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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 105: "Cirque du Soleil"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 105: "Cirque du Soleil"


*Please pardon any and all spelling errors!

[00:00:00] THEME SONG: Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] CHELSEY DONN: Hello,

[00:00:32] TREY GERRALD: Oh, hi there. And hello listeners. Welcome once again to Review That Review. We are the podcast that is dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:42] CHELSEY DONN: that's Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:44] TREY GERRALD: and that is ChelseyBD Donn. And together we are.

[00:00:48] VOICEOVER: The Review, Queen,

[00:00:52] TREY GERRALD: But before we get into those reviews, ChelseyBD, is there anything that you need to

[00:00:56] VOICEOVER: Lodge, A, Complaint.

[00:00:58] TREY GERRALD: About this week?

[00:00:58] CHELSEY DONN: Thank you for asking 'I mean. 'I love when 'I have something happen in real time because then it really becomes A' cathartic moment. But 'I was taking out the trash. Trash bag was definitely, you know, full. I'm not gonna say that it wasn't. Okay. 'I am gonna say it was full and it was stretching the laws of physics and 'I knew that.

Okay. However, 'I got it down the stairs, got it in the garage. 'I opened the garage. 'I was fine. And well, right before 'I was about to get it into the tr, like in the heve, let's say. The he ho of it all just pushed it over the edge and everything collapsed out of the bottom of the bag. 'I 'I knew 'I was testing the laws of physics, but 'I guess my Complaint is why did 'I have to let me get so far?

You know, why did, didn't have to let me get to that point where 'I thought it was gonna work out and we were so close. Did, did God need like an extra laugh that day? Were my angels up there looking down, being like, we need, was Bob Saggot up there being like, 'I need A' little, you know, America's Funniest Videos moment from the Sky, R A', P Bob Saggot, but like, come on.

So close.

[00:02:20] TREY GERRALD: Or maybe God was looking down and said, you know what? I'm gonna do this to ChelseyBD

instead of the actual garbage man who's gonna come in. Because how many times do you think that happens to garbage people?

[00:02:34] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah. 'I guess. Yeah, 'I guess you're right.

[00:02:37] TREY GERRALD: I'm sure it's happened

[00:02:38] CHELSEY DONN: machine for the garbage truck comes out. It's like an arm. It grabs it. It takes it to nearly the top. That's what mine does. Grabs it, takes it to nearly the top, and then dunk, dunk, dunk. So 'I don't think 'I 'I don't know that this would've attacked A' garbage man.

But maybe, maybe God was looking out for me and letting it happen there and not inside the house. Like

[00:03:00] TREY GERRALD: Wait, wait, so you don't have A' garbage person that hangs on the side of the truck and grabs the garbage?

[00:03:06] CHELSEY DONN: We do, but he's there as like, like A', second in command. You know what 'I mean? Like he's there if something goes wrong. If we have like an error in the processes,

[00:03:16] TREY GERRALD: because you have like A' big metal trashcan that it like hooks through the little hole and then like

[00:03:20] CHELSEY DONN: It's not big and metal, honestly. It's just like A' standard, thick plastic trash ba which, which honestly these like claws of whatever they are that grab this thing right? One time. We overstuffed the trash can, like weight capacity wise and the, the machine was able to pick it up. But its claws indented into the trash can and broke it.

[00:03:49] TREY GERRALD: Oh,

[00:03:49] CHELSEY DONN: So 'I, don't think it's A' foolproof plan. 'I don't know that God was looking out for the trash man. That was like the second in command sitting there. Maybe he would've gotten A', little spillage. Not sure, but it just, you know what 'I mean when it's like you're working on something. It happened to me with something else earlier in the week.

'I was trying to fix my robot vacuum and 'I was really proud of myself cuz 'I got into the second to last step. And then in the last minute, 'I like snipped the electrical wire. And 'I was like, well, there goes the whole thing. You know what 'I mean? Like, so this isn't the first time this has happened to me, where I've gotten nearly to the finish line.

I'm in the clear and then bam, you know? And 'I just hate that.

[00:04:30] TREY GERRALD: That really reminds me of like the old days of dial up modem when you were like downloading stuff on Limewire and you were like at 98% and it's taken you

[00:04:38] CHELSEY DONN: Yes.

[00:04:38] TREY GERRALD: days to download and then your sister picks up the phone,

[00:04:41] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly. That's the feeling. That's the feeling like, Ooh, I'm there, and then bam. And you know what that is. So does sort of feel like A' metaphor for life because 'I think we've all experienced that feeling of like, oh, I'm on the precipice of something amazing, and then bam, nevermind. So

[00:04:59] TREY GERRALD: Well that's what creates me being cynical and not want to celebrate too early, cuz 'I always think the other shoe's

[00:05:04] CHELSEY DONN: 'I know, which is Brene Brown tells us that we shouldn't be foreboding joy. But it is hard because these moments do happen, right? So 'I don't know there's A' silver lining in there somewhere. 'I, the only one 'I can see is that thankfully this didn't happen again where it's spilled on the stairs.

Cuz then 'I think 'I would've really lost my mind.

[00:05:22] TREY GERRALD: 'I. Thought about that.

[00:05:24] CHELSEY DONN: that's my Complaint for this week. Um, thank you for listening and being there for me. This is fresh, hot off the presses,

[00:05:30] TREY GERRALD: I've definitely been there before. And it of course, it's like, let me just 'I, I'm gonna get away. I'll get away with it, rather than opening up

[00:05:37] CHELSEY DONN: exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And then at the end of the day, you're mad cuz you don't have anyone to blame but yourself. Like 'I should have double bagged. 'I knew it when 'I was bringing it down. Like 'I had several moments where 'I could have pivoted and 'I didn't. And it's my own fault. But 'I just sometimes you wanna get away with it, you know?

[00:05:54] TREY GERRALD: 'I hear you. That's very frustrating.

[00:05:56] CHELSEY DONN: Speaking of getting away with things, Trey.

[00:05:59] TREY GERRALD: Yes, 'I.

[00:05:59] CHELSEY DONN: Should we jump into this week's online review where this person clearly thought that they were gonna get away with just writing A' review Willy-nilly. Little did they know the review Queens were in the wings waiting to Review. That. Review

[00:06:16] TREY GERRALD: Interesting day for that creative segue because just you wait.

[00:06:21] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, I'm so excited. 'I.

[00:06:25] VOICEOVER: Review, That, Review.

[00:06:28] CHELSEY DONN: As you know, we are your trustee. Review Queen. We bring in reviews from the internet that we feel need to be inspected.

[00:06:35] TREY GERRALD: We read you A' review, then we break it down and rate the impact of that review on A' scale from zero to five crowns, it's A' very regal process that ChelseyBD and 'I call.

[00:06:46] VOICEOVER: Assess, That, Kvetch.

[00:06:47] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. And Trey, it is your turn this week. What have you brought in for us 'I?

[00:06:53] TREY GERRALD: All right, so today good old faithful 'I have A' one star review.

[00:06:58] CHELSEY DONN: Okay.

[00:06:58] TREY GERRALD: From

[00:07:01] CHELSEY DONN: Love her.

[00:07:02] TREY GERRALD: four O by Cir du Sole.

[00:07:07] CHELSEY DONN: Seen it. Seen it. I've seen it.

[00:07:09] TREY GERRALD: I've never seen O, but I've, I've seen the other show in Vegas that is underwater

[00:07:15] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. O was like the OG Water 'I. Want to say one?

[00:07:20] TREY GERRALD: So this is written by user Patrick T, and they're just, this is A' sidebar, but their profile picture is like A', very scary looking child, A' the ring.

[00:07:34] CHELSEY DONN: A'. Okay,

[00:07:36] TREY GERRALD: So just keep that in the back of your mind as 'I. Read

[00:07:38] CHELSEY DONN: great. Now I'll be traumatized, but okay. I'll get through it. 'I mean. 'I. Find, start to lay mildly traumatizing. So 'I feel like it fits.

[00:07:45] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean that there is A' parallel there.

[00:07:47] CHELSEY DONN: Okay.

[00:07:48] TREY GERRALD: All right, so this is Patrick t's Onestar Yelp review four oh by Cirque Dule. Here we go.

[00:07:55] CHELSEY DONN: can't!, wait.

[00:07:56] TREY GERRALD: My wife always wanted to watch the show for the longest time as someone who hates to travel and A' big germaphobe period. 'I saved all my sick leave and days off just so that 'I could plan this drive to Las Vegas.

Mainly for her to see the show, just to see my wife reactions to this show was priceless. 'I picked A' good seats for us to make sure 'I don't disappoint her. However, while my wife was in odd. For the entire show and claps for every stunt performed period, 'I 'I am stuck with A', selfish, inconsiderate Indian guy next to me

[00:08:52] CHELSEY DONN: God

[00:08:53] TREY GERRALD: who did nothing but to take pictures and post on his Facebook.

Even after multiple requests, he just kept on taking video and pictures. His phone was so bright that it makes my blood boils. He also won't stop stabbing his elbow through my ribs. 'I have already moved to right side. Half of my body is already filled the space on my wife. This mofo thought it was sign that 'I am giving him the permission to take wider angle shots and moved his shoulder and elbow in front of my point of view.

[00:09:48] CHELSEY DONN: 'I 'I.

[00:09:48] TREY GERRALD: 'I didn't want to ruin the show. Everyone else, that 'I was forced to remain silent. Unfortunately, the front desk clerk told me that the show is fully booked for tomorrow and was only able to refund my portion of the show. 'I was really hoping to watch it from the way my wife described the show. 'I really missed out Stout 'I had to take A' couple of aspirin just to calm myself down.

[00:10:23] CHELSEY DONN: Oh my God.

[00:10:24] TREY GERRALD: From the aggravation and distress this person had caused me. 'I should have just stayed home. This event alone destroyed my vacation

[00:10:40] CHELSEY DONN: Oh my God,

[00:10:41] TREY GERRALD: on the bright side. My wife enjoyed it. 'I could have sent my days off sick leave and hard earned money somewhere else. Then to give it away to Bellagio.

[00:10:58] CHELSEY DONN: A'.

[00:11:00] TREY GERRALD: What is this review?

[00:11:02] CHELSEY DONN: Okay, so first of all, clearly we have A', lot of spelling and grammar issues right off the bat. Really did not do A'. Proper edit for sure.

[00:11:11] TREY GERRALD: No, and there are plenty of, um, end punctuation marks in this review, but sometimes it begins with A' capital letter. Most of the times it doesn't. They like do periods when they could do commas. Like it's really, this is A', really low bar for grammar.

[00:11:27] CHELSEY DONN: Very, very low 'I mean to start off, when we started with the, my wife of it, all

[00:11:33] TREY GERRALD: It's the first two words.

[00:11:35] CHELSEY DONN: two words, 'I. 'I immediately wrote again because these fricking reviews my happy,

[00:11:43] TREY GERRALD: Mm-hmm.

[00:11:44] CHELSEY DONN: wife. 'I don't know. There's something that's like, so maybe it's because I'm, I'm not married, but like it just, you are married so you can speak to the contrary, but 'I just feel like it's so gross.

Like let your wife have her own voice. Write this from your perspective. It's okay if you wanna include your wife in the narrative, but whenever somebody starts A' review with like, my wife, I'm just like, shut up.

[00:12:10] TREY GERRALD: Mm.

[00:12:10] CHELSEY DONN: Is that just me?

[00:12:11] TREY GERRALD: Hear you.

Two words in and you were livid.

[00:12:15] CHELSEY DONN: Yes. So two words and 'I was just like, here we go again. And then the germophobe section, there was A' little bit that was lost in translation here for me.

So is the husband saying that he's A' germaphobe? Because it happened right after the My wife and 'I was angry. Can you clarify?

[00:12:31] TREY GERRALD: Yeah. The sentence is grammatically incorrect, but it is saying, as someone who hates to travel and A' big germophobe,

[00:12:39] CHELSEY DONN: So like, but he said my wife as someone who likes to tr, so like there was like something in there where,

[00:12:44] TREY GERRALD: no, no, no. 'I think they're saying the wife always wanted to see the show and that they are someone

[00:12:49] CHELSEY DONN: Who's A'? Germophobe,

[00:12:50] TREY GERRALD: In A', big germophobe.

[00:12:52] CHELSEY DONN: right. Here's the thing about this review. There's an argument to be stated somewhere within all the ss. However,

[00:12:58] TREY GERRALD: There's


[00:12:58] CHELSEY DONN: delivery is really not good. Now at least we're prefacing this with saying that we're A' germophobe so that we're understanding the reaction that we're having is maybe extreme.

I'm not excusing the taping. In fact, 'I do think that that was the fault of the Bellagio. Someone should have gone in there if it was really that egregious and stop this individual right from taping. Cuz I'm pretty sure that's A' part of their rules. 'I, don't think you can just like tape willy-nilly.

[00:13:27] TREY GERRALD: Well, 'I had A' question about that cuz 'I remember during lockdown, 'I was like really putting in the most random keywords into YouTube just to watch live content. And 'I really thought you would like not be allowed to record cele.

[00:13:41] CHELSEY DONN: but you found footage.

[00:13:43] TREY GERRALD: No, 'I never did.

[00:13:44] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, okay. Yeah, 'I mean 'I. Think like anything else, like Broadway shows, right? Like every once in A' while you'll see A' tape, but that person is being like Sleuthy about it and they're not really supposed to be doing that. So 'I do think that if it was so obvious that this was happening, that 'I do wish, like security could have gone over at some point and just said like, Hey, stop doing that.

So 'I do think that that's messed up. However, maybe this is me being too 'I. Sensitive, but there was something about the fact that Patrick mentioned that the guy was Indian

[00:14:20] TREY GERRALD: 'I know.

[00:14:21] CHELSEY DONN: in this context that made me feel like, again, this is like A' huge accusation. I'm not gonna 'I, don't wanna say like they're A' bigot, but felt A' little bit bigo to me.

And so 'I J

[00:14:36] TREY GERRALD: the ethnicity of

[00:14:38] CHELSEY DONN: has nothing to do,

[00:14:40] TREY GERRALD: with anything else, so it's an unneeded identifier.

[00:14:44] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly,

[00:14:44] TREY GERRALD: So then you start to question why are you including it

[00:14:47] CHELSEY DONN: exactly, because if the man was just kind of more of A', faceless man, 'I would've 'I. Maybe been like, oh, that was messed up. But because we're like an Indian man sitting next to me had this experience and A', A', germophobe and Ew, gross, and his hands are everywhere.

There was just something that like lost in that argument for me because of that.

[00:15:14] TREY GERRALD: Well, it's interesting cuz as 'I was reading it, when 'I first found this 'I almost like clicked on the next, cuz 'I was like, I'm not gonna bring this in if it's like A' by A' racist person. And then 'I did also think, well maybe some of the grammar stuff is maybe this person is an English as A' second language person, or they're just very lazy with grammar who it could, who knows?

But then, It's interesting you're really picking up on the germaphobe comment because so much of the annoyance doesn't like Yes. 'I think being A' germaphobe probably heightens it cuz it's A' stranger That's so close to you. But they also talk about how bright the screen is. How like 'I don't know. Well, okay.

'I think the big glaring issue here for me is like

[00:15:51] CHELSEY DONN: the wife.

[00:15:52] TREY GERRALD: what inside of this review

[00:15:55] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah.

[00:15:56] TREY GERRALD: anything to do with the show?

[00:15:57] CHELSEY DONN: Nothing.

[00:15:58] TREY GERRALD: No. Except for maybe that the ushers don't do their job.

[00:16:03] CHELSEY DONN: Yes. And then the fact that the wife, which again, not the intention of A' Pfizer. A' Review 'I. Was so blown away by the show

[00:16:14] TREY GERRALD: A' clap.

[00:16:14] CHELSEY DONN: notice her

[00:16:15] TREY GERRALD: No.

[00:16:16] CHELSEY DONN: sitting next to her having like A' pissy fit

[00:16:19] TREY GERRALD: A' meltdown.

[00:16:20] CHELSEY DONN: time. Total meltdown next to her, digging into her, and the wife is still both eyes ahead.

Enjoying the show. So if anything, if we're talking about the context of the show and even the anger at Patrick for missing the show, 'I think the show sounds great. 'I really hate when someone leaves A' one star review. When 'I feel like the Bellagio did their part, they gave the refund,

[00:16:52] TREY GERRALD: Right 'I mean that's pretty crazy. To 'I mean that seems like. Yes. Like to your point, yes, for the Bellagio to then give you A' refund because you said the person beside you was so distracting you couldn't enjoy the show. That seems like an outrageous refund and they did it. So that only makes the Bellagio look even more like coming out smelling like roses, right?

It's the opposite.

[00:17:18] CHELSEY DONN: that it's outrageous. Personally, like 'I. Think again, there's A', lot of distraction here cuz 'I don't love Patrick, the individual. So I'm trying to separate my feelings for Patrick from the incident and like find the complainant here and 'I think that the Complaint is valid and 'I think that the response was appropriate.

You know if even if you go to A' movie, And then you go to the box office afterwards and you tell them that you didn't like the movie or that there was somebody chewing really loudly next to you and you couldn't hear it, they'll refund you.

[00:17:51] TREY GERRALD: Oh.

[00:17:52] CHELSEY DONN: So, you know, 'I don't think it's crazy, but 'I do think that it's appropriate.

And 'I do think it's the, the Queenly move, right? Like there, what's the Complaint? You told them that you had A' bad experience and they gave you back your money. So did you then go to the casino and lose all that money and now you're extra bitter. Patrick 'I mean what happened? 'I just think there's details missing because you're that upset.

That you got A' free ticket to A' show that your wife really wanted to see and you only had to pay for half,

[00:18:22] TREY GERRALD: Well 'I think Patrick plays both sides of the field because at the beginning, the first couple of sentences, Patrick's really spell spelling out the story that it's like the wife really wants. And they're like, you know, for my wife's sake. And then at the end they're like, 'I. 'I would've really en enjoyed to have seen the show 'I.

But 'I think the but 'I think the principal Complaint is Patrick gives us the backstory that they saved up all of their sick and, uh, days off just for this trip. So 'I understand that then you didn't even get to enjoy it. But there's part of me that thinks that Patrick's probably A' curmudgeon and


[00:18:59] CHELSEY DONN: Think Patrick is A'. Curmudgeon. 'I personally think that Patrick lost money in the casino. That's my instinct. Is it on the page? No, but 'I do feel that way. 'I feel like something else happened on this trip that really got our curmudgeon. Extra curmudgeony. 'I. Think it's ridiculous that we start the review.

Trying to give ourselves the world's biggest pat on the back by being like, look at what A' great husband 'I am. 'I didn't really want to do this, but my wife did. So 'I took all my sick leave for my wife, for my wife, for my wife, for my wife, for my wife. And then in the end you're like, and my wife had A' great time,

[00:19:39] TREY GERRALD: Right. So if it was for your wife, then mission accomplished.

[00:19:43] CHELSEY DONN: right?

[00:19:44] TREY GERRALD: mean kind of. Okay. So 'I just looked it up. So O is 90 minutes. So 'I would imagine there is 'I. No intermission cuz that was my big counter here is like, why did you not go at

[00:19:56] CHELSEY DONN: During intermission,

[00:19:57] TREY GERRALD: and get the house manager and cause A' scene like so 'I hear that there, that was not an opportunity Patrick would've had to have gotten up. Uh, presumably. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Ducking and diving in front of the person with the camera, then miss more of the show cuz you're trying to hunt down the ushers and stuff. But you would assume that the ushers are paying attention. And if you see someone with A', huge camera, that's like moving over and blocking the person's view that like someone would've intervened.


[00:20:28] CHELSEY DONN: to mention like 'I know that it's hard, and we've definitely talked about this on the show, that both of us struggle with this. 'I know it's hard to confront someone, especially in the moment when the show is happening. But in all fairness, if Patrick was having such A' problem, could he not have turned to the guy next to him?

Like, Hey, you're in my space. The light is in my eye. You know, like, why couldn't Patrick have said that?

[00:20:52] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean, Patrick says that even after multiple requests, so Patrick is at least saying that

[00:20:59] CHELSEY DONN: Maybe 'I missed that.

[00:21:00] TREY GERRALD: What do you think about the claim that they had to take Aspirin to calm down? Is aspirin A' calm? Downable sub substance? 'I Thought it was for like aches and pains.

[00:21:08] CHELSEY DONN: So did 'I. 'I just feel like it's too much, Patrick? Like you're just saying too much like 'I don't feel bad for you. 'I. Just don't 'I. Just it's A'. Perfect example of the delivery because Is there A', valid Complaint in there? Yeah. Do 'I care for you? No. All the information you're giving me about yourself, Patrick is not very good.

[00:21:32] TREY GERRALD: Well, it also sounds to me like those malpractice lawsuits where, you know, someone's just up for A' money. Grab this,

[00:21:39] CHELSEY DONN: and there's like A', my ribs, aspirin,

[00:21:42] TREY GERRALD: From the aggravation and distress this person had caused

me. 'I should have just stayed home. This event alone destroyed my vacation. It's like, really? That destroyed your vacation like,

[00:21:55] CHELSEY DONN: you're still saying your wife enjoyed it, which at the top you're saying was your goal.

[00:22:01] TREY GERRALD: Good point. All right, so what do you think the value unique, any new information in here 'I mean, other than the ushers that we talked about, like. And

[00:22:10] CHELSEY DONN: no, other than you know what 'I think the best information here is for A' Fellow, like curmudgeon or somebody that's worried going into the show that they're not gonna like it is. If 'I really don't like it, 'I can tell them. Or if 'I really have A' problem, 'I can tell them. And maybe I'll get A' refund.

[00:22:24] TREY GERRALD: Yeah.

[00:22:25] CHELSEY DONN: 'I think that's the valuable information. Spelling and grammar clearly atrocious.

[00:22:29] TREY GERRALD: Really bad. Is it truthful or is it shady?

[00:22:33] CHELSEY DONN: It's shady.

[00:22:34] TREY GERRALD: 'I think it's definitely shady, but 'I, but 'I don't understand who he, who Patrick's attacking.

[00:22:40] CHELSEY DONN: Well, that's why I'm like, are they racist? Like are they, are they A'? Bigot, 'I, don't know.

[00:22:45] TREY GERRALD: but like, if you're so angry at this person seated next to you, why are you leaving this review on the Yelp? Like, it's never gonna get back to that person. Like, that's what 'I don't understand. Like, why are you leaving A' review? It's, this is, this whole upset is irrelevant to the story.

[00:23:00] CHELSEY DONN: right? Because it's not telling me anything about the show or like, yeah, what to expect about the show,

[00:23:07] TREY GERRALD: Do you think this is gonna be common fluky? Typical 'I mean we know everyone goes to Vegas, so it's like you're gonna encounter every walk of

life. But

[00:23:15] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. Don't think that everybody would handle it the same way that Patrick did. 'I think that that's where the like commonality factor is sort of like lost on me. 'I do think that you're right and there's all kinds of people in Vegas and is it 'I? Is it likely that 'I might have someone trying to film next to me?

'I, it could happen, but 'I don't know that it would go down in this disastrous of A' way for most people.

[00:23:40] TREY GERRALD: Or like, cuz we've all been in these sort of settings, whether it's A' movie theater, whether it's A' Broadway show or an opera or some, some theater setting where like someone is like opening candy and it's really distracting. Or someone's phone goes off, like we've all been A' and that that is like A', very 'I.

Held energetic upset. Like there's A', lot of like emotionalness that happens,

[00:24:03] CHELSEY DONN: for

[00:24:04] TREY GERRALD: that you seem to sort of exhale and it goes away.

[00:24:07] CHELSEY DONN: Right.

[00:24:07] TREY GERRALD: So, uh, 'I don't know. 'I don't know about how typical this is.

[00:24:11] CHELSEY DONN: 'I am not 'I mean like humor, entertainment, 'I guess 'I was like entertained because 'I was, 'I had A' real immediate take on Patrick. But that's more of A' entertained, you know, as A' result of the review as opposed to entertained by Patrick himself,

[00:24:30] TREY GERRALD: 'I mean 'I. Think it's entertaining that just how upset Patrick is and it how it really has nothing to do with. The show and then how you, you really pointed out like, like Patrick is still just upset, but the Bellagio helped and like refunded his ticket and

[00:24:47] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. Think if this had been A' two or three Star, and even if it was the same exact copy, but it was A' two or three, accounting for the fact it would land differently. But 'I think the fact that we're giving one star like 'I think one star is everything happened and 'I asked for A' discount and they didn't give it to me.

[00:25:03] TREY GERRALD: Right. So impact, is there an impact for you? Will would, would Patrick's review be A' deal breaker for you in going to see O by Cir in Las Vegas?

[00:25:13] CHELSEY DONN: No, it would not be A' deal breaker for me. It would not have, it has nothing to do with the show, as you mentioned, so it's for sure not A' deal breaker. It's for sure not hurting. Oh, in that way, 'I believe. But the impact for me is that like I'm enraged and I'm having an emotional response to the review.

[00:25:35] TREY GERRALD: Yeah,

[00:25:36] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. Should we jump right into the crowning

[00:25:39] TREY GERRALD: let's do it. So ChelseyBD and 'I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards. In an effort to be fair and not influenced by one another, we will simultaneously reveal our rating.

[00:25:50] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating to A' school.

[00:25:59] CHELSEY DONN: Okay, I'm holding up A'. Half Crown Trey is holding up one crown. Alright, Patrick, as 'I said, as 'I segued into this portion of the show, you didn't think anyone was gonna look, did you? But we looked Patrick 'I. We disagree. You should have taken another crack at the spelling. 'I don't like you putting everything on your wife and 'I don't trust you cuz you said you wanted this for your wife and then your wife was happy and you're still A' curmudgeon.

There was really no information here about the actual show. This is, like I've said before, sort of like. A' clog in the drain of the reviews. 'I need to get past you. If 'I really wanna know information about the show or the ticketing or anything that is really prevalent to me deciding whether or not I'm gonna see O or not.

So for that reason, 'I could only award you A' Half Crown, Trey. Where's the one crown coming from?

[00:26:54] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, 'I just said one crown because 'I 'I think. Once again, this is one of those reviews where the emotion from the reviewer actually has the opposite impact They're intending.

[00:27:04] CHELSEY DONN: Right

[00:27:05] TREY GERRALD: 'I really extrapolate from this review, like the quality of the show is really good, especially for someone who's been wanting to see it, that they're literally applauding every stunt and on top of being A' germophobe who is upset, you're also upset that you didn't get to enjoy it.

So that only makes me wanna see the show more. So 'I said one crown, because this is not Review Queen material by any stretch of

[00:27:33] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, not even.

[00:27:34] TREY GERRALD: Pretty, pretty far off. Yeah.

[00:27:36] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah. 'I pretty bad, but pretty good review to bring in Trey A'. Lot to A'. A'. Lot A'. Chew on there. Almost as much as A' Vegas Buffet.

[00:27:49] TREY GERRALD: Oh, episode one

[00:27:51] CHELSEY DONN: That's

[00:27:51] TREY GERRALD: or two.

[00:27:52] CHELSEY DONN: Two.

[00:27:53] TREY GERRALD: It was Atlantic City. Anyway.

[00:27:55] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:27:55] TREY GERRALD: Okay, so while we're chewing on that Fat ChelseyBD, it is your turn. We have reached the most regal portion of the show. And who are you going to induct today for? 'I.

[00:28:09] VOICEOVER: My, Royal, Highness.

[00:28:10] CHELSEY DONN: 'I am so glad that you asked Trey. So 'I was thinking, what are the type of things that we should be really grateful for that we haven't nominated? Because there's been so many that we have, but one that 'I do not think we've nominated. Trey is hand sanitizer. You guys

[00:28:30] TREY GERRALD: Well, 'I did do the spray one.

[00:28:32] CHELSEY DONN: Oh shoot, but, but I'm just gonna say as A' conceit, the invention of hand sanitizer, like what did we do before hand sanitizer was invented.

Apparently Lupe Hernandez is the legendary inventor of hand sanitizer and this. This invention identified A' way of combining A' disinfectant alcohol solution in gel form. And in doing that, billions of people were able to clean their hands when they, when they didn't have access to soap and water. 'I mean Lupe.

Way to completely change the game. How would we even have gotten through this pandemic? 'I mean 'I was A' very longtime user of hand sanitizer back in like middle school. 'I was the person at Bed Bath and Beyond that was buying all those little ones that had A'. Great sense. So 'I 'I mean 'I love hand sanitizer.

So 'I

[00:29:35] TREY GERRALD: You mean Bath and Body Works

[00:29:37] CHELSEY DONN: What did 'I say? 'I 'I about Beth

[00:29:38] TREY GERRALD: room?

[00:29:39] CHELSEY DONN: Yep. 'I meant that body work. Sorry, 'I always do

[00:29:42] TREY GERRALD: 'I always do that too. Wait, the bath A' bottle works with A' little like, um, cylindrical beads that would pop. Yes,

[00:29:49] CHELSEY DONN: yes. That are like apparently very bad for the environment, but 'I would use them all the time. 'I would love, there was A' outlet in Atlantic City and my sister and 'I used to go and get like A' million of them. So hand sanitizer has definitely been something that has gotten me through. As someone that is A'.

Little bit, not to say that I'm so much like A'. Patrick, but A', little bit of A' germophobe myself having hand sanitizer around, which isn't this funny. Try, we always do this, but having hand sanitizer around has been something that's really made me feel better. Um, and 'I want to induct Lupe for just bringing such A' fabulous invention that so many people rely on into our lives.

So thank you Lupe Hernandez. You are my, Royal Highness.

[00:30:43] TREY GERRALD: Wow. Mazeltov. Lupe, you totally deserve this induction. Hand sanitizer, 'I. Remember it being introduced and it being like A', total game change. 'I mean and 'I never stopped to think who it was like hell. Genius.

[00:30:57] CHELSEY DONN: How genius what A'. Queen.

[00:30:59] TREY GERRALD: That was good. Good one.

[00:31:01] CHELSEY DONN: Thanks.

[00:31:02] TREY GERRALD: Well, we did A' Queen. That is another round on the r u A'. R Q A' A'.

That's my um, clown horn Ferris wheel.

[00:31:10] CHELSEY DONN: Yes. Thank you for joining us today. If you like what you heard, please tell A' friend or your wife

[00:31:18] TREY GERRALD: If you didn't like what you heard, please tell an enemy or your ex-wife 'I.

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[00:31:48] CHELSEY DONN: On this week's after show Padre, we are rating and reviewing A' five star review from Amazon. Four. Get your finger ready, tile rec, slimmest, voice activated recorder with A' hundred and 45 hours recording capacity

[00:32:10] TREY GERRALD: What.

[00:32:11] CHELSEY DONN: mp3. Records 24 hours Battery Time Metal case by A' Digital

[00:32:21] VOICEOVER: It's super A'.

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[00:32:57] CHELSEY DONN: Ignore the haters. You're A'. Queen.

[00:33:01] TREY GERRALD: specific Queen.

[00:33:02] CHELSEY DONN: That's right, mama. Bye.

[00:33:05] TREY GERRALD: That's right, Papa. Bye.

Review That Review is an independent podcast. Certain names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty. Executive produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound designed by me with voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky. Our cover art was designed by LogoVora and our theme song was written by Joe Kinosian and sung by Natalie Weiss.

[00:33:28] TREY GERRALD: Wait, 'I just thought we could also talk to um, Francis Patreon member cuz she went to Clown Conservatory. 'I. Don't think I'd ever want to be A' clown.

[00:33:38] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, maybe we'll talk about our clown names in the after

[00:33:42] TREY GERRALD: You have A' clown name.

[00:33:43] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. Don't know 'I thought maybe 'I could name you and you can name me 'I. Could be fun.

[00:33:48] TREY GERRALD: Okay. Fed, fatty, petty

[00:33:50] CHELSEY DONN: Petty Patty

[00:33:52] TREY GERRALD: Pat Petty, fatty

[00:33:54] CHELSEY DONN: 'I. I'm gonna, I'm gonna reveal your name in the after show.



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