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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 25: "Thanksgiving Special!"

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 25: "Thanksgiving Special!"


THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:32] Chelsey Donn: Hi. Are you a turkey?

[00:00:33] Trey Gerrald: That's my turkey impression.

[00:00:34] Chelsey Donn: [laughs] Good job.

[00:00:35] Trey Gerrald: Hey everyone, welcome to Review that Review. The podcast dedicated to reviewing-

[00:00:40] Chelsey Donn: Reviews! That's right. We're just like Siskel and Ebert, only instead of reviewing cinematic masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious, scathing, and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:00:53] Trey Gerrald: That's Chelsey Donn.

[00:00:58] Chelsey Donn: And that's Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:58] Trey Gerrald: And together, we are-

[00:01:01] VOICEOVER: The Review Queens.

[00:01:04] Trey Gerrald: Happy Thanksgiving, Queen.

[00:01:06] Chelsey Donn: Aw. Happy Thanksgiving, Trey.

[00:01:10] Trey Gerrald: Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners and-

[00:01:13] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:01:13] Raffle Winner Announced

[00:01:13] Trey Gerrald: In the theme of giving thanks, Chelsey and I are very excited that today we get to announce the winner of our newsletter exclusive raffle!

[00:01:25] Chelsey Donn: Oh my God, yay, the day has come. I'm so excited. Are we going to do a drum roll?

[00:01:30] Trey Gerrald: Yeah, I can't find the sound cue.

[00:01:32] Chelsey Donn: We could do it ourselves.

[00:01:33] Trey Gerrald: Okay. And ...

[00:01:38] Chelsey Donn: And the winner is ...

[00:01:40] Trey Gerrald: Deb Zoe Laufer!

[00:01:43] Chelsey Donn: Deb Zoe Laufer! Woohoo, you are our winner, you are such a loyal queen. Thank you for being on the newsletter. Can't wait to send you this beautiful water bottle. I've been waiting to send this to you, so I'm so excited. I mean, we all need to stay hydrated, it's a big topic we talk about it all the time on the podcast, so ... Let's get you hydrated, Deb.

[00:02:05] Trey Gerrald: We're so excited, thank you Deb for being a part of our mailing list, if you are not currently on the mailing list, join 'cause we have more exclusive raffles coming up next week. Chelsey did tease this last week.

[00:02:18] Chelsey Donn: I did.

[00:02:18] Trey Gerrald: We're going to be giving away free psychic tarot readings from Chelsey's dog Goldie. You can follow on TikTok @thePsychicDog.

[00:02:27] Chelsey Donn: She gives such good readings you guys, I know it sounds crazy but I've pulled cards for a few people and every single time the card that Goldie pulls, or sometimes too, it's the most meaningful card, so.

[00:02:38] Trey Gerrald: Look at that.

[00:02:39] Chelsey Donn: It's a good gift, just saying.

[00:02:40] Trey Gerrald: Well, in all of this gratitude-

[00:02:43] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:02:43] Trey Gerrald: I think it's time for us to do a very special themed-

[00:02:46] Lodge A Complaint

[00:02:46] VOICEOVER: Lodge A Complaint.

[00:02:47] Trey Gerrald: Session.

[00:02:48] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:02:48] Trey Gerrald: Chelsey, you have anything you want to lodge a complaint about?

[00:02:51] Chelsey Donn: Listen, here's the deal, isn't it like Thanksgiving ...

[00:02:54] Trey Gerrald: Tomorrow.

[00:02:55] Chelsey Donn: So I feel like I'm not going to lodge a complaint this week. Even though we know I have many complaints to lodge. But I'm going to have a moment of gratitude instead, is that okay with you?

[00:03:03] Trey Gerrald: Yes, I love this.

[00:03:05] Chelsey Donn: Okay thank you. I want to give gratitude to the Calm commercials.

[00:03:10] Trey Gerrald: Hm.

[00:03:10] Chelsey Donn: Do you know those, that Calm app?

[00:03:13] Trey Gerrald: Yes! Oh wait-

[00:03:15] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:03:15] Trey Gerrald: Like on Instagram? Like the ads-

[00:03:16] Chelsey Donn: Yeah, like anywhere it's like the ads, exactly. Like even if you're like watching a you know, I don't know, a show on Hulu and you don't pay for the ad free or something and then this Calm commercial comes on and the whole commercial it's just like, "Breathe for the next like 15 seconds."

[00:03:33] Trey Gerrald: Yeah.

[00:03:33] Chelsey Donn: Or whatever it is and it or, and it has this little visual that goes around and sort of leads you through the breath, and I just love this commercial so much. I think it's amazing, it's, genius whoever thought about this, it's so simple because it showcases what the app does for you and it's giving you something. It's adding to my day, like how many commercials do you watch where you can say like, "Huh, I just got a reminder to take a nice breath and like a pretty picture in the background and some serene music and my only task is to breathe in this moment." Like ... Calm app commercials.

[00:04:10] Trey Gerrald: I've actually downloaded the Calm app because of the ads I see of it are so satisfying.

[00:04:15] Chelsey Donn: That's like, I want to know who was the marketing person that came up with this because I want to be their friend. I feel like we're very aligned in the way that we see the world. You did download the app?

[00:04:26] Trey Gerrald: I did. I haven't, I haven't paid for the subscription though, but ...

[00:04:30] Chelsey Donn: But it's, it's there and like maybe one day you will or you won't but like you downloaded the app, you're still a user. So it obviously worked, so kudos-

[00:04:39] Trey Gerrald: Good job.

[00:04:40] Chelsey Donn: To Calm.

[00:04:41] Trey Gerrald: Good job, Calm.

[00:04:42] Chelsey Donn: Hoo, should we all take like a break? Should we do [laughs]- do a 15 second breath. Maybe not 15 seconds, but ... everybody that's listening just take a deep breath right now.

[00:04:54] Chelsey Donn: I feel better. All right Trey, you can complain if you want to, I'm not, I'm not telling you you can't, do you have something you want to complain or-

[00:05:00] Trey Gerrald: Yeah.

[00:05:01] Chelsey Donn: Whatever.

[00:05:01] Trey Gerrald: Well, I've been saving both this complaint and My Royal Highness for many weeks now knowing that I would do it on the Thanksgiving episode.

[00:05:10] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:05:11] Trey Gerrald: I want to complain about tryptophan. You know that?

[00:05:14] Chelsey Donn: Tryptophan. Yeah, the sleeping-

[00:05:15] Trey Gerrald: Yes. But-

[00:05:17] Chelsey Donn: Element that's in turkey.