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TRANSCRIPT of Episode 65: "Golden Girls Kitchen"

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Review That Review with Chelsey Donn & Trey Gerrald
Episode 65: "Golden Girls Kitchen"


*Please Pardon any spelling errors!

THEME SONG: [00:00:00] Everybody's got an opinion.

Every Californian and Virginian.

It's so hard to tell who to trust and who to ignore.

Someone's gotta settle the score.

Trey and Chelsey will help you choose!

Whose views win, which ones lose.

Online haters are comin' for you!

Baby, it's time to Review That Review!

[00:00:30] Chelsey Donn: Hello

[00:00:31] Trey Gerrald: Hi. Hi. Hi, welcome to Review That Review. We are the podcast dedicated to reviewing

[00:00:38] Chelsey Donn: reviews were just like Cisco Neber only instead of reviewing cinematic, masterpieces, we rate and review those hilarious scathing and sometimes suspicious online reviews.

[00:00:52] Trey Gerrald: that's Chelsey Donn,

[00:00:53] Chelsey Donn: And that's Trey Gerrald.

[00:00:55] Trey Gerrald: and together we are.

[00:00:58] VOICEOVER: The Review Queen.

[00:01:01] Trey Gerrald: A nice Royal hello to all of our Patreon members. If you haven't joined our Patreon yet, you might as well go over to Patreon dot com slash Review That Review and do it today.

[00:01:13] Chelsey Donn: Go ahead and do it or go to our website, Review That Review dot com. Click that patron button. And there you are.

[00:01:19] Trey Gerrald: Click, click check Chelsey goose.

[00:01:22] Chelsey Donn: Yes.

[00:01:22] Trey Gerrald: your week going?

[00:01:24] Chelsey Donn: My week is going, you know, well, it's, it's officially like end of summer, you know, and I always get this like, feeling it's, it's not quite like the new year's feeling with the resolutions, but I do get that like, Anxiety of like, all right.

[00:01:40] Chelsey Donn: You know, I'm not going back to school or anything like that, but it's like better get your act together, you know? Do you have that like same feeling? I just love the summer so much that I think when it, when I feel it ending like labor day is coming, you know, like I know that the end is near, it just makes me like sad and feel like I gotta button up my card again or something.

[00:02:03] Trey Gerrald: I do. It is funny because even though I'm not in a school situation any longer, I do feel a sense of excitement when it becomes summer. And when summer is ending, I do have that sense of longing, even though I would say that fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I do have that sense of like, oh, like a sense of fun chapter is closing or something.

[00:02:24] Chelsey Donn: Yeah.

[00:02:24] Trey Gerrald: In this conversation though, it's funny because we went on a walk and we took our dogs and we found this little area of the Palisades that had a little like dog beach area. And it had a bunch of like Stony rocks and stuff. And we were the only people there. And so we were walking them and it's been really touching to see hunter coming out of his shell becoming very confident.

[00:02:46] Trey Gerrald: You know, this is the dog that we rescued who had been very clearly abused and he was. Like a monster on the rocks. He was like, so brave.

[00:02:57] Chelsey Donn: Wow. Oh,

[00:02:58] Trey Gerrald: this whole other side of this little dog and it really is just very wonderful to see what is possible when people, people, when things are encouraged and nurtured and given a new opportunity in life and supported and loved.

[00:03:14] Trey Gerrald: And I loved that little dog so much and just seeing him be so brave and leading the pack and it was really, really

[00:03:21] Chelsey Donn: so nice. I'm happy for a little hunt.

[00:03:24] Trey Gerrald: I

[00:03:24] Trey Gerrald: know, uh, yeah.

[00:03:26] Chelsey Donn: so good to hear it. I mean, speaking of nurturing and all that, you know, sometimes you get an Instagram ad every once in a while that leads you down a road that like actually feels good. And I feel like it's too soon to say really? Cuz I haven't.

[00:03:42] Chelsey Donn: Like gone down the whole thing, but you know, I've been trying, it's like, summer's ending, I've been trying to take better care of myself, go to the doctor, get everything together. And I wanna like have a more mindful attitude around food and be like more intentional and less wasteful and all that. And I got an ad on Instagram for this app called intent.

[00:04:03] Chelsey Donn: Have you heard of this app?

[00:04:05] Trey Gerrald: no, but I'm probably gonna get ads now.

[00:04:07] Chelsey Donn: Intent intent. So intent. I already like used it once and I'm like obsessed. I'm doing a free trial right now. So I'll like report back and see how it works for me. But basically you answer all these questions that are like very easy and like, like pictures. It just, they make it very simple.

[00:04:25] Chelsey Donn: It doesn't feel like a daunting like school process. Like it's just a little like quiz and you answer questions about like, what kind of food do you. To eat. Do you have any food that you don't like to eat? How, how experienced of a cook are you? Are you like a very beginner chef? Are you more experienced?

[00:04:43] Chelsey Donn: Like how much time do you have what's Mo what's like most important to you basically when. You're feeding yourself with intention. Right? And so you answer all these questions and then questions about like your cuisine, the cuisines of choice and whatever. And what is your goal? Do you wanna lose weight?

[00:04:59] Chelsey Donn: Do you like, are you just trying to be a little healthier, whatever your goal is, and then they like pop out a meal plan for you with like really amazing delicious recipes that are super easy to cook. And don't for me, like. Diet's a little bit of a triggering word. So like the recipes don't feel diety, but I can see how there's like nutrition and intention behind the meal.

[00:05:23] Chelsey Donn: And then they give you a shopping list. At the end of it. And they're like, so what's your shopping day gonna be? So like, if my shopping day is today, then they're like, all right, we're not gonna give you like meals for today. We're gonna give you the shopping list. You said you were gonna shop on Monday.

[00:05:38] Chelsey Donn: So like here's all the ingredients that you need to buy for the meals for the week. And then every single day it's recipes in. You can like, for me, I Donn I'm just like cooking for myself most of the time. So I don't mind leftovers. So you can say like, I'm good with leftovers. And then maybe they only give you like two variations of recipes to cook that week.

[00:05:58] Chelsey Donn: And you like, can repeat eating them for dinner or whatever it is. But Ugh, I'm loving this so far. I haven't, you know, put it into practice, but as an app and the psychology of the way that it brought me through and the reviews on apple apps, very high, I. High hopes about this. And I was thinking specifically of you, Trey, when I was going through the process, because I know that your new year's resolution and we're, you know, we're creeping up on another new year's before we know it was to cook more.

[00:06:28] Chelsey Donn: And I think. That, and I'm not getting paid for this at all, but I think that maybe this could be a good app for you, cuz it really like holds your hand. And it seems to give you recipes at your level. So you could say, you know, I'm a beginner,

[00:06:41] Trey Gerrald: I love that

[00:06:42] Chelsey Donn: little tip.

[00:06:43] Trey Gerrald: I've already looked it up on my phone. So there we

[00:06:45] Chelsey Donn: Oh my God. Yay. Well,

[00:06:47] Trey Gerrald: That was almost Royal Hennessy.

[00:06:49] Chelsey Donn: Uh, you're right.

[00:06:50] Chelsey Donn: But you know what?

[00:06:51] Trey Gerrald: But we don't know

[00:06:51] Chelsey Donn: make it a Royal Highness yet because I still haven't tested it. I just really like whoever did the UX, like the user experience for the onboarding of this app, like a plus to you,

[00:07:02] Trey Gerrald: Well, that's fun and it does feel like a new chapter. So it's a great time to do that.

[00:07:07] Chelsey Donn: I think I'm gonna like do that instead of my Complaint this week is just like, do a little like, uh, glow up.

[00:07:12] Trey Gerrald: All right. Fair. You can

[00:07:13] Chelsey Donn: But I don't wanna influence you. I want, if you would like to complain, I would love to hear anything you have to complain about. Always. I mean,

[00:07:21] Trey Gerrald: I do think I would like to

[00:07:22] VOICEOVER: Lodge Complaint.

[00:07:24] Trey Gerrald: today, I really need to Lodge a Complaint against any device that has spinning wheels and then the spinning wheel ge