oh

[00:36:51] Trey: no, it's like a shop.

[00:36:53] Chelsey: Oh

[00:36:54] Trey: There's one. I don't know how many there are there's one, right by that. Alfred's, you know where that diamond is on.

[00:37:01] Chelsey: yeah.

[00:37:02] Trey: It's right. We went to Alfred's and then, cause my niece wanted to go to go there,

[00:37:06] Chelsey: Oh, interesting. All right. So I, you know what I find very interesting. Anecdotally, does the FedEx person come to your house at the same time? Every time?

[00:37:16] Trey: I don't know.

[00:37:17] Chelsey: I don't think I'd ever be able to say it's 10 0 1 and had the FedEx guy, you know, been here on his regular scheduled route. He would have been here already by 10:00 AM.

[00:37:28] Chelsey: You know what I mean? Like, I don't think I have that kind of, I've had packages delivered in the morning and the afternoon and the evening, I thought that was a little bit odd.

[00:37:39] Trey: also it's been 10 days. Like they ordered the items on the 15th and now it's the 25th. So it's been 10 days. I mean I guess I feel like most standard shipping is like,

[00:37:52] Chelsey: I mean that's a lot of time. I mean, for it to ultimately be taking over a month is, is infuriating a little bit don't you think?

[00:38:00] Trey: Yeah. So I do think taking a month is exceptionally long, but the fact that it's only been 10 days and there's been no progress that that would upset me. Yeah, it would have, I don't know that I would go to Instagram.

[00:38:12] Chelsey: Yeah. I think Instagram is a very interesting forum to go to. I've known people to go to Twitter,

[00:38:18] Trey: Yes,

[00:38:19] Chelsey: I think going to the Instagram comments, it just makes me wonder how likely is it that nasty gal is going to see this comment? What are they commenting on in the first place? Right? Like, how is this comment analogous to the post itself?

[00:38:37] Trey: So it is just on a random photo. And, but I actually think it's an interesting place to go because all of these airplane companies, like as soon as you complain on Twitter and you add them, there's a customer service person that is immediately like, please accept my request. I will deem you privately.

[00:38:56] Trey: We'll take care of this immediately.

[00:38:57] Chelsey: Yeah, but I feel like that's because okay. If. Was like at Delta, you messed up whatever. And I like wrote something really mean about Delta. Then if I went on to Twitter and I searched the word Delta, it is possible that your Review! rather your tweet might come up. So like now this is directly associated with your company at very least in the mentions.

[00:39:20] Chelsey: So I feel like. Make sense to me that if you're going to, I'm going to put you on blast on Twitter. This, I feel like it's so easy to get lost in the comments. We're a little bit wasting our breath in this forum. I think don't you,

[00:39:36] Trey: You know, now that you,

[00:39:37] Trey: say that that sort of shift my opinion here. Cause I thought this is like really clever and smart way to go about getting some sort of attention from the company. But I am starting to think like

[00:39:48] Chelsey: does it show you if anybody's like liked it or reply?

[00:39:52] Trey: So this was sent to us two hours after the person wrote it.

[00:39:56] Chelsey: Okay.

[00:39:57] Trey: And there's no, there's no attention on it,

[00:40:00] Chelsey: Okay.

[00:40:01] Trey: but I don't remember when this was sent to me, but oh, November 25th is when it was sent to me.

[00:40:06] Chelsey: Okay. Yeah. So doesn't really seem like it's garnering much attention.

[00:40:12] Trey: But nasty gal's Instagram account is verified. They have 10,000 posts and they have 4.8 million followers. So I do imagine that there is a social media team, and I do imagine that they are constantly scheduling and making posts. So I do think that this could get lost very easily and 50 50. I do think maybe the social media team would find this and, you know, choose how to engage.

[00:40:39] Chelsey: I just think it's a little bit hard for me to assess the impact here, you know, because nobody that's like having a problem deciding whether or not to purchase something is going to go to this particular post and look through the comments before deciding whether or not they should, they should make a time sensitive order with nasty gal.

[00:40:56] Chelsey: I just don't know that the audience that's meant to see this Review! and learn from this interaction is going to actually, learn from this interaction. So.

[00:41:06] Trey: Well, I think that's an interesting point because the whole Twitter thing and the whole Instagram, I do think even though Bella B begins the review with, if you actually want to receive your. Don't shop here. I don't think that going to these platforms is to help other people. I think it is only to get your situation addressed, which I don't really have a judgment call on either way, but, but no, this conversation is highlighting.

[00:41:34] Trey: I think there's less longevity in the impact on Instagram specifically,

[00:41:39] Chelsey: And who knows, like maybe Bella B then went on to like write a Trustpilot review, went onto, I mean, we don't know, but we have

[00:41:45] Trey: right?

[00:41:46] Chelsey: grade it as if Bella has only written this Review! as an Instagram comment, unfortunately, for, for maybe my assessment of Bella.

[00:41:55] Trey: so like the spelling and grammar is terrible because it's basically, there are a couple of periods, but it's a lot of

[00:42:03] Chelsey: Oh, you said all caps lock.

[00:42:05] Trey: there is nothing that is lowercase except for at nasty gal and then all of the hashtags. So spelling grammars, it's literally just a rant. I mean,

[00:42:13] Chelsey: And presumably their caps lock button. Wasn't stuck. Then if they were able to ride the cash tags and.

[00:42:19] Trey: Right. It's definitely a stylistic choice. I just can't tell if this is like common or fluky. Like, I don't think that any business could survive if, if they always took a month to deliver things. So it does make me think like something happened. For the specific order. Also the whole like emotion about I'm supposed to be celebrating today because I have all these options, but that's not happening because you're a trifling shipping procedure.

[00:42:46] Chelsey: don't

[00:42:46] Trey: sort of like,

[00:42:48] Chelsey: You think that Bella is in the red hat society or whatever it is. Like those people that wear the purple dresses and the red hats. And she's very

[00:42:54] Trey: no, this is like literally a 19 or 20 year old.

[00:42:58] Chelsey: Okay.

[00:42:58] Trey: I can see her picture.

[00:43:00] Chelsey: All right. So it's not, so I was a little confused with that section, right? So all of this is happening over a hat.

[00:43:07] Trey: Wait. It's really funny to me

[00:43:10] Chelsey: Are they wearing a

[00:43:10] Trey: to imagine a red hat?

[00:43:12] Trey: society, lady shopping at nasty gal

[00:43:16] Chelsey: Oh my God.

[00:43:18] Trey: purple boa.

[00:43:19] Chelsey: exactly. Exactly. So why do we need a hat?

[00:43:23] Trey: Uh, a hat?

[00:43:25] Chelsey: Why

[00:43:26] Trey: a hat.

[00:43:27] Chelsey: was it not a hat? You said

[00:43:29] Trey: No.

[00:43:30] Chelsey: I wrote down hat.

[00:43:32] Trey: Oh, because that's a type of, I say, trying to figure out what E H a T, instead of saying the word, what they wrote E H A T. So I said he hat

[00:43:44] Chelsey: Oh, I thought they were saying, trying to figure out what hat to wear.

[00:43:48] Trey: to wear.

[00:43:49] Chelsey: And I was like, why are you so upset about what I had to wear? Oh, it's not a hat. Okay. Oh,

[00:43:55] Trey: it's a

[00:43:55] Chelsey: really changes everything. All right. So, all right, fine. So it's not a hat. Where does the $250 come in?

[00:44:03] Trey: Because it seems that Bella B is presenting the case. So they purchased a bunch of options to, for what to wear. And aren't able to select powerfully because this item hasn't come. So now they don't have the, all the options

[00:44:16] Chelsey: Oh, Jesus Christ.

[00:44:18] Trey: so now they're effect, um, they've been victimized by FedEx is shipping delay.

[00:44:23] Chelsey: All right, so, so here's the, so this is the scenario. Bella Baby, has purchased $250 worth of options of whatever item this is. Let's say it's a hat.

[00:44:38] Chelsey: So $250 worth of hats. So then we have five of our options, but the one option that we order from nasty gal is not a part of our option selecting process. So we're very angry, even though we have five other options,

[00:44:54] Trey: I think I'm sort of making that up. I don't know if the options are only from nasty gal or if the options are from nasty gal forever 21 H and M pussy, poppin girls, wet seal. I don't know.

[00:45:07] Chelsey: I don't know that store, but yes, to the others. Okay. I think that what we're getting at, yes. I understand that you're upset because your item was delayed. We've all been there. I hate it.

[00:45:20] Trey: Yeah, it's The worst?

[00:45:21] Chelsey: frustration of that is not lost on me. And, and I've definitely been there. So Bella B feel you on that where I'm losing Bella B is I'm a little bit lost in the emotion of why we need this item and why we need it now.

[00:45:37] Chelsey: Right now, I think if we do order an item, we expect it within a reasonable timeframe, but I think that Bella B is adding an element to the Review! of. Immediacy. Like I need this right now. Like th this is, this is a

[00:45:51] Trey: time-sensitive, hat.

[00:45:53] Chelsey: I can understand that that's frustrating.

[00:45:55] Chelsey: Like this was my first choice. And now I had to go to a store and buy other things that I didn't really want to wear, but I can't be positive that that's the point.

[00:46:04] Trey: It does seem like maybe Bella be left out that there is something to be celebrating because it comes across like, this is a day when I should be celebrating, but, but they never say

[00:46:14] Chelsey: What are they celebrating?

[00:46:16] Trey: there was an event or are you just highlighting, like you were supposed to be so happy because this was due to arrive today and it's

[00:46:23] Chelsey: Right. And like, your happiness is like when the FedEx man comes at 10:00 AM with a package, I got to say, I love the word trifling. I don't think we use it enough. I only know it really from bills, bills, bills.

[00:46:35] Trey: Yes.

[00:46:36] Chelsey: I wonder what happened after this comment was left? I guess that's like what I'm left wondering because squeaky wheel, as we were saying, interesting, always going to applaud ingenuity, right?

[00:46:49] Trey: since we will never know the outcome. What is the impact for you with this? Keep you from going into the store or would this keep you from ordering it delivery?

[00:46:59] Chelsey: Again, assuming that I was thinking about buying, I mean, there's a lot of assumption here. I was thinking about buying a product. So I decided to check out their Instagram page. I landed on this particular post. I scroll down to the thing and I read this. If all of those things happened, would I then not order from them?

[00:47:15] Chelsey: I don't know. I think I just wouldn't order anything that was super time sensitive, nasty. I'll definitely flubbed up. But I just don't know how effective this is, but I think I'm ready to crown Balla B.

[00:47:27] Trey: Yeah, me too. I'm racking my brain here, but let's go ahead and crown let's do up.

[00:47:31] VOICEOVER: These are tabulating.

[00:47:38] Chelsey: All right, I'm holding up one and a half crowns Treys holding up two crowns. I'll go first. I'm holding up one and a half crowns because I feel you, Bella B, there is a lot of frustration in not receiving the item on time, especially when you're excited about it. I've been there. I just don't know that your voice is going to be heard.

[00:47:57] Chelsey: Here. And I don't know that you're reaching an audience that could then benefit from your experience either and your spelling and grammar. Wasn't great. And you held the caps lock. And so for those reasons, I did have to give you one and a half crowns, unfortunately, but I'm validating your pain and your experience.

[00:48:16] Chelsey: Why, why two crowns from you? Trey.

[00:48:18] Trey: I gave two crowns because I like the ingenuity. Trying Instagram, but I don't know when I am scrolling social media and I see an all caps comment. I instantly ignore it because I just don't have time.

[00:48:31] Chelsey: me too.

[00:48:32] Trey: there's so much craziness that goes on in the comments, but I appreciate that Bella B wants attention for the wrongdoing.

[00:48:40] Trey: And I have been there and I feel that, but ultimately I'm not sure that this is going to have a lasting impact on me as I'm shopping at nasty gal.

[00:48:49] Chelsey: As yes, as, as you frequently do.

[00:48:52] Trey: I love their hats.

[00:48:53] Chelsey: I love their hats as well.

[00:48:55] Trey: So two crowns for an elevator.

[00:48:58] My Royal Highness

[00:48:58] Trey: All right, queen, we have reached the most Regal portion of our show. Chelsey. Who are you going to induct this week for?

[00:49:08] Chelsey: I'm going to specify it to mine, but I'm going to open it up to all. So my nest thermostat. Really all the nest thermostats, it's really just changed my life. If you don't know what a nest thermostat is, it is a luxury that allows you to change the temperature, turn on your air conditioner, turn on your heat, Really from anywhere from your phone. So let's say it was like a hundred degrees outside and you were driving home and you're like, oh my God, my house is going to be a sauna. You could literally turn your air conditioner on from your car in that moment so that when you get home, your house is like chilled to perfection for you.

[00:49:49] Chelsey: I mean, what a luxury, my life has been changed. I'm lazier. But I am more comfortable. And so for that reason, I wanted to induct nest thermostats as My Royal Highness. And I don't know if they're still yes. And I don't know if they're still doing this, but when we got our nest thermostat, we actually got it for free because it was a part of an initiative in California to save energy.

[00:50:18] Chelsey: So, look into it because you might be able to get one for free.

[00:50:21] Trey: Very interesting. We actually don't have the nest system, but a very good friend does. And they talk about that nest constantly. So I hear how impactful.

[00:50:34] Chelsey: every day

[00:50:35] Trey: Mazel Tov

[00:50:36] Chelsey: I use it. Mazal to nest. All right.

[00:50:39] Trey: All right. Chelsey. Here We are. That's another round on the RU a RQ Ferris wheel of 420 life.

[00:50:45] Chelsey: Yes. Puff, puff, pass. Thank you for joining us today. If you like what you heard, pass that along to a friend, let them know. Share sharing is caring.

[00:50:57] Trey: Sure. And if you didn't like what you heard puff, puff, pass, and tell an enemy. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with the goings on in the queendom at or click the link in our show notes below It's. So.

[00:51:12] Chelsey: You can also hit up our voicemail box 1-850-REVIEW-0. Let us know. Do you agree? Do you disagree with our assessments today? Do you have complaints? You can follow us on all the socials at @TheReviewQueens and I'm at @ChelseyBD.

[00:51:26] Trey: And I am at @TreyGerrald

[00:51:29] On Todays After Show Pod

[00:51:29] Trey: ON today's after-show pod. We are rating and reviewing a one-star review from Amazon, for The My Friend Jesus plush. I was biting my tongue the whole time earlier in the episode when we were talking about

[00:51:46] Chelsey: was really Jesus saying a lot.

[00:51:49] Trey: Um, we're also going to talk about my sticky note, mortifying, horrifying boardwalk experiences, where you think you're with your family and you're a youth and you actually aren't.

[00:51:58] Trey: So to find out what made Chelsey say.

[00:52:01] Chelsey: Oh, hello. That's like Jason Mamoa as Jesus. Oh, I like that. Jesus. And to find out what made Trey say,

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[00:52:34] Chelsey: Face Palm.

[00:52:35] Trey: and remember.

[00:52:37] Chelsey: Ignore the haters. You're queen.

[00:52:40] Trey: Gender non-specific queen

[00:52:42] Chelsey: Bye!

[00:52:42] Trey: Bye! Face Palm.

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[00:53:04] Chelsey: Trey. Oh, wait. No, that's not you. Oh, shoot. I can't believe I did that. How embarrassing.

[00:53:09] Trey: What? Wait, what? I Don't we get it Wait, what's happening. I don't, I don't get the joke. Can you answer me? Hello?

[00:53:28] Chelsey: I was pretending, like, I thought that you were standing next to me, but you look.

[00:53:34] Trey: What?

[00:53:37] Trey: Why would you pretend that?

[00:53:39] Chelsey: I mean, we were saying about how, like, when you are the boardwalk and you thought that somebody was your

[00:53:47] Trey: oh

[00:53:48] Chelsey: and it wasn't, and

[00:53:48] Trey: my God, I, I just did not get that at all. Oh my God!