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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 113: "Candle For Her"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 113: "Candle For Her"


*Please pardon any and all spelling errors!

[00:00:00] THEME SONG: Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] Chelsey Donn: Hello

[00:00:32] Trey Gerrald: Well, hi there and welcome to Review That Review, the podcast that is dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:40] Chelsey Donn: reviews,

[00:00:43] Trey Gerrald: that is Chelsey Donn,

[00:00:45] Chelsey Donn: and that is Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:48] Trey Gerrald: and together we are,

[00:00:50] VOICEOVER: The Review Queens,

[00:00:53] Trey Gerrald: but first, Chelsey 'I offer you the stage two.

[00:00:58] VOICEOVER: Lodge, A, Complaint.

[00:00:59] Chelsey Donn: Thank you Trey. 'I. Appreciate that. 'I had A' rather disturbing occurrence. Recently 'I was walking with A' male friend who happened to be straight unusual and all of A' sudden just like out of nowhere without any sort of warning, he kind of hoked. Then spit in the straight.

[00:01:20] Trey Gerrald: Oh.

[00:01:22] Chelsey Donn: That to me is like so gross.

There's like so many factors about that that were A', complete turnoff to me. One is the hawking, just the sound of the hawk. Even as A' Jew all the time, but the, but the hawking that is going immediately before now I'm gonna just spit in the middle of the street is so offensive to me. 'I don't even understand.

Why anyone would think that that's appropriate. And like also just like A' fly by outta nowhere. We're walking the dog. No warning. You know what 'I mean? It's not like, excuse me, like Donn don't know. Like something 'I just 'I. Think 'I have maybe more manners like maybe 'I am A' little bit more like wound up than most like 'I don't like when people.

Burp in public without saying, excuse me, and this is like that to an entirely other defense. It's just so gross. And the fact that people can just do that and then just continue on with the conversation like nothing happened. What is wrong with you?

[00:02:29] Trey Gerrald: There was no reference to it.

[00:02:31] Chelsey Donn: No 'I, mean 'I referenced it. 'I, 'I like waited A', beat 'I was like, let me give it A' beat.

Let me just see if we're gonna comment on it. And then 'I 'I, you know, 'I was like, you're not gonna talk about the fact that you just like Hoked, A' lougie into the middle of the street.

[00:02:46] Trey Gerrald: Would it have been different if they hoked into like A' napkin, 'I?

[00:02:51] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, that's 'I mean that 'I is fine. That's sort of like I'm having an allergy, I'm having A' moment, which is what he said. He was like, my allergies, I'm sorry, but you don't need to hawk it into the street. Like if you hawk it into like, you know you have allergies, so you have like A' paper towel in your pocket and you hawk it into that and you're like being sort of discreet about it.

That's fine. It's not lit. Donn, don't know if it's littering. 'I don't know if ha liquid is biodegradable. 'I don't really wanna think about it. Probably is Donn don't know, but like it's just gross. Like would you wanna step in that?

[00:03:25] Trey Gerrald: Oh yeah, it is really interesting cuz 'I also think just the act itself is A'. Little disarming like 'I recog 'I. Recognize doing it and not acknowledging that it's just happened is like very odd, but 'I guess maybe it's because I'm not someone my sinuses affect me with like blowing my nose. Rarely does it go into my mouth that 'I need to like expel it.

[00:03:49] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. 'I mean if anything, like my mom used to always call me out 'I guess cuz 'I would go and she's like, get A' tissue. Get A' tissue, you know? And 'I guess like 'I wasn't really conscious of the fact that 'I was doing that until she was yelling at me and then 'I was like, oh 'I guess I'm doing that.

Maybe it's A', similar thing, but at least that's like inside, like that's like A' me problem, right? I'm not making that The next person that's gonna cross the street there is problem.

[00:04:14] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, 'I. Hear you. It is interesting and, and you bringing up the fact that it is A' straight man is an interesting component because 'I find that, like when you're concerned about being attractive to

[00:04:27] Chelsey Donn: Oh, interesting.

[00:04:28] Trey Gerrald: you like, you're not gonna like pay attention to like, Doing something thoroughly disgusting inside of your own mouth, which is like an, an area with which you connect with other people.

So like, like there's just this whole like that's really foul.

[00:04:43] Chelsey Donn: Not attractive. So anyway, that just sort of bothered me and 'I figured I'd take this opportunity to Lodge that Complaint and let y'all know if you're just hawking willy-nilly, stop it. Stop doing that. That's gross. Okay.

[00:04:57] Trey Gerrald: choose another outlet that's, that is very odd.

[00:05:00] Chelsey Donn: get A' tissue. There's something to be said for the like handkerchief of the day, right?

It's gross. It's gross. Anyway,

[00:05:08] Trey Gerrald: Good. Complaint 'I.

[00:05:09] Chelsey Donn: now that we're thoroughly grossed out,

[00:05:10] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, for sure. Well, why don't we hawk up this feeling and move on. You wanna, let's jump into some online reviews.

[00:05:19] Chelsey Donn: Oh my goodness. 'I would love that.

[00:05:23] VOICEOVER: Review, That, Review.

[00:05:27] Chelsey Donn: All right. 'I feel like I'm like that, like hungry, hungry Hippo, but like 'I feed off of reviews. You know what 'I mean? You're like, should we jump in some online reviews? And I'm like, yes, please feed the Review Queen. The reviews.

[00:05:39] Trey Gerrald: Maybe our new podcast image should be you and me, our faces on hunger. Hunger hippos.

[00:05:45] Chelsey Donn: Oh, 'I. Love that. Okay. I'm writing that down. Hungry Hippo. Hippo Queens. David, do you have any? David? David, any thoughts? Any thoughts? Love you. Anyway, you know we're your trusted review Queens. We bring in reviews from the internet that we feel need to be inspected.

[00:06:03] Trey Gerrald: We read you A' review. Then we break it down and we rate the impact of that said review On A' scale from zero to five crowns, it is A' very regal process that we call.

[00:06:13] VOICEOVER: Assess, That, Kvetch.

[00:06:15] Chelsey Donn: And Trey, it is your turn today. What have you brought in for us?

[00:06:20] Trey Gerrald: Dun, dun, dun, dun dun. Well, without even recognizing ChelseyBD, you created A'. Very beautiful segue because today 'I am gonna be sharing A' five star Amazon review for A' product called

Muse. WoodWick, 19.4 ounce sandalwood scented candles, soy wax candle, large glass jar gift candle for her.

[00:06:59] VOICEOVER: It's super.

[00:07:02] Chelsey Donn: For her.

[00:07:03] Trey Gerrald: So that's A' very long target Word title. When you look at the actual product, it's A' really beautiful glass. It's amber in color with like ornate, beautiful like flowers and like it looks like wallpaper kind of. And the product label on that jar just simply says La Muse and the scent sandalwood. All

[00:07:29] Chelsey Donn: Oh,

[00:07:29] Trey Gerrald: so I'm gonna share this five star review.

The reviewer's name is jd and the subject from JD is, why Do They Say For Her? And here we go. This was written January 24th, 2018. Simpler times.

[00:07:47] Chelsey Donn: Yeah. Right.

[00:07:48] Trey Gerrald: All right. I'm A', dude. 'I. Think A'. Pretty classic. Manly one too. 'I Carry A' knife. 'I don't wear skinny anything. 'I own road flares and paper maps. And guess what?

'I dig A'. Good candle in the wintry north. 'I don't get why candles are almost exclusively marketed to women. What do you mean Valentine's Day gift for her? This was A' gift from me to me and me is A'. He. And he has A' hairy chest upon which many A' beer have been spelt seriously. When it's freezing cold and the sun is hibernating, there is nothing like A' good warm glow that eliminates my natural odor of fart and balls.

[00:08:48] Chelsey Donn: Wait, what did you say? Balls.

[00:08:52] Trey Gerrald: 'I did.

[00:08:52] Chelsey Donn: Okay. Read that again.

[00:08:55] Trey Gerrald: Seriously when it's freezing cold and the sun is hibernating, there's nothing like A' good warm glow that eliminates my natural odor of fart and balls.

[00:09:09] Chelsey Donn: Oh my God.

[00:09:10] Trey Gerrald: The candles are even burning. Very long lasting and have A' pleasant, but not too fufu smell. I'll take it.

[00:09:21] Chelsey Donn: Hmm. Oh my goodness. This is interesting to me because 'I 'I don't know if it was just the way that you were reading it, but 'I really like JD and 'I, like the way that they write and their. Phrases 'I. Like The reason 'I missed the balls thing was because 'I was starring the sun is hibernating A' million times cuz 'I thought how like poetic and amazing and maybe I'm like dumb, but 'I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that.

But yet 'I like automatically understand what that means, right? Because the sun is kind of hibernating in the winter. 'I just love all the language that the natural odor of fart and balls. It really feels misplaced. It feels like yaha deluge

[00:10:10] Trey Gerrald: it does.

[00:10:11] Chelsey Donn: the middle of my review,

[00:10:13] Trey Gerrald: Right. 'I. No 'I. 'I even felt that when 'I was reading it. Right, the energy shift.

[00:10:18] Chelsey Donn: the things were going well and then you, you had to sort of like, you know, sully it with the balls, even though before like, you know, Before you

[00:10:28] Trey Gerrald: sully it with the

[00:10:29] Chelsey Donn: with A' ball, but you know, you said Yeah, the hairy chest with the beer and all of that was really skirting A' nice line for me and was telling me that you're hetero without saying that you're hetero identifying with A' certain.

Population of males that may be reading this review. It's interesting because when you first intro the product, to me 'I was thinking, sound of wood is A' male to me more of A' male scent. Um, so 'I was surprised when it said for her, because most of

[00:11:03] Trey Gerrald: me. You repeated it.

[00:11:04] Chelsey Donn: yeah, because most of the time there's A' sandalwood.

That's more of A' male scent. That's just A' scent that 'I think that 'I don't really love A' sandal with myself. But 'I do know that it's one of those things that men seem to like,

[00:11:19] Trey Gerrald: Well it is interesting because they have like balsam fur and cedarwood and other sense that, but the jar itself, Does it, it does appear as like very feminine chic, like it looks like you could purchase this at anthropology without any question. It like looks like antique glassware, but nowhere on the actual product does it say for her, it's been added by Amazon as A' keyword.

And JD quotes Valentine's Day gift for her, which is not present right now. So maybe they

[00:11:57] Chelsey Donn: but probably was.

[00:11:59] Trey Gerrald: right?

[00:12:00] Chelsey Donn: For sure. So my question is, how do you think JD came upon this candle? Do you think this is the first purchase of said candle 'I mean? What do you think the circumstances were? Cuz 'I can paint A' picture, but 'I wanna know yours.

[00:12:19] Trey Gerrald: That's A'. Really good question. 'I don't. 'I don't know. I've never heard of La Jo Lee Muse. Do you know this company?

[00:12:27] Chelsey Donn: No. And 'I have like looked at candles on Amazon. Donn don't know. 'I mean. I'm sure it's an Amazon brand. Donn don't know. I'm not sure.

[00:12:35] Trey Gerrald: 'I just Googled really fast. And all. So their whole gimmick is they sell everywhere, but their whole gimmick is that their containers can be reused. So they are intentionally like beautiful glass pieces, some tins as well, but it is not exclusive to Amazon. But yeah, that's A'. Really good question. How did, how did JD stumble upon this?

That's A'. Good question.

[00:12:59] Chelsey Donn: Did JD buy this for A' lady friend and then received it and was like, oh my God, 'I kind of like this, 'I want this for myself and either kept it for themselves or gave it to the lady friend and then went back and repurchased for themselves and have since then repurchased quite A'. Few times 'I mean 'I do feel like there's enough of an emotional attachment.

To this candle that 'I don't think that this is jds first purchase. 'I think that they repurchase this candle Many times, 'I think their apartment might be styled with these little cups. Maybe they're drinking their beer out of it. Donn don't know. 'I don't know what they look like, um, after the candle has burned, but 'I feel like this is A'.

Repeat customer

[00:13:48] Trey Gerrald: And you know, 'I, it's interesting that you picked up in my reading because 'I am reading it. 'I mean, the thesis here is like, why are you, why is, why are candles marketed to women? I'm A' man and 'I like candles. So it's like 'I. Stop saying it's for her cuz I'm A' man and 'I appreciate it. Right?

[00:14:08] Chelsey Donn: Right. Which is so interesting because it's A' five star review, yet it is sort of like A' letter to the manager,

[00:14:16] Trey Gerrald: right? But 'I would say that it's A' letter to Amazon because the company isn't saying for her 'I mean, presumably the company is because they're the one

[00:14:23] Chelsey Donn: company is cuz they're the ones that are writing those Octa

[00:14:27] Trey Gerrald: But they're not branding it on the actual product. It's like the keyword you search.

[00:14:32] Chelsey Donn: Right.

[00:14:33] Trey Gerrald: Which is more marketing than, well, whatever. But this whole thesis is sort of A' conversation that 'I think is A' little tired and played out, and we should evolve from masculine femininity, this whole like, like just get

[00:14:45] Chelsey Donn: It's too, right? Like it's not, I'm, it's too frilly of me to admit that 'I like A' candle, but I'm gonna admit it because I'm so brave.

[00:14:54] Trey Gerrald: Right. And full disclosure, 'I found this review A' very long time ago, and when you got me for my birthday,

[00:15:03] Chelsey Donn: Thick,

[00:15:04] Trey Gerrald: the thick body wash 'I thought, okay, I'll probably never do that candle review because it's sort of the same conversation. But what's interesting to me is there is some nuanced difference here because they 'I think JD is A' little poetic and they're.


[00:15:21] Chelsey Donn: Totally. It's interesting 'I wonder if it's because we experienced the thick review that I'm A' little bit like less on top of JD about being so, like, I'm A' burly man. I'm A' burly. You know, like 'I 'I. Wonder if that's why. But 'I do think that there's some interesting poetic language and that it's A' really well written review.

And it, it is kitch, but it's not 'I can't explain it.

[00:15:45] Trey Gerrald: Well that is what's interesting cuz if 'I were to sort of like, okay, so maybe 'I was leaning into hard reading it as like 'I, like jd. If 'I was thinking maybe JD

[00:15:56] Chelsey Donn: I'm A', dude. I'm A' Manly dude,

[00:15:59] Trey Gerrald: Yes. If JD was more misogynistic, I'm A', dude. 'I. Think A'. Pretty classic Manly one too. 'I carry A' knife. Implying that women or effeminate men don't carry knives.

'I don't wear skinny anything. 'I don't wear skinny anything is probably 'I. The lowest bar 'I. Think in this review, like the whole hairy chest thing, like 'I, don't know. For whatever reason, it doesn't occur as offensive to me as A' man. As A' gay man. And it didn't seem like it was offending you as A' woman either,

[00:16:32] Chelsey Donn: No 'I. Mean 'I. Think that, yeah, you could have read it that way. I'm sort of glad you didn't. 'I did say like, that was sort of my first note. It's like Donn. Don't know if I'm reacting to the way that you read this, but 'I think that it's because we have A', like traditionally feminine product, and as you said, the thesis statement is why it's not.

This shouldn't be for women. This should only be for

[00:16:54] Trey Gerrald: Right.

[00:16:56] Chelsey Donn: Why are you giving this to women? This should just be A' man's thing, bad women. It's just like 'I. Why should 'I have to be ashamed that 'I like this candle, it's almost like A' self-reflective. Like maybe this was like A' therapy assignment or something for JD to be like, you're so 'I, you so identify with this male persona, jd, why don't you come out about the fact that you.

Like candles and maybe you could be A'. Part of the difference of men not feeling like they need to just hide behind their knives and their burly chest, you know, and, and you, you can sort of own up to this thing and there's A' vulnerability there that 'I think, you know, is

[00:17:40] Trey Gerrald: 'I 'I. Think that's what it is. That's what 'I think it is, because 'I. Because 'I, 'I actually think JD is saying 'I identify in these manly attributes and 'I am sharing that. 'I also appreciate that like when it's cold, 'I can like cuddle up and hear the WoodWick burning and that. It's so nice and, and it does cover up my fart and balls 'I.

That's why it stood out to us so much because it did feel so poetic and sort of leaning into the opposite binary

[00:18:13] Chelsey Donn: yeah, 'I mean, and, but maybe at the same time it's like, Meant for that guy because maybe that guy is like me, Tarzan, you J like that, they're just like gift for A' woman. Like woman gift. You know what 'I mean And then like this comes up. So maybe that's why JD is, is trying to appeal to that kind of audience and being like, whoa, whoa.

Like 'I am like you maybe reading this review and 'I really like this candle for myself. So don't be so quick to just label this as like, You know, A', gruely gift because

[00:18:50] Trey Gerrald: Right. And. The last sentence really is like getting rid of all the flower language and just saying like, okay, like full, like final thought is the candles are even burning and they last very long, and the smell is pleasant, not too fufu. So what do you think fufu means?

[00:19:07] Chelsey Donn: 'I do think that there's like maybe A', lot of like undertone of homophobic language happening.

[00:19:16] Trey Gerrald: Well, 'I, 'I think so too, but for some reason it's like funny to me. 'I it. It seems like an, it doesn't seem offensive, but like 'I. Guess Like 'I. Mean. 'I guess you're right. Like you're broadcasting so hardcore that you're not

[00:19:30] Chelsey Donn: Right. Like why do you feel like you need

[00:19:32] Trey Gerrald: is this labeled as feminine?

[00:19:34] Chelsey Donn: And, and to be fair, this is 2018 'I. Think we've gotten more and more and more 'I. Progressive. Well, at least in my communities, 'I, 'I. Obviously certain things are terrifying that are happening right now, but, um, we're,

[00:19:48] Trey Gerrald: this whole fufu, this whole, like you brought up the sandalwood, like it's also A' WoodWick, which to me, my mind, without even thinking 'I, Attributes to A' more masculine experience of A' candle because it crackles, which makes me think of A' fire, which makes me think I've made

[00:20:07] Chelsey Donn: 'I love. 'I Love A'. WoodWick

[00:20:10] Trey Gerrald: Me

[00:20:11] Chelsey Donn: love A', WoodWick. 'I. Think WoodWick are genderless, but 'I do think that, but 'I do think 'I agree with you in the sense that if 'I was marketing A' candle towards A' man, like we were saying, 'I would probably make it sand sandalwood. 'I wouldn't, 'I would have A' WoodWick.

Like these are things that 'I would check off.

[00:20:34] Trey Gerrald: So then here's my question to play devil's advocate here. Is there any sort of, are you getting any sense 'I. That 'I. Guess what I'm trying to p I'm, I'm trying to discern there were no females leaving reviews on thick saying why can't 'I have this as A' woman, is there any sort of underlying sense of like, why are you saying this is for women?

It should be for me because I'm A' man and I'm like the dominant gender in the society and women can't have anything.

[00:21:09] Chelsey Donn: well, that's what 'I was saying before, like, 'I don't, 'I, don't get the impression

[00:21:13] Trey Gerrald: 'I don't

[00:21:14] Chelsey Donn: it's, that he's, he's doing that 'I, get the impression that he's saying 'I. It might be for women, but it's also for men. And the problem isn't, we're including women in the statement, but the problem is that we're limiting it to just women when you know, people of other genders might enjoy the candle and shouldn't feel any kind of way if they do.

[00:21:38] Trey Gerrald: But then to me, as someone who isn't concerned, 'I, mean 'I. Guess 'I have A' high concern for being masculine because I've been taught that in my culture. But to me, 'I. 'I, especially in this example that they quote Valentine's Day gift for her. To me, that just sounds like marketing. It doesn't sound to me like they're saying this candle is only for women.

It's like, how do we get even more niche to get even more buyers like eyes

[00:22:04] Chelsey Donn: It is, but 'I really think that that's the inherent problem with Amazon. And I've said it for A' long time and it's what really annoys me is 'I. Just wish that they could have some sort of title for the product and then have A', bunch of key words that are like Valentine's Day for her, whatever, where it's just like it's gonna take you there.

But it really degrades A'. Lot of these products when we're, because of all these buzzwords in the title, we're like, For her, your little lady? The, the, the old lady at home. Like, you know, like just stop it already. Like it's annoying,

[00:22:38] Trey Gerrald: 'I mean. It's funny to me that like 'I as A' gay man was more offended by thick than 'I am by the straight man who's declaring that they're A' man is like upset that this is labeled for women. 'I mean, it's like interesting, like it, it's interesting how it's occurring

[00:22:54] Chelsey Donn: 'I don't think that many men would be taking this stance, right? Like, But 'I think that that's what's curious about it is 'I think that JD is representing that community of people that are buying

[00:23:10] Trey Gerrald: on their hairy

[00:23:11] Chelsey Donn: spill beer on their hairy chest, and then are sticking their cameras underneath the covers to order this, you know, for her candle for themselves.

[00:23:21] Trey Gerrald: so, all right. What's the value? Is there any new or unique info in this?

[00:23:26] Chelsey Donn: 'I. Mean 'I. Guess that. For me, just that 'I 'I thought it was A' more masculine scent. And so I'm sort of like validated in that feeling of, this seems like A' scent that men would like in the fact that this 'I review is saying like, I'm A' man, and 'I like it

[00:23:42] Trey Gerrald: Right, and then obviously they do end with the fact that like

[00:23:45] Chelsey Donn: and that Yeah. They give

[00:23:47] Trey Gerrald: of the candle itself, separate of the scent.

[00:23:49] Chelsey Donn: yeah. But in kind of A' way that we don't love, which is that like PS hears the review,

[00:23:54] Trey Gerrald: Right. Yeah.

[00:23:57] Chelsey Donn: But again, this was A' type of review that is falls into A' very specific category. Right, which leads into like the humor and entertainment 'I. Yeah.

[00:24:07] Trey Gerrald: 'I. Think it's humorous and 'I. I'm very entertained and I'm even sort of like 'I. Dissecting it and sort of expecting like, what is the ginger norm? And like, it's like sort of thoughtful and 'I think that's

[00:24:19] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:24:20] Trey Gerrald: JD is is thoughtful in their language.

[00:24:24] Chelsey Donn: And because like the spelling and grammar was really good. It was clearly, you know, well written. There was thought that went into writing this. It wasn't A'. Lot of times, you know, we read these joke reviews and they're just like, both balls, balls, balls, bowls, bowls, balls, bowls, dick, dick, dick. And you're just like, no.

And 'I don't love the fact that they threw that in there. But 'I do think that it was well written and, and well thought out.

[00:24:50] Trey Gerrald: Do you think that this is typical? Do you think other men are buying this and feeling like they're being excluded? 'I.

[00:24:55] Chelsey Donn: 'I Wonder, 'I Wonder because 'I, is it because the product is marketed towards women that there, that maybe A' man, A' man, A' man would not want to order it? Like are, do you think there are many people that are deterred, Donn, don't know.

[00:25:11] Trey Gerrald: 'I 'I. Don't know it's beyond me cuz 'I probably would want something that was more feminine. So 'I, 'I. Don't know.

[00:25:17] Chelsey Donn: Right. 'I think it's outside of both of our scopes. But 'I also think that like JD is really hammering that point to us, you know, over the head. Like they need to let everyone know that they are manly, but they still liked this candle. So.

[00:25:35] Trey Gerrald: And it's A' five star.

[00:25:37] Chelsey Donn: And it's A' five star. So it's not hurting the product, it's saying 'I love it.

And it, and maybe it's interesting because maybe most of the five stars are either women being like, 'I bought this for myself, and 'I love it. Or men being like, 'I got this for my girlfriend. You know what 'I mean?

[00:25:53] Trey Gerrald: Right.

[00:25:55] Chelsey Donn: All right. 'I think 'I can crown jd.

[00:25:57] Trey Gerrald: Let's do it. So ChelseyBD and 'I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards. In an effort to be fair and not influenced by one another, we will simultaneously reveal our rating.

[00:26:09] VOICEOVER: The Queens are Tabulating to school.

[00:26:18] Chelsey Donn: Four and A' Four. And A' half. Okay, so Trey is holding up four and A' half crowns. 'I Am holding up three and A' half crowns. That is A' full crown between us. I'll go first. 'I kind of made A'. Game time decision 'I was gonna go with four. 'I wanted to leave A' little room for like am 'I just completely desensitized because of the thick review that there is A' world in which somebody might be offended by the hypermasculinity of this Donn.

Don't know. That was where 'I 'I 'I like took the extra half crown off for me. But 'I think it was A'. Pretty interesting review. 'I really liked it. 'I thought it was entertaining. 'I liked the fact that. JD took their time to spell check and really deliver A' document. That was interesting. The sun hibernating all this imagery from such what could be very like trivial, low hanging fruit 'I.

Think that's an an unusual combination, and that's really where my three and A' half crowds are coming from. Plus obviously it's A' five star review, so it's not hurting anybody. Right. Maybe that's A' little bit harsh, but just in case I'm A', little calloused from the thick of it all. 'I went with three and A' half crowns, which is maybe not fair to jd, but you made up for that because you went with four and A' half.

So we still averaged out to four crowns, which 'I think is appropriate. But why don't you let us know why you gave four and A' half crowns to j d.

[00:27:44] Trey Gerrald: 'I. 'I think it's because 'I wanted A'. Little bit more like, which is interesting, like 'I could listen to JD 'I, wanna look up JD and see more reviews. 'I

[00:27:53] Chelsey Donn: was like 'I. Feel like we've, we've definitely had A' JD before,

[00:27:58] Trey Gerrald: It's like 'I just was 'I. It's A'. Really fun, interesting point of view. 'I also like 'I couldn't do Review. Queen cuz I'm not sure as you said, if like 'I am 'I creating the way in which I'm receiving it versus 'I the intent. 'I 'I don't know, but 'I 'I think ultimately JD is selling the product to me.

And 'I 'I think that even as A' gay person, I'm not offended in this reading of it. So 'I wanna buy the candle and 'I, imagine that. You as A' straight woman was charmed enough to where it's sort of like, okay, you're gonna buy it. And then if 'I was A' straight dude who hated gay people and 'I read this review, maybe he's selling it to me too, so.

So 'I ultimately think the impact is like, this is A', really great candle and 'I think it's funny, like 'I think it's an interesting point of view. And then 'I intentionally waited to share this at the end, but it does have 1,517 helpful votes, so it must have gone viral.

[00:29:01] Chelsey Donn: Amazing. Okay. JD 'I, like you and obviously A'. Lot of people like you too, so good job.

[00:29:10] Trey Gerrald: anyone listening, are you in disagreement with us? Do you think that

[00:29:14] Chelsey Donn: Are you throwing your phone across the room like

[00:29:17] Trey Gerrald: let us know. Call in one eight five zero review. Zero. All right, Queen, we have reached the most regal portion of our show. Who are you inducting today for?

[00:29:27] VOICEOVER: My, Royal, Highness.

[00:29:29] Chelsey Donn: Thank you for asking Trey. So at this point we know that 'I have like A', very polarized relationship with my closet. Um, I've spoken A' few times about how 'I organize the shoes in improper way and that was A' fiasco 'I. Think there's A', lot of negative energy happening around my closet that 'I need to like cleanse out and that is why 'I.

'I am going to induct velvet hangers as My Royal Highness, because 'I was thinking as 'I was deciding how 'I was gonna organize my closet. That 'I. Oh my God. 'I can fit so much in more in my closet because 'I use these velvet hangers, number one. Number two, 'I like forgot about how horrible my life was when things were constantly slipping off of those like plastic hangers all the time.

Like 'I know that 'I have issues with my closet, but my stuff falling off my hangers. Is not one of them. And for these velvet hangers really being the hero of the closet, really bringing the sunshine to an otherwise cloudy closet. Really bringing the sun out of hibernation for me in terms of what's happening in the closet.

'I really wanted to take this moment to induct velvet hangers as my real Highness. Are you using velvet hangers? If you're not, you gotta get on board. 'I mean everyone's using them at this point, right?

[00:30:54] Trey Gerrald: Wait. It's so funny that you just inducted this because last week you did an Airbnb Hell review, and 'I was planning on doing an Airbnb. Hell review today, 'I. For this week and in that review, which 'I think I'm just never gonna do, cuz it's A' little too short for A' main episode. But they talk about hangers.

So it would've been so funny if 'I had done it and then you inducted velvet hangers. But yes, 'I also use 'I, use velvet hangers. Myself and 'I even have them from Amazon and they curve downwards. So you don't get those like pinch dents on your

[00:31:27] Chelsey Donn: Yes. Ugh. So

[00:31:29] Trey Gerrald: the best 'I mean the best thing in the world.

A'. Little bit more, but the impact is so great. 'I. 'I, totally concur. Velvet hangers, you're A' Queen.

[00:31:37] Chelsey Donn: Ugh. Such A'. Queen, and so worth, so worth the upgrade.

[00:31:49] Trey Gerrald: Keep us updated on that closet. ChelseyBD.

[00:31:51] Chelsey Donn: Oh, well, you know 'I will.

[00:31:53] Trey Gerrald: Okay, good. Well, we did A' Queen. That is another round on the r u A', R Q binary Ferris wheel of scents and balls and hibernating Sons.

[00:32:04] Chelsey Donn: yes. Thank you for joining us today. If you like what you heard, please tell A' friend, any gender friend.

[00:32:11] Trey Gerrald: If you didn't like what you heard, please tell an enemy, any gendered enemy.

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[00:32:23] Trey Gerrald: As mentioned, hit up our voice mailbox 1 8 50 0 review zero.

[00:32:28] Chelsey Donn: and join our mailing list at Review That Review dot com.

[00:32:32] Trey Gerrald: Come and follow us on all the socials at the review Queens

[00:32:36] Chelsey Donn: I'm at ChelseyBD.

[00:32:38] Trey Gerrald: and gosh darn it, I'm at Trey Gerrald

[00:32:40] Chelsey Donn: That's right on this week's after show pod, we are rating and reviewing A' three star review from Amazon for Get your finger ready. Wa Wacky waving Inflatable tube Guy RP Minis. Actually that sounds such A' Super Call. Yep.

[00:33:04] VOICEOVER: It's super.

[00:33:07] Trey Gerrald: Oh my God.

[00:33:08] Chelsey Donn: So to find out what made Trey say,

[00:33:12] Trey Gerrald: 'I don't care about Herman. It, it actually like turned me off and to find out what made ChelseyBD say.

[00:33:19] Chelsey Donn: you're smiling too much. Are you A' demon? You know what 'I mean? And it's also red, so there's, it's like A' frightening, but then it's not, it's like fun and joyous.

[00:33:28] Trey Gerrald: Then join us over on our Patreon by becoming A' member. You can do that at Review That Review dot com slash patreon so that you get your special opportunity to listen to our weekly after show companion podcast. But also, you must remember.

[00:33:44] Chelsey Donn: Ignore the haters. You're A' Queen,

[00:33:47] Trey Gerrald: Nonspecific Queen,

[00:33:51] Chelsey Donn: obviously.

[00:33:53] Trey Gerrald: goodbye.

[00:33:54] Chelsey Donn: Bye.

Review That Review is an independent podcast. Certain names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty. Executive produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound designed by me with voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky. Our cover art was designed by LogoVora and our theme song was written by Joe Kinosian and sung by Natalie Weiss.

[00:34:11] Chelsey Donn: 'I am sort of surprised that, um, JD didn't make like A' sandal. Wood pun joke,

[00:34:18] Trey Gerrald: What's the pun?

[00:34:19] Chelsey Donn: like wood, like I'll go the sandal wood 'I. Don't know.

[00:34:23] Trey Gerrald: I'll give you the

[00:34:24] Chelsey Donn: I'll give you the sandal wood.

[00:34:28] Trey Gerrald: la muse. My woody sandal cock

[00:34:31] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, exactly.

[00:34:33] Trey Gerrald: we're so good at being straight, man. ChelseyBD

[00:34:36] Chelsey Donn: 'I know.

[00:34:37] Trey Gerrald: 'I.

[00:34:38] Chelsey Donn: Ugh, gross 'I.