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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 140: "Professional Organizing Service: 1 vs. 5 Stars"

Review That Review with Chelsey & Trey
Episode 140?: "Professional Organizing Service: 1 vs. 5 Stars"


*Please pardon any and all spelling errors!

[00:00:00] THEME SONG: Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] CHELSEY DONN: Hello, 

[00:00:32] TREY GERRALD: Well, hello and welcome to Review That Review. We are the podcast that is dedicated to reviewing.

[00:00:41] CHELSEY DONN: Reviews,

[00:00:43] TREY GERRALD: That's Chelsey Donn.

[00:00:44] CHELSEY DONN: and that's Trey Gerald.

[00:00:46] TREY GERRALD: But you can just call us.

[00:00:48] VOICEOVER: The Review Queens,

[00:00:52] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. But first Trey, a month into the new year, month into those resolutions or whatever intentions that we're doing. Do you have something that you need to get off your chest that you just would like to leave here on the floor? Would you like to,

[00:01:09] VOICEOVER: lodge a complaint,

[00:01:10] TREY GERRALD: Why, yes, I would. Chelsey, I really need to add to the ledger of complaints. You're on an airplane. You're strapped in. You're traveling. You could also be in a waiting room at the dentist's office. You're sitting. You can see there's four other people ahead of you. You grab that little magazine. You flip to the back.

Oh, it's a nice crossword, and someone has completed it. You think, oh look, there's two Sudoku puzzles. Oh, this is awesome. Someone has already done it. I hate used puzzles in magazines. Now, I don't know what the solution is. Obviously, if you're on an airplane, they probably, you know, replace the magazines once a month, but it really is a conundrum because for the crossword, for the sudoku, I'm not going to trace puzzle and like create it on a piece of paper for myself, but I also,

[00:02:04] CHELSEY DONN: would, that'd be hilarious.

[00:02:05] TREY GERRALD: so I don't know what the solution is, because, because you, in order to do the puzzle, you have to do the puzzle.

But if you do the puzzle, and it's February 

7th of 2024, then what is that 24 more days of the month? Wait, 28? Yeah, then like, you've ruined it for everyone else, So then I have to abstain from doing the puzzle because I don't want to be the jerk that does the puzzle? But, nothing is more maddening than going to do it, and someone has already done it.

[00:02:32] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah.

[00:02:33] TREY GERRALD: hate it. Can I just, can we talk through this problem for me? I hate these used puzzles. I don't know what the solution is. You either don't do it and you are mad or you can't do it because someone has done it and you're mad. What, what? I don't even know. I'm just mad. I'm bringing it to the show

[00:02:50] CHELSEY DONN: I hear you. Listen, I, I tend to buy my own Sudoku, uh, books at the airport and then I always keep one in my bag

because it does suck when it's done. It's also like a weird reminder that somebody else was just sitting

here. I don't know.

like, like the whole grossness of the airplane and the, that they're just like shoveling people in and out.

You're like, oof, someone just touched this magazine.

I hear you. It's like there's something very annoying and disappointing about that, but the only solution I have is to sort of BYO crossword or Sudoku.

[00:03:29] TREY GERRALD: it's true. 

[00:03:30] CHELSEY DONN: Sudoku? Sudoku? Go. I feel like my mother.

[00:03:34] TREY GERRALD: I, I 

don't know. 

[00:03:35] CHELSEY DONN: Sudoku. I don't know, guys.


I hear you.

[00:03:38] TREY GERRALD: had to air it out. 'cause it, it bothers me.

[00:03:41] CHELSEY DONN: I get it. I get that.

I hear you. It's been added to the ledger.

[00:03:44] TREY GERRALD: All right. Thank you.

[00:03:46] CHELSEY DONN: All right. Well, in all that searching and finding, should we go searching and finding into some reviews?

[00:03:55] TREY GERRALD: I think that that's a beautiful segue, and that is exactly what we should do.

[00:03:59] CHELSEY DONN: Yes, let's,

[00:04:00] VOICEOVER: assess that kvetch, Review

[00:04:02] TREY GERRALD: more importantly, Chelsey, would you like to go head to head? Because today is another Versus episode where we are 

[00:04:10] CHELSEY DONN: woo! 

[00:04:11] TREY GERRALD: both a one star review and a five star review against each other in pursuit of finding out the real deal for a professional organizing service in Texas!

[00:04:24] CHELSEY DONN: That's right, for this versus episode, Trey has selected the one star, and I have selected the five star. So, to determine who reads first, we gotta flip that quota! Alright, Trey, I think it's your turn.

[00:04:40] TREY GERRALD: You ready?

[00:04:40] CHELSEY DONN: Yes, flip and


[00:04:42] TREY GERRALD: say tails.

[00:04:44] CHELSEY DONN: Okay.

[00:04:47] TREY GERRALD: It's tails.

[00:04:48] CHELSEY DONN: All right. Okay.

[00:04:49] TREY GERRALD: I feel 

[00:04:50] CHELSEY DONN: So here we go. 

[00:04:51] TREY GERRALD: feel like, I always

[00:04:51] CHELSEY DONN: We always have this one star But I suppose it's meant to be so

we're shared. Today We are collecting data from both ends of the spectrum of online reviews for My Home, SOS, LLC At the time of this recording, Google has 58 reviews, totaling a 4. 6 out of 5. Thumbtack has 74 reviews, totaling 4.

8 out of 5. Yelp has only 5 reviews, totaling 3. 4 out of 5.

[00:05:27] TREY GERRALD: Oh, let me say this part. So, when you Google My Home SOS, on the right side, it'll say like, here's a map, and here are the locations, and like, here are the reviews. So, when you look at that, you can see, That it's 4. 6 out of 5. So that last star is half green.

[00:05:47] CHELSEY DONN: right,

[00:05:48] TREY GERRALD: But when you go to myhomesos. com at the bottom of every page, it's like scrolling, like reviews, right?

And all of 

[00:05:57] CHELSEY DONN: they filled it in, hmm,

[00:06:00] TREY GERRALD: Is that shady or what is that? What do you think of that?

[00:06:03] CHELSEY DONN: so hold

on, so on their website, they're importing from

Google, or are they 

[00:06:10] TREY GERRALD: at the bottom. It's like little, it's like, see what our customers say. And it's like a carousel of little like thumbnails of the reviews that are 

[00:06:18] CHELSEY DONN: doesn't really bother me,

[00:06:20] TREY GERRALD: Because maybe it's just like an imported five star image.

[00:06:24] CHELSEY DONN: if I'm gonna make a website, then I'm gonna put testimonials, and I'm gonna put my best foot forward, like if I'm going through your, I won't really even look at reviews for products necessarily from their

[00:06:36] TREY GERRALD: Me either.

[00:06:37] CHELSEY DONN: because I figure that you're gonna obviously talk about your product well, it's very rare that you're gonna be like leaving and our product sucks on your own webpage, so I sort of think it's up to the individual to then go to Thumbtack, go to Yelp,

go to these other sources and resource, so I don't really have a problem with them really highlighting the five stars on their personal website.

[00:07:00] TREY GERRALD: But I'll tell you, that image is five stars. But when you go to Google, the last star is half green. So 

who doctored 

[00:07:10] CHELSEY DONN: a little a little doctored a little doctored. Okay. All

[00:07:14] TREY GERRALD: We'll get back to 

[00:07:15] CHELSEY DONN: hear you I'm taking that out. I think I would care more Trey if it was a bigger


[00:07:21] TREY GERRALD: Yeah. Yeah, 

[00:07:22] CHELSEY DONN: yeah, like if it was the 3. 4 Yelp and we change that to

5, I'd be like, that's a little 

[00:07:26] TREY GERRALD: That's fair.

[00:07:27] CHELSEY DONN: All right, according to their website at my home SOS We are committed to creating the most organized and enjoyable spaces to empower you to be your best Best Self. Our vision is to encourage clients and employees to the create meaningful memories with those who matter the most. In addition to their home organization, they also offer packing services, concierge home setup, Unpacking and setting up after a move, real estate market prep, getting your home stage for a listing,

remodel, construction prep, and holiday set up and take down.

So with all of that background in mind, guys, let's

jump right in and hear that one star review from Trey.

[00:08:20] VOICEOVER: Review,

[00:08:24] TREY GERRALD: Alright, so Queens, today I have the One Star Review, written by Jim A., and this one actually appears on both Google and Yelp, but I can tell that it was originally posted on Yelp.

[00:08:43] CHELSEY DONN: Interesting. Okay.

[00:08:44] TREY GERRALD: Okay, here we go. October 25th, 2023 is when this was written, okay. Worst experience imaginable. Owner admitted she sent out inexperienced and unprepared employees, and then, when I complained, offered not to charge me.

A cancellation fee? Do not use them. You will regret it.

Okay, but that is the updated review. So, on September 11th of 2023, so this is like a month before, here is the previous review from Jim A. Here's an email from the owner, MyHomeSOS sent me, after I provided feedback about the inexperienced and unprepared people she sent to help organize my garage, parentheses.

Okay, so now this is all a quote, this is the email. Experience and expertise. We apologize for the mix up with the team assigned to your project. We usually assign teams, based on their experience and knowledge, in relevant areas. We understand that having inexperienced team members can be frustrating, especially for a project like Garage Reorganization, Labeling and Reorganization Expertise, It is disheartening to hear that our team did not provide the level of guidance and expertise you were looking for in terms of reorganization and labeling.

[00:10:30] CHELSEY DONN: I hope you have a great rest of

[00:10:31] TREY GERRALD: Efficiency and Productivity,

[00:10:33] CHELSEY DONN: you have a great rest

[00:10:34] TREY GERRALD: We regret that one of our team members spent an excessive amount of time on certain tasks. Which did not align with our commitment to efficiency and productivity. When I asked to send experienced people out the next day to redo the job, here's her response. While we cannot provide additional services free of charge, we would like to extend an olive branch as a gesture of goodwill.

We are willing to waive the 100 last minute cancellation fee for the inconvenience you experienced. And of course, We will close out the original invoice only with the service hours that were provided. Here's the team she provided for the job. The team leader was relatively new to the company and had never done a garage reorganization.

The quote unquote team showed up with a stepladder, which was not sufficient to reach the shelves. Dash dash. And then asked if I had a ladder. The team leader expressed concern that she may not be able to move some of the boxes because they were heavy. Home SOS had pictures of the garage which showed shelves and boxes.

Maybe someone who could handle heavy boxes would have been better. The team had no intention of labeling the boxes. Until I suggested it, and then only agreed because one of the team remembered she had a label maker in her car. One of the team members spent 30 minutes going through a lightbulb box.

Sorting lights, one of the team members was on the phone for part of the time. For this shoddy work product, I was charged 800, and she refused to redo the job without me paying another 800.

[00:12:45] CHELSEY DONN: Okay,

[00:12:46] TREY GERRALD: Does this make sense? Do you feel confused?

[00:12:48] CHELSEY DONN: a little bit confused.

[00:12:50] TREY GERRALD: Me too. 

[00:12:51] CHELSEY DONN: everything. So like the first review that was written

was the one where we quoted the email,

[00:12:58] TREY GERRALD: Correct. Then the updated review is, is October. This is the worst experience imaginable.

[00:13:04] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. So it's as if like the first review that we wrote, maybe we're like giving them an opportunity to fix the situation. And then once we realize they're not going to fix the situation, Then we come back and we write that review in October being like this company is horrible.

Don't use them. Okay.

[00:13:22] TREY GERRALD: That's what it seems like. Right.

[00:13:24] CHELSEY DONN: All right. I get it.

[00:13:25] TREY GERRALD: Cause they end the review saying like, Like, I'm not having them come back tomorrow. So they're saying they'll cancel that 100 fee. Like, what?

[00:13:34] CHELSEY DONN: cancellation. Yeah, which is really does seem like and I feel like there's a missing piece here for some reason. This is one of those reviews where I'm like is Jim like very difficult like is there something missing because it just seems like if I'm a business I've sent you the incorrect team Then I own up to the fact that I sent you the incorrect team, that the team wasn't as experienced as we would have liked them to be. And then I offer you essentially nothing because I'm not refunding you the 800 that you already spent, I'm just saying I'll let you out of this without, like, make, without you incurring additional fees, I'll let you out of this,

but I just paid you 800 for a shoddy job,

[00:14:15] TREY GERRALD: That's correct. It does, yes, I think the pieces, when you add them together, that's right, exactly what you're saying. I understand that an error was made, so we will not hold up the contract where you have to pay me for tomorrow, and in good faith, I won't charge you this last minute cancellation fee.

[00:14:32] CHELSEY DONN: right, I will close out the invoice, meaning I will charge you 800, 800,

[00:14:36] TREY GERRALD: Right, for the work that you're unhappy with.

[00:14:38] CHELSEY DONN: Right.

[00:14:39] TREY GERRALD: just so you know, I could be charging you 100 for cancelling in the middle of the 

job. But they're cancelling in the middle of the job because you did a bad job, and you had people come that were inexperienced.

[00:14:51] CHELSEY DONN: Right. I mean the label comment about

like how They had to tell them to to label and then the person was kind of like good idea I have a label maker in the car like what?

[00:15:04] TREY GERRALD: I know. But, okay, but

[00:15:07] CHELSEY DONN: weird.

[00:15:08] TREY GERRALD: It does like I hear you like there I feel like maybe there is something missing and my first indication is sort of here's an email but it's like strategically copy pasted it isn't like date subject hi Jim I'm so like it's just these points so I'm like okay what are you excluding you Is my big question.

So I'm wondering if Jim is cherry picking the things that build his case stronger, but it's interesting to me because if you were supposed to do two days on the job and they're unhappy and they don't want you to come back, that is technically cancelling last minute. Or is it not cancelling because you're in the middle of the services?

Is the cancellation basically like cancelling the day before the first day?

[00:15:53] CHELSEY DONN: I think like just by the books it's canceling because like you committed to two days

[00:15:58] TREY GERRALD: Right, they're blocking off their calendar to come and work. Right.

[00:16:01] CHELSEY DONN: Right. So that for sure. But like, I just think any business has to have something built in for like an unhappy customer, especially if you're then owning up to saying,

yeah, I, did send people. that were More inexperienced. Like it's one thing if you're like, I'm so sorry, you think our people are unexperienced?

They're not, they've been trained and they've been this, and I don't know what you're talking about with the labels, but clearly she had it in her car because she was planning to do it. You know what I mean? Like if they were being defensive of their employees.

I guess I would almost be like, okay, maybe this is just a Karen or


[00:16:40] TREY GERRALD: Right. They reveal their hand a little bit.

[00:16:43] CHELSEY DONN: right.

So it's like, because you're revealing your hand, like the 100 is like, that's not even an offering.

[00:16:50] TREY GERRALD: That's what I'm thinking 

[00:16:51] CHELSEY DONN: obvious. 

[00:16:52] TREY GERRALD: Right. It's not, this is not a last minute cancellation fee. This is an unhappy, you didn't provide the services you guarantee, you offer. Like, what?

[00:17:03] CHELSEY DONN: wouldn't you just be like, I totally hear you, I'm so sorry, like, we'll give you

a 200 discount off the services and we'll send you a very experienced team for tomorrow, and we're gonna work extra hard to get everything done, you're gonna have the same project done, we're just gonna, we're gonna send you an extra two people, whatever it is, like, to make

up for yesterday, like,

something that, like, is like, at the end of the day, you're gonna get what it is that


[00:17:30] TREY GERRALD: for, you hired me for, right? And that's the last sentence of this review is, She refused to even redo the job, without me paying another day rate, which seems insane.

[00:17:44] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, totally.

[00:17:46] TREY GERRALD: I'm feeling very persuaded.

[00:17:48] CHELSEY DONN: I'm, I'm feeling persuaded, but I'm also feeling confused, and I think it's like a little bit because of the order of the reviews and the way that it was written and then in the way that like, Jim, when Jim was talking about their grievances,

was that just them talking about their grievances or was that what they had written in the email?

[00:18:09] TREY GERRALD: That's a great point of confusion because When you read the review, they say she, this is the team she provided for the job, so I don't think that would have been in the email, obviously, but, but, in the response from the email, it's like, for the, spend an excessive amount of time on certain tasks, that's referencing, like, 30 minutes going through light bulbs, 30 So, it must have been included in the email somewhere, like that's what, like that's why I'm like,

[00:18:35] CHELSEY DONN: Jim just, like, wrote it differently for us,

[00:18:38] TREY GERRALD: I 

[00:18:38] CHELSEY DONN: that's why I almost wish if you were gonna paste the email in,

just paste the email, in just be like, this is the email that I wrote them in the entirety, like, I'm Jim, this is my experience, just give it to me, in the order of events because I'm getting confused

and I think that there's a point here and there's like a strong one like I'm definitely I have a sour taste in my mouth towards a company that doesn't want to stand by their work but Jim didn't

really do the best job of outlining that information.

[00:19:07] TREY GERRALD: and I would say also, I think your point here, My Home SOS sort of acknowledging, yes, you're right, they were inexperienced, sort of is like, okay, well then, I believe Jim, because you're not, Calling Jim out as a liar or exaggerator. So to me, I 

[00:19:24] CHELSEY DONN: I didn't have so much of a problem with the email and them owning up to that because I sometimes think that that can be better

than saying like, no, they are super experienced, right? But I just think that where we really faltered is the follow through of what we did after

[00:19:38] TREY GERRALD: what we do now, exactly

[00:19:40] CHELSEY DONN: we do now?

Like, it's fine if you're like, you know what, customer, you didn't have a great experience, and we're sorry, and maybe we didn't, we failed you, and we apologize that we failed you, or that you, they said, like, the right things,

[00:19:53] TREY GERRALD: They just didn't do anything after the comma. They didn't like offer. Now from 

[00:19:58] CHELSEY DONN: yeah, yeah, like, where do we go from here,

[00:20:02] TREY GERRALD: Which is why I think that is the, I think maybe the value and the very unique information in reading this review is that if you're unhappy. They're not gonna offer you 

[00:20:13] CHELSEY DONN: smile and say like, yes, sir, whatever it is, but they're not gonna do anything.

[00:20:19] TREY GERRALD: Spelling grammar is perfect. It does seem like they spent a little time. I do have this character portrait that Jim is maybe elderly 

for whatever 

[00:20:29] CHELSEY DONN: I, I get that, I get a similar vibe.

[00:20:32] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, and so I think that they're used to constructing paragraphs and punctuation

[00:20:37] CHELSEY DONN: I agree. I think that like, they are being truthful, but then it's a little bit shady with like the way that they structured it and

[00:20:47] TREY GERRALD: things.

[00:20:47] CHELSEY DONN: something in the storytelling was a little bit shady, but I do think that this is like their truth. I don't think that they just went and lied.

[00:20:55] TREY GERRALD: Correct, and I think that their email back is validating the truth.

[00:21:01] CHELSEY DONN: I

[00:21:01] TREY GERRALD: Especially with the reply that's like, do not trust them, like, don't hire them, this was a terrible experience, like, if it does feel only truthful, like, they're coming back another time to be like, hey, if you don't want to read that long thing, 

here is four sentences, it was 

[00:21:15] CHELSEY DONN: cliff notes. Yes. I just feel like what I'm getting, and this is maybe a fear that I've had when I thought about hiring companies like

this, you really don't know who you're gonna get, even if you go

with a good company that has high reviews, it doesn't really matter if the team member that is arriving your house is not the best team member or is a new team member, and that's like pretty impactful, and I think that, Might be common, not just with SOS, but also with other organization companies, when you get to a certain point and you're a certain size, and it's not just Sally and Sally's cousin and

Sally's niece doing the job, all of a sudden we've expanded, I think that this could happen to somebody else.

[00:22:04] TREY GERRALD: But that is an interesting scenario because any business that gets larger, you have to train the same level of excellence in any, any industry in the world, 

[00:22:13] CHELSEY DONN: any industry, of course, yes,

[00:22:16] TREY GERRALD: also have a little bit of a bias that if I'm going to get an organizer, I want it to be the person, not the organization that I want.

Like someone from their company. Does that make sense? Like I would trust an individual more so than like an LLC, but that's my personal bias. I don't want to really 

[00:22:30] CHELSEY DONN: right, 

[00:22:31] TREY GERRALD: it's not humorous. It's not really entertaining. It's just like troubling.

[00:22:37] CHELSEY DONN: troubling, yes, I think I'm ready to crown,

[00:22:41] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, let's crown Jimmy. Come on, Jim. Let's see how you 

[00:22:44] CHELSEY DONN: come on, Jimmy,

[00:22:45] TREY GERRALD: Come on, Jim.

[00:22:46] CHELSEY DONN: Jimmy A,

[00:22:47] TREY GERRALD: Let's organize this mess. Wait, that's really funny. This is about.

[00:22:51] CHELSEY DONN: is a mess of a reveal,

[00:22:52] TREY GERRALD: Yes, it's organized really poorly. Okay, whatever. 

So, Chelsey, 

[00:22:57] CHELSEY DONN: Jim, but we'll still, we'll still crown you,

[00:23:00] TREY GERRALD: well, Jim still needs the help being organized because My Home SOS did not help fix the issues. Okay, so Chelsey and I each have our own set of zero to five crown cards and in an effort to be fair and not influence one another, we will simultaneously reveal our ratings.

[00:23:16] VOICEOVER: The Queens are tabulating, Total Score,

[00:23:24] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, interesting. Okay, so I'm holding up three crowns and Trey's holding up four and a half, which is a little bit surprising for me, but we'll get to that in a second. I went with three crowns just because of the organization of it all. I feel like there's a message here. I just wish it could have been delivered a little, a little stronger, especially because it did seem like there was evidence,

but like we said, it just wasn't organized in the right way, and I don't know that Every person is gonna really stop and read this review and take the time to analyze it the way that we did, I think it might get lost in the weeds just because of how much is there when there was a real point to be had here, so for that reason I could only go with three crowns for Jim, but I do think that there is an impact,

Um, I'm definitely thinking I want to triple, quadruple check what team I'm getting if I'm using this service.

So that's where the three crowns are coming from, but you went for it. You went for four and a half crowns. So let us know why you crowned Jim A so high.

[00:24:21] TREY GERRALD: Well, I just think that there's, there are enough question marks that it's obviously not a Review Queen, but I think it's really high because they highlight the deficiency in providing the service that is being sold. And I think the impact of that is just super high for me, not to bury the lead here, but on the after show, we'll do the five star and for the common fluke.

Which is sort of challenging to determine in this review alone. There are far more five stars. There are very little one stars. So maybe this is a fluke or, or maybe you could sort of request more experienced people up front. I don't know. It's impactful enough. And the whole idea of like not having the idea to label when one of the like things that you do as a company is labeling is like really bewildering to me so i said four and a half because i think it's pretty strong 

[00:25:19] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. Oh 

[00:25:21] VOICEOVER: There's a reply! 

[00:25:23] CHELSEY DONN: I'm 

[00:25:23] TREY GERRALD: do you what are you anticipating in the reply i'm just curious

[00:25:26] CHELSEY DONN: I, what I'm hoping that I'm going to get from this reply is a little bit of those elements that I thought were missing from the narrative.

[00:25:37] TREY GERRALD: all right so here we go this is response from the owner and it was the same time that the review was written

[00:25:44] CHELSEY DONN: The second review or the first review?

[00:25:45] TREY GERRALD: the first review so i can i can only see the reply on google i don't see the reply on yelp which is interesting Response from the owner. Dear Mr. A, We appreciate your feedback. We take pride in the service that we provide to each one of our clients, and customer satisfaction is top of mind.

Our team is carefully trained in the organization, capitalized O, process, to ensure client satisfaction and their ability to complete the work. Unfortunately, it seems like your budget and expectations did not align. We completed the work that we were paid to do, and unfortunately, since only half of the total estimated time was paid for, We were unable to provide the finished product.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

[00:26:40] CHELSEY DONN: Okay. O organization.

[00:26:44] TREY GERRALD: Yes. 

[00:26:45] CHELSEY DONN: I don't know. I don't know who I'm believing now.

I'm just like, I don't know. A little bit confused with this reply versus the email because now it seems like we're saying you had a low budget so

you got a low tier organizer. If you pay

1, 600 for the day, well then maybe the owner is going to come. But if you want to pay 800, then you're going to get a younger, newer, greener


[00:27:14] TREY GERRALD: Mm hmm. 

[00:27:15] CHELSEY DONN: So I'm hearing like an excuse that I didn't hear before which is like the budget. Now we're also saying we did the job, where we didn't say that before, unless we did say that before

[00:27:27] TREY GERRALD: And it was 

[00:27:27] CHELSEY DONN: and Jim omitted that, which is possible. I don't know that I feel like I have all the answers.

[00:27:34] TREY GERRALD: It's still confusing to me because I love the tear that you're picking up on on the actual organizer You're gonna get what it sounded like to me was sort of like a shady dig at like your budget versus your expectation didn't align and The job wasn't completed because you stopped it in the middle, so of course you were unhappy, which feels to me like a slick way to not take responsibility for the not having a proper ladder and not knowing to organize with a labeler and like spending too much time doing like menial things.

Yes. But I don't know how I feel after this reply. It doesn't make me feel taken care of. Like, we wish you the best in your future endeavors feels a little angry to me. Like, it 

feels a 

[00:28:20] CHELSEY DONN: like, F 

[00:28:21] TREY GERRALD: uncomfortable. Yeah, it feels that way.

[00:28:23] CHELSEY DONN: I agree. I think that what I'm getting from like the email and then also this reply is that like we're really trying to stick the landing,

[00:28:33] TREY GERRALD: Yeah.

[00:28:33] CHELSEY DONN: but We're just not really sticking the landing.

[00:28:37] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, I know. Do you want to crown this?

[00:28:39] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, I can, I can crown it.

[00:28:40] TREY GERRALD: Alright, let's crown it.

[00:28:41] VOICEOVER: The queens are tabulating. Time for school. There's

[00:28:52] TREY GERRALD: two because it doesn't feel like a computer generated AI empty response, but I don't feel like you won the narrative back. I also, it doesn't feel like they really addressed the points in the original review. They just sort of said, like, They spun it around back on the customer, which, like, maybe that is fair.

I mean, if, like, if you're working in this construct of estimated time to complete projects and, like, the person cut it off, it's like, it is, like, a tricky scenario. So, two, because I don't know, but I think there might be a big impact for me. Like, it doesn't feel like a caring response. Kind of feels like, I don't know.

I don't know. Why did you say two and a half? Why'd you do half more?

[00:29:37] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, you know, I don't really know either. I just think that there's a little bit of more information here for me to go in if I

was going to use this service and like really get the lay of the land. Like I know this is a two day job, but like what happens if I'm very unhappy on the first date? How qualified are these people?

Like maybe I'm going to ask a lot of questions, including things that came up in this reply.

I don't know. Before I book. I still feel a little bit confused and I have a lot of questions that I'd want to ask.

[00:30:07] TREY GERRALD: and I do think, I bet that my home SOS learned a lot from this experience and it might be articulated in communication when you're being hired, like there's like some structure that's going to be in place.

[00:30:19] CHELSEY DONN: Another reply?

[00:30:21] TREY GERRALD: This is from Jim. Okay, and this is also very weird, Chelsey, because this shows up at the end of the original review on Google, but this paragraph does not show up on Yelp.

[00:30:36] CHELSEY DONN: Okay.

[00:30:36] TREY GERRALD: So this is after that sentence that says, you know, I was charged 800, she refused to redo the job without me paying another 800.

There's a enter, and then this here, updated, dash, dash, dash, please look at the email I've included from the owner and match it. With the business's response to my review, She admits she sent the wrong team, And that they were not prepared or experienced, And then blathers on about budget and expectations, I expect to pay for good service, Not for the service this business provided.

[00:31:14] CHELSEY DONN: I mean, yeah, I like, I like, I think I hear that. And I think that's what we were saying. Like,

it is a little bit confusing in the context of the email, unless again, Jim didn't include some of the email, which was sort of the fault in the way that they formatted everything. But It does feel like in, on the one hand, you're like, so sorry, we didn't meet expectations and we didn't have the right team.

And on the other, you're talking about budget and it does feel a little bit like you're trying to find an excuse.

[00:31:41] TREY GERRALD: I know.

[00:31:42] CHELSEY DONN: So, it doesn't really sit well, Trey. I don't know, but we do. Oh my goodness. Here

[00:31:50] TREY GERRALD: not to like, not to get more into the trenches, this is a show first, it's not really a reply, but because this is so fucking confusing, Jim's wife Ellen also leaves a review on September 11th. So I'm just gonna read this, we're not gonna really, we're not gonna rate or crown or do anything, I just, maybe this will highlight some of the questions we have from Jim, okay?

[00:32:13] CHELSEY DONN: from Jim's Review.

[00:32:14] TREY GERRALD: Yes, so the same day of the original review from Jim, this is Ellen's review. This appears on Google, and it appears on Yelp as well. We had them out to do a garage reorganization, and it turned out to be a very disappointing experience. The team of young women they sent out had no idea what they were doing.

The team leader told us immediately she had never done a garage reorganization. They didn't come with the proper equipment, ladder, labeling material, or a sense of how to organize a garage space, dash, items used often as opposed to those items not often used. They expressed that they may not be able to move boxes on shelves due to the weight of the boxes, dash, dash, which is certainly understandable.

However, it seems if you're doing a garage reorganization, you may want to send out someone who can handle heavier items. After the first day, we decided we were unhappy with their work, so we contacted the owner and told her we'd like her to send someone who knew what they were doing, without charging us for a second day.

Since she's the one who sent an inexperienced, unprepared crew the first day, she offered to send out a supervisor to review what was done the first day, but expected us to pay another 800. But, she said she would waive the late cancellation fee of 100. That was it. No, we'll make it good so you're happy, Just, hey, we won't charge you a late fee for cancelling the second day of work, They didn't do the job we paid them to do, And they didn't make good on their satisfaction guaranteed, Really disappointed in this business.

All right,

[00:34:02] CHELSEY DONN: Okay.

[00:34:03] TREY GERRALD: more info there, right? So they were saying they 

[00:34:05] CHELSEY DONN: I mean, the only thing I think is weird is that they're like, we'll send out a supervisor. Like what? To make sure that you're not


And then we'll still charge you 800. Like it just, yeah, this really is not bode well for

[00:34:18] TREY GERRALD: to me, if you're gonna send a supervisor, that's on company time, that's not on, that's, I'm not footing that bill, there's a discrepancy in the quality of work, yeah, that's crazy,

[00:34:30] CHELSEY DONN: I mean, I guess, like, the only point I can see here is if, like, this is a 1, 600 job

and I call you after the first day and I'm like, it wasn't done correctly and you're like, okay, we'll send someone who's experienced tomorrow to come and the job, the 1, 600 job will be done

by tomorrow, which is the deadline.

That's the Only little caveat like I can almost understand not wanting to send a whole new team out for free for the next day and like I don't know makes me like if they were there for a full day like should you have called before like when she forgot the ladder or like when things were happening to just be like hold on the work for a second and call the company and been like you This is not going well.

It's like when you're at a restaurant and like you eat the whole

plate of food and then you're like, this is terrible, right, Like, 

[00:35:24] TREY GERRALD: I agree, 

[00:35:25] CHELSEY DONN: I want my money back and I want a new dish,

[00:35:28] TREY GERRALD: that does stand out more in Ellen's take of the story. The painting is not finished. But if you give me tomorrow to finish it then it will be finished.

[00:35:40] CHELSEY DONN: Exactly. Yeah. So that's the only thing I'm gaining from this, which is like maybe in defensive SOS, but sometimes when you're organizing, things look way worse before they look better.


[00:35:53] TREY GERRALD: about on the floor first. Yes.

[00:35:55] CHELSEY DONN: yes, interesting. Interesting. Interesting.

[00:35:57] TREY GERRALD: Now I do, I am making up that it's husband and wife. It could be, who knows, they have the same last name, So they're, I'm 

assuming they're family members. You're right, it could be. But what's your take on them both writing reviews on the same day?

[00:36:08] CHELSEY DONN: I mean, it just sounds almost like a typical, like, I'm gonna write a review and you write a review and Because this is ridiculous. They had a 4. 8, you know, stars And I thought that it was gonna be good and it's our duty to write this review.

[00:36:25] TREY GERRALD: I mean, it's funny to me, because I'm wondering who wrote the review first, did they write them at the same time? Because I could see,

[00:36:30] CHELSEY DONN: Right, are they at two different laptops next to each other?

[00:36:33] TREY GERRALD: or I could even see myself being like, David, it wasn't eloquently said, I have to write 

it now 

[00:36:38] CHELSEY DONN: thought, yes, I thought that for a second too because I was thinking Ellen's review was so much easier to follow.

It's almost like, did Jim write the first review and then Ellen was like, Jim, that's confusing. And then

Jim was like, I'm not taking it down, write your own. You know, I don't know. It

is sort of amusing. 

[00:36:58] TREY GERRALD: I am very curious to hear the other side of this, but should we take a break?

[00:37:02] CHELSEY DONN: Yeah, let's take a break.

[00:37:06] TREY GERRALD: It's

Game Time!

[00:37:15] CHELSEY DONN: That's right. It is game time. And it's a versus episode, which means that I have made a custom game for Trey and our listeners. This game is called Beanie Babies Haul. Okay, I'm going to give you the name of a Beanie Baby. Beanie Babies Haul. From the 90s, and you're gonna tell me if it's an oh, baby, meaning it's on the Lux.

com list of the 20 most valuable Beanie Babies ever,

or is it on sale on Poshmark for about the price of a large bag of beans? So you're going to say bag of beans or oh baby. Does that make sense?

[00:37:55] TREY GERRALD: Yes.

[00:37:56] CHELSEY DONN: And this, this is just about things we hold onto that maybe we should let go of like Beanie Babies that we thought were going to be an investment towards our college education, but turned out to just collect dust in the corner of a room

[00:38:06] TREY GERRALD: Ugh. We 

really did 

[00:38:08] CHELSEY DONN: speaking from personal experience.

[00:38:09] TREY GERRALD: Mm-Hmm?

[00:38:11] CHELSEY DONN: Right? All right. Is it an oh baby or is it a bag of beans? Okay, your first Beanie Baby is Puffer the Penguin.

[00:38:29] TREY GERRALD: I think I can see Puffer in my mind, so I'm gonna say, oh baby.

[00:38:36] CHELSEY DONN: It's a bag of beans. Puffer's from 1997 and currently is on sale on Poshmark for 6.

[00:38:44] TREY GERRALD: Oh my God.

[00:38:45] CHELSEY DONN: All right, Trey. The second Beanie Baby is Claude the Crab.

[00:38:55] TREY GERRALD: I mean, I remember Claude too. I don't know what would make him remarkable. I better say, oh, baby.

[00:39:04] CHELSEY DONN: Oh, baby is right. According to Lux,

[00:39:08] TREY GERRALD: Why?

[00:39:08] CHELSEY DONN: Claude the Crab has sold recently for 9, 000,

[00:39:14] TREY GERRALD: the fuck?

[00:39:16] CHELSEY DONN: So check your collections, listeners. If you have a Claude the Cloud, you are If you have a claw at the crab, if you have a claw at the crab, you might want to cash in on that deal. Isn't that crazy?

[00:39:29] TREY GERRALD: But why not the penguin?

[00:39:32] CHELSEY DONN: I don't know. That's what's so crazy about it is we just don't know what about these is going to make them

so valuable. 

[00:39:39] TREY GERRALD: Okay. 

[00:39:40] CHELSEY DONN: I don't know why. It's a favorite amongst T. Y. collectors. All right, the next Beanie Baby is Iggy, Iguana,

[00:39:54] TREY GERRALD: Well, it's interesting to me because I think a pelican is cute, but that had depreciating return. And then a crab is not cute and that had appreciating. So an iguana, they're really scary in real life. I'm going to say it's a bag of beans.

[00:40:09] CHELSEY DONN: I'm so sorry to tell you Trey, no, this is not a bag of beans, this is an oh baby

worth 15, 000, 15,

[00:40:18] TREY GERRALD: What the fuck?

[00:40:20] CHELSEY DONN: 000.

[00:40:23] TREY GERRALD: Oh my God. 

[00:40:24] CHELSEY DONN: Now the problem is that Iggy the Iguana is sometimes mistaken for Rainbow the Chameleon, but Iggy has spikes along their back while Rainbow the Chameleon doesn't, so maybe that's why they're so valuable,


[00:40:37] TREY GERRALD: you for that clarification.

[00:40:38] CHELSEY DONN: Yes, yes, you're welcome. All right,

moving along. Lucy the Goose.

[00:40:51] TREY GERRALD: I think a goose is probably worth thousands of dollars. I'm going to say, Oh, baby. Oh, no. What?

[00:41:01] CHELSEY DONN: So sorry, Trey. Luce the Goose is a bag of beans. Six dollars on Poshmark. I mean, I don't really know the rhyme or

[00:41:09] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, what is this?

[00:41:13] CHELSEY DONN: it, apparently, the way some of these

others do. All right, moving, moving along.

[00:41:17] TREY GERRALD: Oh, dear.

[00:41:18] CHELSEY DONN: Brownie the Bear.

[00:41:24] TREY GERRALD: I also remember this one. I'm absolutely definitively certain this is an Oh, baby. Oh, thank God. No.

[00:41:35] CHELSEY DONN: I love that you are so definitive and that you are right. Do you have any guesses for how much Brownie the Bear is worth or has sold for according to Lux Digital?

[00:41:44] TREY GERRALD: think it's probably 19, 500.

[00:41:49] CHELSEY DONN: Trey,

[00:41:50] TREY GERRALD: Am I 

[00:41:50] CHELSEY DONN: Price is Right rules say that you won 20, 000. For Brownie the Bear, and apparently that's because Brownie was one of the nine original

Beanie Babies ever released. I've really got to check my collection guys because I feel like I got some of these.

All right?

Good job, Trey. So is that two right, three wrong?

All right. moving on. Valentino Bear.

[00:42:21] TREY GERRALD: have no concept of this, so I'm just gonna say, Bag of beans. You tricked me.

[00:42:29] CHELSEY DONN: I know.

Okay, so Valentino? Bear, it won over the T. Y. Beanie Baby Collectors when they were released in 1995. It's a white bear with a red heart patch and a matching red ribbon around its neck.

It's one of the most valuables, it's romantic, Beanie Baby, and it was retired in 1999 and so it's now one of the most valuable that you can buy, it's rare and original, Valentino Bears have sold for an astonishing price of over 42, 000,

[00:43:04] TREY GERRALD: this is so stupid, 

[00:43:05] CHELSEY DONN: right?

Alright, moving on, Jolly, The Walrus,

[00:43:14] TREY GERRALD: remember the walrus as well, so I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say, it's a no baby, 


[00:43:23] CHELSEY DONN: an oh baby! Jolly the Walrus wasn't released until 97, but they're now one of the most expensive T. Y. Beanie Babies you can buy.

Original edition Jollys were available for just one year

before retiring in 98. Full whiskers,

tiny beaded eyes, a grayish brownish body. It might seem simple, But this rare Beanie Baby is worth up to

[00:43:48] TREY GERRALD: like, 23?

[00:43:53] CHELSEY DONN: 000.

[00:43:54] TREY GERRALD: That is so stupid, because it was only around for a year, that's why there's a 

[00:43:57] CHELSEY DONN: I guess so. I kind of look through my Beanie Babies when I go home, guys. All right, here we go. Derby the Horse.

[00:44:09] TREY GERRALD: I don't know what any of this, like, there's no way to know, so I'm just gonna say it's a bag of beans,

[00:44:15] CHELSEY DONN: That's right, Derby is a bag of beans. In fact, Derby was listed on Poshmark for 20, but then was slashed

down to 8 because nobody was purchasing

it. So it's original from 1995. Sorry to Derby, but no, bag of beans. Moving on, Strutt, the rooster,

[00:44:34] TREY GERRALD: oh dear,

this is a no baby, man,

[00:44:43] CHELSEY DONN: So sorry, but Strutt is a bag of beans, Although Strutt looks very fabulous, So I sort of wish that Strutt weren't, Cause his fur is like tie dyed, With like red and yellow, And he's really cute, I feel bad for Strutt, But he's only worth 8 bucks, Alright,

Moving, right?, Moving on, Batty, the bat.

[00:45:10] TREY GERRALD: Once again, it feels like there's a little bit of a trend of these like weird animals that are not cuddly that do very well for Beanie Babies. So I am going to say it's a no baby. Boo!

[00:45:21] CHELSEY DONN: Love that deductive reasoning, Trey. You're absolutely right. This is an oh baby. Ty introduced Batty Beanie Baby in 1997 in October, and he was

immediately distinguishable because he had Velcro strips sewn onto his wings. You could Velcro them together. Today he remains the only Beanie Baby sold this way.

Retired versions of Batty had tag errors, Lucky collectors with these rare Batty Beanie Babies may have something worth as much as

[00:45:52] TREY GERRALD: This is gonna be like 89, 000.

[00:45:55] CHELSEY DONN: 125, 000,

[00:45:58] TREY GERRALD: my god.

[00:46:00] CHELSEY DONN: kids,

[00:46:01] TREY GERRALD: What's the error?

[00:46:03] CHELSEY DONN: They don't say what it is. All right. Here we go. Stinky the


[00:46:13] TREY GERRALD: Alright, I'm feeling a lot of pressure because I'm tied. I also feel like, once again, a skunk is like not an appealing animal, but I think I remember like the black and white fur on its tail and who, but is a sk I don't know, I want to say it's a no baby, but I'm wondering if you're trying to trick me, which I know you probably are.

I'm just going to say we haven't had a lot of bag of beans lately. I'm gonna say, oh I'm really torn, I'm just gonna say it's a bag of beans. 

[00:46:43] CHELSEY DONN: You're right, Trey. It is a bag of weens. It is a bag of weens.

It is a bag of beans

and you have just taken the lead, my friend, as we go into our last Beanie Baby. Are you ready?

[00:46:57] TREY GERRALD: Yeah, but, wait, how much was skunky?

[00:46:59] CHELSEY DONN: sorry,

Skunky, yes, I just realized I didn't say, Stinky the Skunk is currently selling on Poshmark for 6, or about the price of three pound bag

[00:47:10] TREY GERRALD: God, that's less than the horse.

[00:47:12] CHELSEY DONN: I know,

sad, sad for good old Stinky, but I definitely remember having

stinky so it's not like, surprising, cause I'm like, ugh, I feel like everybody probably had Stinky, right, but you described him perfectly, he has that like

black and white tail, and he was cute, so Alright, the last Beanie

Baby, Bubbles the Fish,

[00:47:39] TREY GERRALD: I can't picture this. Is bubbles, like, not asking for you to actually answer, but, is it like tie dye, like multi rainbow colors or something? Bubbles. Now, did you save this for last because it's the most valuable?

[00:47:53] CHELSEY DONN: po po po poker face, po po poker

[00:47:56] TREY GERRALD: all I'm getting, listeners. I have no recollection of bubbles. I do not, unless I am remembering something.

I'm just gonna swing big here, and I think the whole point of this game is highlighting how valuable this bullshit is from our childhood. So I think you might want to end with an oh baby. But I think this is probably a bag of beans. So, bubbles the fish, I'm just gonna Fuck, what do I do? I'm gonna, okay wait, I'm gonna explain, I'm gonna say oh baby because if I say bag of beans and I'm right, then I'm gonna be tied.

And there's not a deal breaker. So I'm just going to say, but now you're nodding. So I think it probably is wrong. Maybe this is like a rare bullshit thing for an aquarium that only sold for six months. So I'm going to say it's an oh baby. Whoa. Whoa. 

[00:48:47] CHELSEY DONN: no, baby, you just won the game, Trey, so it's a yellow and black striped fish beanie baby that could be worth more than some of the most expensive women's shoes in the world. Bubbles the Fish was originally released by T. Y. in 95, retired in 97, and original 1995 Bubbles the Fish beanie baby with tag errors

[00:49:11] TREY GERRALD: They did this a lot as a company. 

[00:49:13] CHELSEY DONN: have been listed.

With prices as high as 129, 000,

[00:49:18] TREY GERRALD: 000.

[00:49:19] CHELSEY DONN: 4, 000 more than Batty.

[00:49:24] TREY GERRALD: Interesting.

[00:49:25] CHELSEY DONN: That was sort of fun. Listeners, do you have any of those high ticket item Beanie Babies? If you do, go run to your parent's attic, pull them out, dust them off and get them on eBay

[00:49:35] TREY GERRALD: And read those tags. 

[00:49:36] CHELSEY DONN: needs a new pair of shoes, mama needs a new house.

[00:49:39] TREY GERRALD: Heard that. Wow. Well, that game wasn't a bag of beans.

[00:49:44] CHELSEY DONN: right.

[00:49:47] VOICEOVER: Review That Review!

[00:49:51] TREY GERRALD: Alright, we are back from that beaning game break that I found arousing. And it's your turn, Chelsey!

[00:50:00] CHELSEY DONN: have the FS R review from Thumbtack for

[00:50:04] TREY GERRALD: Mmmmm.

[00:50:05] CHELSEY DONN: S oss written by Ra h. You're not gonna wanna miss this.

[00:50:10] TREY GERRALD: Well, golly gee, I can't wait to hear the flip side of that. But I guess if I want to, I gotta join Patreon? But how do I find Patreon?

[00:50:19] CHELSEY DONN: You can find slash slash patreon. And if you don't know how to spell Patreon, it's P-A-T-R-E-O-N.

[00:50:35] TREY GERRALD: like a Patron of the Arts. Interesting. Well, we did a queen, that is another round on the R U A R Q Ferris Wheel of Stinky the Skunk.

[00:50:43] CHELSEY DONN: Thank you for joining us today. I hope you found that you have a very valuable Beanie Baby. If you like what you heard, please tell a friend.

[00:50:51] TREY GERRALD: And if you did not like what you heard, please tell an enemy. Once again, don't forget to join our Patreon so that you can hear us on this week's After Show Pod, where we are both taking a spin on the Meryl Go Round, as well as rating and reviewing that opposite end of the spectrum review of My Home S. O.

S., which Chelsey is declaring we're not going to want to miss.

[00:51:12] CHELSEY DONN: And I wonder why this was said.

[00:51:16] TREY GERRALD: I thought it was good.

[00:51:19] CHELSEY DONN: Well, that's good. I don't know where I got on the great train. Yeah.

[00:51:32] TREY GERRALD: I'm making a bean stew and I'm wondering that, how did that come up?

[00:51:37] CHELSEY DONN: Hmm. Wonder.

[00:51:38] TREY GERRALD: Well, I am going to remember.

[00:51:40] CHELSEY DONN: Ignore the haters. You are a queen.

[00:51:43] TREY GERRALD: non specific queen. Bye.

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Don't be a ana. Call the kvetch line today.

[00:52:14] CHELSEY DONN: I had such an unhealthy obsession with Beanie Babies and always purchasing the new ones. Beanie Babies and pogs.


[00:52:20] TREY GERRALD: I fucking loved pogs. Oh my god.

[00:52:24] CHELSEY DONN: So fun.

[00:52:25] TREY GERRALD: had like a sewing kit, like those plastic organizing container things of like sewing thread full of pogs.

[00:52:34] CHELSEY DONN: but you put all the pogs inside the little pockets.

[00:52:37] TREY GERRALD: Wait, but I have, I don't think any of that, I don't think any of my kids stuff exists anymore. Like, I think it all is gone. Like, I don't think I have Beanie Babies hidden away 

[00:52:46] CHELSEY DONN: I'm pretty sure I do have them

hidden away But they're like dusty. I think they might be in my bedroom like above Nobody's nobody sneak into the house and steal my

batty the bat somewhere in my room in my closet I

[00:52:59] TREY GERRALD: but you were just home. You didn't go through and look?

[00:53:02] CHELSEY DONN: it's like I gotta get up. I gotta pull out a

ladder. Not even a stepstool

[00:53:07] TREY GERRALD: Oh my 

[00:53:07] CHELSEY DONN: Okay, I gotta get a full ladder to get up there and check for batty.

[00:53:11] TREY GERRALD: Heard that. Bye, Queens!

[00:53:12] CHELSEY DONN: Bye

Review That Review is an independent podcast. Certain names have been redacted or changed to protect the guilty. Executive produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound designed by me with voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky. Our cover art was designed by LogoVora and our theme song was written by Joe Kinosian and sung by Natalie Weiss.



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